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What are you currently reading?

books mentioned:
– Circe
– Vicious
– A Very Large Expanse of Sea
– Hey, Kiddo
– A Winter’s Promise

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Becky Peel says:

AWW YAS I really wanna read Circe! It sounds amazing 😀 And i just finished Vicious, as thanks to your high praises I picked it up, and oh my goodness it was awesome! SUCH VILLAINY! Lovely video as always <3

Akira Kairi says:

Currently reading Charmcaster, third book in the SpellSlinger series

Toni Turner says:

The copy of Circe you showed is gorgeous! I’ve read Song of Achilles and I know I need to read Circe. I can just tell it’s going to be a favorite. As for what I’m reading now, I am a dumb dumb and decided it would be a good idea to reread the Mortal Instruments and as much nostalgia as I get from those books the amount of eye-rolling I’m doing is more than that hahah and I’m only on book two! Smh!

Stagey Bookish says:

You are truly an amazing and inspiring lady – welcome back!!

Hayley Marie says:

Awww Hannah, I was just thinking of you. Hope you’re doing well <3
Circe is on my shelf and I need to read soon!!!
I am currently reading Thunderhead and Strange the Dreamer 🙂

Avry de Kazan says:

Hello!! 🙂 I’m also rereading A winter’s promise because English booktube is getting me all hyped again. I read all three books in french and this is my third time rereading the first book. I cannot describe how much I love this series and I think this is why it is compared to Harry Potter. It took France by storm and so many people are loving it and talking about it that it quickly became famous with a very strong fandom behind it. A biased but loyal fandom which can sometimes be blind to certain flaws and weaknesses, but it doesn’t matter because we all fell in love with the characters, we share theories, we create fanart and we talk about it non-stop. Like Harry Potter it introduces us to this new and very original world and -to me- the descriptions are so well done that we are immediately comfortable in the world. But I think the comparison with Harry Potter stops there. A lot of us have said that if it were to be adapted, it should be a Ghibli movie because the setting is so vivid and although it is more YA than middle grade, it has this child-like tone to it. You will probably find the first 200 pages slow: We are given a lot of information that don’t make sense yet and Ophelia doesn’t get to do much. I had trouble with it the first time but the second part really grabbed my attention. Rereading it now however, and knowing everything that happened in the other books, I appreciate so much more this slow introduction to this gorgeous world and all the details and clues. The writing is also very charming and full of humour as the author is inspired by Belgian dialect (Walloon) and I found myself laughing a lot! I’m from Belgium and my grandparents speak like that. I don’t know how the translation will manage to keep this aspect though… There my rant is over and I hope you will enjoy it; I trully think it has something new and differant to offer xx May the scarf be in your favour 😉

Sondos Hussein says:

Muslim is pronounced with an s not z plzzz

Joanne Carnevale says:

Almost finished with Here In Berlin. To be followed by Kindred. Then on to Circe.

StartedWithAReport says:

I’m so bored of political correctness and pc culture spilling into books, especially YA, where the community becomes militant with left-wing extremism. No place. I also kept staring at your index ring and kept thinking ‘how does it not annoy her to wear that’ while I wear my wedding and engagement rings :’)

Margaux says:

hi hannah, i just wanted to tell you that a winter’s promise has NOTHING to do with Harry Potter. It is really really really good but it isn’t at all like Harry Potter (the only thing there is in common is magic but the magic systems are sooooo different). I wanted you to know that because i don’t want you to be disapointed. It is a very good book, i hope you will enjoy it !

Mishi says:

It’s always amazing to see you, Hannah! As you liked Circe, please check out The Song of Achilles! You would love it too!

Books With Alyssa J says:

i’m currently reading an arc of bookish boyfriends #2!

Artemis Starlite says:

I hope you’re feeling as good as you’re looking, because you look really good and that you’re in a better place! <3 I'm so glad you're able to put at least one or two videos up again!

Jimi Can Read says:

Oooh I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with A Winter’s Promise, it’s really handy to have books I can recommend to Harry Potter fans at the shop where I work!

ShelbyRaeMarshall says:

I just finished Vengeful and I think you’ll LOVE IT it was so good.

EmmaMcKinley says:

I’m currently reading Julia Vanishes! Any small booktubers want to support each other?

Kat says:

I am in the middle of The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, listening to the audiobook is like guided meditation. Almost done with THUG, love it so far. It’s nice to see you uploading again! keep taking care of yourself, you are worth it!

Ellenor Smith says:

If you like audiobooks I really recommend Mythos from Stephen Fry. It’s greek mythology from the creation of the universe forward with the Titan and the Olympians etc and the follow up “heroes” has just come out too. He tells the stories that are really bizarre in places in such an easy going conversational manner I couldn’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who finds the subject interesting.

Emma Rose says:

Honestly you are such a queen, I’m so proud of you

shupashta says:

About A Winter’s promise : it’s good, but it’s nothing like HP. Don’t who came up with that comparison tbh. But the book is good x)

Allison Dyhouse says:

Thank you so much for making this video! I saw this in my notifications and I had to watch it. I did read Circe and A Very Large Expanse of Sea, and I loved them both. I’ve read and enjoyed the stories of Greek mythology for a very long time (the first book I read about them was by Roger Lancelyn Green, and I’ve now reread that book so many times I have lost track). Vicious is on my to-read list, but I have to wait for my copy of it to come later this month.

elyne says:

YES I’m so happy that you’ve picked up A Winter’s Promise! I’m French and I’m so excited that a French fantasy series is finally getting international recognition! It’s always been compared to Harry Potter (personally I never really felt it was that similar though) because the characters and the universe are so colorful and enchanting, and there’s a lot of mysteries. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Vicky Schnee says:

Hi, I loved your video, as usual. You inspired so many of my current readings… I read A Winter’s Promise by Christelle Dabos in French, and it’s absolutely lovely and creative. Characters can be dark, full of nuances, the plot and the world-building are amazing. I hope to hear more about your opinion of this book as you proceed reading it!

Drew Simoneau says:

I just read vicious for the first time in September and now I just need to read vengeful. Also I can’t wait to read it and complete another series. I’m currently reading two books at the moment. First book is: My true love gave to me by stephaine perkins, I’m 200/320 pages into it and really enjoying it. There’s two stories I don’t like which is good because usually I think we’re not used to short stories. I am also reading a graphic novel and that is: Check please, I can’t remember who the author is but I’m flying through both of these books!(:

Isabella says:

I just finished Circe and I loved it! Definitely one of the best books I’ve read this year <3

Sassenachreader says:

YES! Finally a french book I’m so happy! I just loved this serie when it came out here, I hope you will love it too! Also, so happy to see you back here, take care!

sabrina sheppard says:

Im buying vicious on friday ive wanted to for ages but haven’t had the chance

Cyrine H says:

Omg ! A while ago , a winter’s promise was like THE PHENOMENON in France ! It’s compared to harry potter and booktube went crazy about it and now when i see it’s translated to english !! Wow it’s really a strange feeling. Also it’s a triology

Nancy Chen says:

A Winter’s Promise is incredible. The writing (at least the translation) is beautiful, the protagonist is smart, thoughtful, and just a great character. The world building is phenomenal, and the political intrigue is very refreshing to see in a YA. I hope you love it because it’s one of my favorites this year. I can’t wait for the next one!

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