Books That Will Keep You Up All Night! (Intense/Scary Book Recs!)

Recommending some scary & intense books for this halloween season!

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TheLakeln says:

Love your outfit ❤️ Where is the cardigan from?

Twana Callahan says:

I usually just read library books, because I can’t reread a book so my bookshelf has books I own but won’t read, how messed up is that, lol

Cora Godfrey says:

ok SAME the diviners is absolutely terrifying. the sequel is so good though you should totally read it!!!!!

raindropsofthanks says:

Currently reading Strange the Dreamer. Incredibly rich and decadent. Not horror, but some plot elements are scary to think about, haha.

Charlotte Wilson-Smith says:

I think I’m gonna re read the diviners in January so then I can finally read liar of dreams and before the devil breaks you!!

Ocean C says:

I recommend Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King

Little Book Dreamer says:

I really want to read The Diviners and a Gaiman book!

Fatima Askary says:

I love your cardigan! Where’s it from?

Timothy Winters says:

For my birthday I’m spending the day at the bookstore reading. What do you guys recommend I pick up?

Solyda Chan says:

The Diviner is creepy but the sequel, Lairs of Dream!!!! OMG your girl was too scared to sleep with her both of her legs straight.

Ammalyrical says:

So, I did DNF The Diviners. It just wasn’t for me. The writing kept pulling mine out of the story in annoying ways.

Books With Alyssa J says:

i think i’m the only person who hasn’t read scythe yet haha

It's Me says:

Well, I am not a fan of horror, but this year I took the decision to read a Stephen King’s book. So right now I am reading Pet Sematary, and I am loving it!

Laurell’s Literature says:

The Books that were mentioned in this video: (some of these maybe wrong)

Broken Things Lauren Oliver
Neverwhere Neil Gaiman
The Last Magician Lisa Maxwell
Scythe Neil Schusterman
City of Ghosts Victoria Schwab
The Wizard of Once Cressida Cowell
The Diviner’s Libba Bray

CharSheXO says:

I think the creepiest book I’ve read is 172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad. It starts a little slow at first, but it gets really creepy as it goes on! If you like scifi and scary books I’d recommend it!

AlyssLysie says:

Neverwhere was really good. Wish there was a second book!

Rebecca Johnson says:

Love your videos, always such good recommendations.

Shuvern Yeoh says:

you should try Gods of Gotham or Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye. GOG has Sherlock Holmes murder mystery vibes and JS is a retelling of Jane Eyre but with a gruesome twist

Vanessa Marie says:

I love The Diviners, it’s one of my favorite series!

Lucas Giovane says:

In my opinion Clay looks like Kevin Weisman, Dale Yorkes on hulu´s production Runaways, I know this has nothing to do with the video but…

Travon Toussiant says:

Want to read Lauren’s so bad

Nico says:

it’s interesting that you see neverwhere as dark where I see it as funny in a way?  I may not remember that book well

Rachelle Manning says:

Even though you did not talk about the Stormlight Archives in this particular video, I did want to say that because of your recommendation about it, I read the series and just finished Oathbringer AND OH MY I am so in love with that world and all of its characters now and I just wanted to say thank you for talking so much about that series on your channel.

GinatheJedi says:

Watching your channel is such a risk… I always want to buy every single one that you recommend haha!

Laura Morency says:

I am so happy I found your channel! All your recs seem tailor made for my tastes, thank you for making my days 🙂

Givemeprimelaughter says:

Regan “Read this book.”

Me “Yes, your majesty!”

Samantha Grenier says:

I read The Hike by Drew Magary, just before picking up Neverwhere. Also super creepy-twisted. Idk if it’s inspired by Gaiman, but the books have similar themes… except for the sass-talking crab. Can’t miss that!

Naya Ef says:

You should check out Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis if you haven’t. It’s not new, but it’s a really fast read about a serial killer, and it’s kind of…creepy. Personally I loved it!

readbymarta says:

i want to read the diviners so bad god it sounds right up my alley

Kelly Martinez says:

These recommendations are amazing, I need to read them all!

An Sreekanth says:

I am reading scythe right now and omg.. i am loving it sooo much…

Nelli says:

Scythe and Thunderhead kept me in their hold the whole time and I read them because of you so THANK YOU! I have also added The Last magician to my to be bought pile

Krystal witha K says:

Love your sweater

Heather Maxwell says:

I’m so glad you mentioned The Diviners!!!! I loved that book but the murderer and the descriptions of the murders FREAKED (and grossed) ME OUT! Oh gosh.

AlwaysEating Death says:

horrorstor has that creepy vibe, would recommend it

unlinedwork says:

The creepiest YA book I’ve ever read was The Call by Peadar O Guilin. Books and movies don’t ever scare me, but the animal creatures in this book creeped me out so much that I was having these acid trip-like dreams about them all night.

chunkzie says:

NEED t-shirt and sweater links! so cute.

Sierra McMillen says:

I love your suggestions Reagan you and me have such similar taste in books

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