So, I haven’t been doing the best with my OWL readathon because I got hooked on this series. Here are some thoughts on the first book. Lemme know if you want a spoiler review. Thank you.

OWLs Readathon TBR:

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Teddy Kitchens says:

It will be in theatre’s this August.

Wintermute says:

I only figured out you are apprently gay a video of two ago. I honestly don’t care! Just for reference, I’m a 31 year old hertro sexual male. I wish, though, all the guys in the comments would comment on your content and not on how cute you are or soemthing else to do with your sexuality. Keep up the great content. We need more Male booktubere – especially ones into Sci Fi.

Favorite Book Lists says:

I love this book because it’s the first time I get to read about Asian people, and only about them. Such great characters and wonderful storytelling. Can’t wait to read the next one. Thanks !

MMM A says:

Alastair!! te recomiendo “Shadow’s Seduction” by Kresley Cole. She’s on of my favourites fantasy/romance writers and published an m/m romance in her most famous series!! It was great u should read it! *Kisses*

Zach Evens says:

Shhh I need to buy a new book it seems

daniel d says:

thank you for reply Alistair. your guy so adorable together

Connor O'Brien says:

The prompts for the readathon are all super varied, so I’m sure this would work for something! Maybe you could stretch the prompt and have this work for secret club or society. She didn’t know he was rich and they definitely have their own rules and mannerisms. Maybe? Lol

Teddy Kitchens says:

Alastair, for what I can tell, it hasn’t come to dvd yet. I will look around though.

EugeneXar says:

Hey Alastair! Yes I would be interested in a more in depth review of this book and the others in the series. Just no spoilers, OK?? I definitely love Singapore so anything related to it catches my attention. I’m a fan of some detective series and one of my current reads is the Inspector Singh series. And yes, you are adorable! Best!

Clifford Lee says:

nice review and if you and Zach ever decide to visit Singapore, I’ll be happy to give you guys a tour.

Scott Bell says:

I read all 3 of the books and loved them. Happy to see you enjoyed going out of your reading comfort zone. I also recently finished a 2nd MM book you recommend last month for Pride – The Rebuilding Year, which I enjoyed. I had also read Promises which I really enjoyed as well.

daniel d says:

thank you for reply Alistair. your guy so adorable together

brama says:

12 books in a month is 3 per week… I couldn’t read that fast if my life depended on it.

RuralGayBoy-Cody says:

So, you mention (Here, but a LOT in general XD) that you’re more a sci-fi/fantasy nut. How are you with Doctor Who?

I ask ’cause I kinda stole your theme here to review some Doctor Who books I’ve loved, and I’d actually like to see your take on them if you’d ever be into that kinda thing. Also, finding other fans is always a bonus, especially when they’re part of my favourite YouTube couples.

Mike 1127 says:

Love listening to your videos Alastair, keep it up!

Rahmat Books says:

the book in my tbr

TheFabulousTodd says:

Okay, I just ran out and purchased the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. Looks like crazy rich fun!

Daniel Pacheco says:

I would love to hear a review of your experience at Air Assault School!

leos49s says:

Hooah Alistar have you ever been asked about your road to West Point and being gay. It would be so helpful if you could talk about what you did in high school in preparation for West Point. I am way past college but West Point was always my dream but so scary dealing with everything I was dealing with at the time. So I chose army but have lots of regrets not having the courage to go after West Point. I’m so fascinated by that part of your story. Especially dealing with all the hyper testosterone and degradation of any perceived weaknesses.

Bon Squish Squish says:

you have charmed season 5 on yourshelf <3 plus every other show i watch ... lovin your style

erwyn cubacub says:

Can’t wait for the movie

AJ Walker says:

I found you from Zach’s vlogs and when he said you were going to do “BookTube” I subbed. Meh, doesn’t sound like my kind of book but I’m glad others found it worthwhile after you shared it. I’ll keep watching 😀

kcwin says:

What’s wrong with Rachel? Now you must elaborate.

edwelty says:

Thank you for your recommendation! I think I will read it now. Are there any gay characters?

Mark Wagner says:

You are adorable
Love watching your reviews

Kevin Winfree says:

Like the mauraders map behind you!

Jermaine W says:

Thanks for the update, we should try again for August. I agree Zach should spank you live lol jk

Pedro Guida says:

Great review.

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