Elle Is For Literature: October 2016 Books

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The Things We Keep
Amazon: http://bit.do/cQhcN
My review: http://bit.do/cQhdv

Pretty Girls
Amazon: http://bit.do/cQoTJ
My review: http://bit.do/cQoTF

Lilac Girls
Amazon: http://bit.do/cQoTJ
My review: http://bit.do/cQGpK

The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johannsen
Amazon: http://bit.do/cQGro
My review: http://bit.do/cQGrk

The Girls
Amazon: http://bit.do/cQGua
My review: http://bit.do/cQGt6

My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry
Amazon: http://bit.do/cQGvw
My review: http://bit.do/cQGvt

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Deb InPEI says:

Karin Slaughter rocks~ 2 of your picks are on my library wait list lol, I hate wait lists lol. Thanks for shairng.

julie michele says:

Oh Elle, I hope you do get the chance to read “Britt-Marie Was Here” She goes on her own adventure and we really get to know her. I so connected with “The Man Called Ove” because he reminds me of my dad, hard exterior, marshmellow interior. Love these videos. Please keep them coming

Susan N says:

Always love watching your book reviews, Elle! You know I was crazy for The Lilac Girls, incredible read! I also read and enjoyed The Things We Keep by Sally Hepworth. I liked it so much that I checked out and read her other book “The Secrets of Midwives” which is about a grandmother, mother, and daughter who all became midwives. It was a great novel, so good that I wrote an email to Ms Hepworth in Australia – I had to tell her that her descriptions of the births were totally on point – totally realistic. After attending hundreds, if not thousands of deliveries over my career, I know what really happens and what doesn’t. I love an author who researches enough to make it real. She actually wrote back thanking me for the critique- and as you can imagine, I’ve saved that email! 🙂

purplecrayons96 says:

love the outtake!

Cathy J. says:

Hi Elle, I’m currently reading a summer/beach book named The Space Between Sisters. I’m enjoying it! This Summer/Fall I’ve read:
The Yellow Crocus, Laila Ibrahim (relationship between a wet nurse and a baby during slavery)
Wreckage, Emily Bleeker (plane crash lands people on a island to fend for themselves)
Orphan Train, Christina Baker-Kline (based on historical facts regarding adoption)
and On This Island, Tracey Graves: another lost at sea, very good!
Thanks for sharing your list, I need to check them out.

Mindy De Britos says:

I always read metaphysical and self help books…maybe I need to try something else. I hear you talking about so many books and I figure I will give it a try….thanks for sharing..

Nicki Rouse says:


MsCavalier01 says:

Good Morning, Elle! Thanks for your book recommendations! Have a wonderful day, my friend! Much love, Colleen xox 🙂

MaryEllen After 60 says:

Always love to hear the summaries of the books you’ve been reading. I haven’t read a thing October. Loved the outtake at the end, my friend. Blessings, and love, Elle…MaryEllen

Alice Red says:

These all sound really interesting! I’m always looking for new books to read, so thanks for sharing xxx

Ruth Cifranic says:

Stumbled onto Pam Jenoff while browsing at the library. Read the Kommandant’s Girl and The Diplomant’s Wife (series) next in line is The Ambassodor’s Daughter…good find!

Shake Up Makeup says:

First of all, I love your necklace Elle. You look beautiful! I really enjoy hearing about the books you are reading! Have a wonderful Wednesday! Love you Elle….Laura

Nyssa says:

Hi Elle! I read and loved Backman’s first two books but was SO disappointed with Britt-Marie was Here. I gave up at around the 100 page mark and really kicked myself. Maybe it was because I read the three within a short period of time? I look forward to hearing how you go with it, maybe I should give it another go. Hope you’re well, I always enjoy these videos. xx

Kathy Harvey says:

I read Pretty Girls and I loved it, even though it was very twisted.

Kelly McKelly says:

Definitely looking up Lilac Girls!

Joy Joy Joyfolie says:

Thanks Elle!!! I always enjoy your book reviews! I’m a slow reader…but I enjoy reading when I can!! 🙂 ox

theuniplex says:

love the out take at the end ……..

jtferdon says:

Great books! I am reading Lilac Girls now and loving this book. I just noticed today that the author is actually from Atlanta. I will definitely be picking up more from her when she releases more books.

