Equus – Peter Shaffer BOOK REVIEW





solovief says:

Elements in this review bring to mind similar elements in William Wharton’s novel Birdy.

Alex Johnson says:

Wait so when this play is performed there’s a part where a naked guy rides a horse on stage?

Carly Ingram says:

Incredible review as always.

Kyle TheSesquipedalian says:

If you decide to do more play reviews, I would love to hear your thoughts on Shakespeare. I feel like you’d be able to bring fresh analysis to him. Love the channel dude.

Could Have Been Better Reviews says:

Equus is good, but my favorite Shaffer will always be Amadeus. Such a wonderful play.

Panda Redemption says:

Good day everyone. The notification of a new video from this channel is a nice thing to wake up to.

BB B says:

Best booktuber. Most of what I read in the past months was based of your videos

David Einhorn says:

Great review! Can anyone recommend similar youtube channels?

Vox Populi says:

You should definitely read waiting for godet.

Bookish says:

Great review. I have always shied away from reading plays — figuring that they were meant to be acted, not read. Equus may change my mind.

Michele Buckles says:

Thanks for another great review! lovin’ your post marraige sign out, I often tell my husband the same thing when he asks why I am reading and not watching TV. Hope you’re enjoying Detroit-are you excited for winter? Would love an update on your story of the eye movie, are you still working towards that goal? Also this play disturbed me and I love disturbing things.

Scout Winchester says:

Oh my!! I love this one too!!! I saw the movie when I was like 12 or something

Damon D says:

I loved that you left the “gears turning” moments in for this video. It seemed like you were really grappling with this text and it’s ideas in real-time. Very authentic and interesting— keep up the good work!

Bryce Woods says:

But what offering can I consecrate to you, oh Master? –
You, who have bestowed hearing upon all creatures?
– My memory of one spring day,
In the evening, in Russia, – a stallion …

Running alone from the hamlet across to us
The pale horse, a tethering-peg dangling from his fetlock,
To spend a night solitary in the meadow;
How he shook his tangled mane,

Tossed in time to his haughty step,
Despite his clumsily impeded gallop.
How the fountains leapt up of his charger’s blood!

He intuited the vastnesses and, oh from that
He sang! He heard! – yes, your cycle of legends
Was embraced within him.

His image: that I offer.
-RM Rilke
Translated by Robert Temple

Intervain says:

Ah the mention of Withnail and I made me so happy. I love that movie so much. Very underrated. I’m definitely intrigued by this play now. Thanks.

Seth says:

I’m not much of a play reader, but I’ll have to make an exception.

undertakersarmpit says:

oh boy, I just thought of this as the naked harry potter boy zoophilia play, definitely got hooked by your description as I love the wickerman (not the one with the bees)

Haseem Ajaz says:

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michael aryn says:

I need to read this. If there were another stage adaptation of this, I hope the music will be provided by M. Gira.

Kitty Koehn says:

Amadeus was so great that I can see without a doubt this will be a good read.

Juliana Conidi says:

Awesome review!!!

Ben Braun says:

I’ve been watching this channel for a while, and I am URGING you to read the plays of Sarah Kane. If this show got you, Kane is going to knock you on your ass.

Jack says:

Great Review, your honestly the best literature related channel on YouTube.

William Woody says:

In the mid 70s I saw Equus on Broadway for free thru the USO-at the time you could take the metro liner from Philadelphia to NY for 6.25, if you were active military. I was utterly blown away. Thank you American taxpayers.That original production starred a young man named Firth-I wonder if it was Colin Firth.Really very good-nice review too.

ladynottingham89 says:

My genitals feel plastic…

Milo Milo says:

Excellent to see some good plays being reviewed.

James Bouffard says:

Hey Cliff, I know you’re out of your edgy boi nihilist phase but you should definitely review Songs of a Dead Dreamer/Grimscribe by Thomas Ligotti. His fiction’s A-1. Thanks for all the great recommendations btw! Cheers!

PewpewVIDEOGAMES says:

R.I.P. Kenneth (Mr. Hands) Pinyan

John Marsden says:

Great review thanks. You ask the right questions.

IandThou says:

Hey Cliff! What happened to the Nick Land review?

Marc says:

Thanks Cliff! I’d highly recommend checking out another play called 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane. I’m not a fan of theater, but this play really made a deep impression on me.

Ben Saff says:

Great hair, man. Great hair.

David Cadwallader says:

The ‘Better Than Food’ commentaries became a favorite of mine, earlier this year, when I had finished ‘Absalom, Absalom’ (a book that blew me away), and I was searching for feedback on this most intricate work; a conferring opinion of sorts. I was hooked to your program immediately for the detailed analysis of this amazing novel. (You have no idea what a gift your show gives to the reader who hungers for someone to ‘talk to and share’ the solitary, joyful experience one has just endeavored. Your efforts offer an added reward to the isolated reader who has just experienced something magical. (If most readers of good lit are like me, they won’t find much common ground with daily acquaintances who share their passion for the printed word! LOL!).
Anyway, just wanted to give you one man’s opinion (and Thanks!) for your fine commentary.

Kanvaskata says:

18 minutes of worthy food for brain.
Delicious review!

tele visie says:

Hi Cliff, what video software do you use and do you use any external tool for audio? Let me know and I’ll look up for you how you can do audio normalisation, the volume on your video is quite low and with running a simple filter it can improve a lot.
Windows has an audio equalisation feature enabled per default, you might have this enabled (and a lot of people do) in that case you don’t notice the low audio yourself. I have this feature disabled because windows does a lot of stepping up and down on the volume per second and that is really tiring when listening to it for extended periods and I found it also hurt my ears. The audio normalisation filter just scales up the audio so that the highest peak ends up being at 100% of the audio loudness potential, whereas say at the moment the audio is at a maximum of 30% and I have to up my volume a lot to be at a conversational level.
Anyway, just trying to help out improving your channel, I don’t mind looking this up for you.

Lucas Hergert says:

Would love to hear your thoughts on Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman.

evenwithcontext says:

there’s a 1977 film adaptation of this directed by sidney lumet.

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