Books I Read in November



SassyHousewifee says:

I read Dress Codes for small towns and sadly dnf’d it. I just couldn’t get into it.

losterthanlife says:

Shout out to your editing dedication. That moment where you alternate your stars between 3 and 4 when you’re trying to remember what you gave The Dry was so cute.

Carol Marie Reads says:

Tana French is one of my favorites. But I understand why some people don’t like her. I also think by categorizing her books as thrillers can throw people off. They’re mysteries but not thrilling.

Ambitious Bibliophile says:

I really enjoy and appreciate your long videos and the time you take to make them! Four Three Two zones sounds really good. When does it come out or is it already out?

Heather says:

I knew what you’d read this month cause I watch all your videos but I still love to see you and your ratings. 19 books is amazing!

Ashley Carenbauer says:

You’ve convinced me to pick up both The Wife Between Us and The Woman in the Window!! I love thrillers but normally avoid the bestsellers like those just because normally they are way overrated but I’m definitely going to give these ones a fair shot now.

Mcastillo says:

The wife between us is a fucking roller coaster! loved loved loved!

emmanovella says:

Okay, so I need to read like 28 books in December so please send this crazy reading mojo my way!

trina says:

I agree about Tana French’s writing! I read In the Woods by her and I while I liked her writing style and thought the characters themselves weren’t too bad, I felt the ending was SO CHEAP and I stopped trusting her as a writer because it’s like she didn’t even know her own story well enough to end it? there’s a thin line between a cliff hanger/ambiguous ending and just a flop.

jess ph says:

Happy 10th Anniversary! 🙂

Books of Amber says:

I’m glad you enjoyed your anniversary weekend!

danaklas says:

can someone tell me on the cover of the raven boys with the four boys on the front who is who?? from left right?? thanks!

ClumsyLightning says:

To bad it’s not November

Twana Callahan says:

Happy late anniversary!

Zuhra Zabiullah says:

I consider your long videos a treat because they’re creative and you clearly put a lot of thought and time into them, plus they’re fun to watch.

Upstate Reader says:

I enjoy watching your long videos!

Rachel's Corner says:

Yeeees Queen I was so excited for this

Super Pao says:

Wait… why do they demonetize you for swearing? That definitely can’t be the case for all YouTube. Why pick on you?

Kate Mc says:

I love your content, especially the longer videos! ❤️

CtinaLoves2Read says:

omggg… you’re on a roll. sis…

Midnight_Reader says:

How do you read so many books? Do you read fast? Or do you just get a lot of reading time? Can you do a video about how to read so many books?

Meghan McGhee says:

You’re my new favorite booktuber because you have a busy life, non YouTube full time job, you’re a mom! and you still read like crazy! Makes me feel like I’m a slacker but also motivates me

Triple E3 Reads says:

So many new books to add to my wishlist!!!

Jane Night says:

Happy anniversary

Sarah P Slytherin says:

*remembers spookathon vlog*
But did Robby really buy those flowers for you?

Em Brady says:

I just started the wife between us because of your video and I also got my mum and sister to get it too haha so thanks x

Caffeine & Commas says:

Absolutely adore you. And holy crap thats a big pile of books!

GracerRacer says:

Love the lip color!

Dane Reads says:

I’ve not really enjoyed her novels, but I thought The Grownup was fantastic!

B Shaw says:

Is there a #LalaMadeMeDoIt trend yet?

Christina Martinez says:


Grin & Plan says:

Haha when talking about the dry your star graphic being indecisive with you was great.

Cinderroob says:

For the life of me I can’t read Stephen King. His prose throws me off big time! I have two of his books and can’t read them. I’ve tried several times.

Interested in Four Three Two One.

stephanie haynes says:

happy anniversary to you and your hubby! 🙂 i love you guys! also, i’m obsessed with that vase your flowers are in! your taste in decor is always so fab.

Alison Rose says:

I wasn’t interested in The Wife Between Us when I saw it on BOTM a few months back, but you’ve made it sound so interesting……..I might have to give it a try 🙂 Non-book question: what lipstick were you wearing? It’s gorgeous 🙂

Read By Jess says:

How on earth did you fit in that many books?! What a crazy month!

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