K Needledaze says:

I love your reading recommendations. Thanks. I am reading/listening to The Big Rock Candy Mountain by Wallace Stenger. I highly recommend it if you enjoy impeccable writing that spans a family epic.

Doris H says:

My October Books:
Gataca by Franck Thilliez, a science meet crime thriller

Miss Peregine’s Home for Peculiar Children, perfect Halloween read

The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery, gave it a 4 star rating but that was because I loved the last 50 pages of the book. A lot of philosophical rambling but under all that a very lovely but sad story.

The Improbability of Love by Hannah Mary Rothschild, Art meets love and ccrime with lots of historical background information

Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster, you made me read it 😉 lovely relaxing read

Natasha Summer says:

love hearing your thoughts on books even though majority I haven’t read…looking beaut today Elle x

Holler Oh Donna says:

I read, “Coming Home” by Rosamunde Pilcher. It is set during World War 2 and provides a window into how people’s lives changed as a result of it.

Julie Quick says:

An interesting selection and I totally agree about Karen Slaughter’s books. They are very graphic and can be plain repulsive at times! I worry that I still enjoy them despite this! I read Gone Girl in October – I’d been avoiding it because of the hype. I have to accept that sometimes hype is for a good reason and this is one of those times. You mentioned a Jodi Picoult book in passing and she is coming to my town on 1st December and is doing An Audience with event. I’ve not read anything of hers but The Storyteller, which I loved and I will probably attend because I love to see the person behind the writing. Hope you are having a good week x

Jill Farr says:

Thanks for sharing your reading tips.  I find that you and I have similar reading tastes, so I’ve read and enjoyed many of your recommendations.  Right now, I’m reading an oldie (but definitely a goodie)…..Stephen King’s “11-22-63”.  If you’ve never read it, it’s an awesome time-travel story (Stephen King is such a genius!) having to do with the assassination of JFK.  Haven’t finished it yet, but so far…..terrific!!!!!

Leah Hitz says:

I need. ” my grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry” I just added it to my Christmas wish list. Thank you Elle. Hugs

Marie Diana says:

I am reading the vegeterian.xo

Aubrey Lynn says:

I was in a total thriller/horror mood in October. I really liked The Girl on the Train.

jennifer norman says:

I just finished The Girls, you nailed it! I didn’t like it at first as well. Glad I finished it, she really did a great job of describing that lifestyle…I have decided I wouldn’t have made a good “hippie” ! Makeup, hairspray and baths are far too important to me! LOL

Kristen Kay says:

Hi Elle! Im with you on getting engaged in a book or really liking it, I have to like at least one character. If all the characters are just so-so or under developed, then I usually dont love the book. Do you know if the 3rd book of the Tearling trilogy is out yet? I am still reading the Invasion of Tearling (just got introduced to a woman in NY pre crossing via a vision).

Paige H says:

Good morning, Elle. I’ve been reading “Presence” by Amy Cuddy.” I’m finding it to be a very interesting read, and am learning that our presence is about more than just exuding confidence. Have a great week.

S Sharp says:

Thank you, Elle!

Karen Presley says:

I’m going to try and read one of the books you mentioned last month . It was about the Tearlings. I’m going back to last months book list to see if I can find the link. Cross your fingers I stay interested enough. lol xoxoxo

Samanta says:


Russ Nazzi says:


Pride In Photos BEAUTY says:

I just finished The Last Chinese Chef. I would give it 4 stars out of 5. Very good, different story line than most. Enjoyed it. Thank you for doing these videos…

Mint says:

Hi Elle, I’m still reading Jan Karon’s books about Mitford and Father Tim. I’m actually into the second book of the Father Tim series. I think the next ones, which are the last two books, actually return to the small, idyllic town of Mitford, North Carolina. My current book is set in Ireland and is full of local color. Only once before have I stayed with a series through this many books (11 or 12 so far) with the exception of mystery books. When I’ve read all the books I will miss Father Tim in particular for his humor, compassion and rich but accessible spiritual life. I’m a little in love with him, but John’s not jealous. ❤️ Sharon

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