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Rubber Ducky Zacky says:

The Outsiders was my all time favorite book

AwkwardWijaya says:

Fahrenheit 451 is now in my TBR!

LeahVRendell 10 says:

It’s not a classic but I would recommend Jacaueline Wilson’s Opal Plumstead. It features a young girl around set in 1900 who is smarter than many others in her private school. Her dad does something bad and ends up in prison which at that time is a great offence. They have to take up work (the women which includes her mum and her). Her sister is already working at a dress making. Anyway, she has to work at a factory. I want to say more but I don’t want to spoil the book. It’s really good. ^-^

Supreeth says:

Catcher in the rye?

Kait Boals says:

The outsiders is a really good book and I’m 11

For the love of classics says:

“Middlemarch” by George Eliot is my favorite classic.

Addison Smith says:

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Elizabeth Schiada says:

Aww the borrowers!! I loved the movie as a kid!

book feaster says:

Have you read Ben-Hur?

Sys Editor says:

George Orwell’s 1984 is the best “older” book that I have ever read. I wouldn’t be able to name a better book, easy to read, and content-wise, it’s on another level. Animal farm is great as well, if you’re willing to appreciate the deeper meanings.

Jules Verne is brilliant also.

Lawrence Fernandez says:

I didn’t like Pride and Prejudice but I LOVED Emma

Diana Jardim says:

My fav classic is Heidi
it warms my heart <3

Meliefly says:

I read Hard Times for this past school year, and it’s really amazing! There’s so much in the character’s lives and personalities, it’s an amazing book. A sad book but so incredible. Probably my favorite by Charles Dickens so far.

Lanie says:

I’ve been binge watching all of your old videos because ilysm

Evelyn Shkraba says:

I really liked The Picture of Dorian Gray, it’s such an amazing book!
Also I enjoyed A Hero of Our Time by Lermontov (actually that’s my favorite russian classics book)

Cameron Clark says:

Even though I`m a passionate reader, it`s still a problem for me to find and buy books consistently. All these problems are now gone and I can read any book I like due to this website “fetching lobon only” (Google it). This website provides me a daily dose of learning, fun, and amusement.

Lucy Ho says:

I have noticed something really interesting. I am French. I read a lot of classics during Junior and Senior High school, because obviously we had to as students. We had a pass a French exam in Senior high school where we had to use our litterature knowledge, which means our knowledge about classic books. I remember clearly one teacher who told me to use French classics as if other countries hadn’t any litterature “worth it”. I was concerned because I love Sherlock Holmes and I wanted to quote it – just to say that I didn’t agree with het. But nevermind. When I saw the title of your video, I thought that there would be French classics. But, if I am not mistaken, there was not. I recognized some others though. So my final conclusion is that there are cultural differences, French classics are not that “high”. French must just too selfish 🙂

Janett Morales says:

Stay gold Ponyboy

come on man! says:

Ahhh 2 friendly and American.

audrey feist says:

Catcher in the Rye and War and Peace are my two favorites

Logic Check says:

Wish you didn’t genderize the books you like

Nathalia Nicole says:

You should try reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens ❤ It’s my favorite!

Porcusmort says:

I always love Les Miserables and The Picture of Dorian Gray

See Min Lim says:

You mentioned that girls HAVE to get married in the 1800s… well, not exactly correct. Lizzy has to get married because she’s gonna be left with about 1000 pounds and also 50 pounds per annum based off of the interest she can get off that sum. It is not easy to calculate the worth of that today, but it will be around 4000 pounds today. Unless she works, she’s not gonna be able to survive off that sum. Most of the girls during that era have a similar fate, so yes your statement is overall correct. However, there are women who are heiresses and they will not have a need to marry. Some in fact are mainly unable to marry, for example in Cecilia by Frances Burney, Cecilia, who is a heiress, due to her family rules, can only someone who is willing to take her last name, or she will have to give up the family fortune.

Simmer Puppy says:

I’m not sure if you have read Little Women or not but if you haven’t I would definitely recommend it, yes it can be described as children’s fiction but then again, wizards of oz can. Love ur video btw

Spinach says:

Come on she’s just recommending some books, she never says it’s a complete list or things like that. It’s her personalized list! So stop asking why such and such books are not on the list.

Savannah says:

Where did you get your copies of P&P and Emma?

Tristen Perez says:


Lauren says:

You mentioned my favorite! The Great Gatsby!!!

Lauren Bastian says:

One of the cool things about Wizard of Oz is that everything in the story is symbolic of populism in the 1900s. I haven’t read it in a while, but the most notable is that the silver slippers represent silver backed money which carry Dorothy, a poor farmer, to safety and prosperity.

baby loves says:

whaat dont you like wuthering heights by emily bronte

Ihavealotofsubscribersbecauseofmylongyoutubename says:

Where is Green eggs and ham!

Shella Dini says:

I’m going to hunt Emma

T S says:

I love the outsiders

meme kween says:

Honestly have to say that ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey’ is the best older classic I’ve ever read. I basically knew the story but I was still hooked and I couldn’t put it down. It’s also such a fascinating study on psychology and I highly recommend it.

Cat Stray says:

Oh, Pride and Prejudice… I watched the movie before the book :/ and I regret it so much. Now I can’t enjoy the book the way I would’ve enjoyed it if I hadn’t seen the movie. *sigh*

Jansen says:

My favorite book from jane austen is persuasion! 🙂

Carolina Marchese says:

I got SO excited when you mentioned The Outsiders! It’s by far my favorite book. I was hysterically crying when Pony reunites with his brothers.

Ashley Moore says:

I would recommend to any readers this site “fetching lobon only” (Google it). There are numerous books you could read here. It gives fictional or non-fictional stories, or any reading material which will help enliven your mood. Not as tactile as an actual book, but its the next best thing. Love how the books are setup like someone just photo copied them in.

LifeOfCandice says:

I am reading the Wizard of OZ now and I was thinking the same thing….just got done reading about the tin man and I had to put the book down. I think it traumatized me. haha

Splashes N Roses says:

To Kill A Mockingbird (for mystery and chill-summer time and lawyer vibe lovers) Anne Of Green Gables (for country and imaginative character lovers) and Black Arrow (for thriller, historical lovers)
I know this list makes no sense, but read all of these books!
They are all amazing. <33

Sandeep Nag says:

Is it just me who thinks “Gatsby ” is highly overrated, i think books like Catch -22 , 1984 etc gets lost in the sea of overhyped books ..

Slavica Vukanic says:

30 Volume Charles Dickens’ Works [Hardcover]

Faith Rotich says:

2:12 is my favorite book

Kanwar Anand says:

I will read “outsiders” and reconsider reading “tale of two cities” which I conveniently skipped. Fahrenheit 451 is one of the worst books I have read. Best book from your list is Emma. Thought it was a masterclass on English.

greco conan says:

I like you. You’re beautiful.

kate caberte says:

I love those book covers!

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