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ProudBooklion says:

I finally read Vicious and OMG LOVEEEE, I actually wrote a “book” when I was 11 about a youngish guy in prison but this novel was actually ePICCCCCCC not like the story which shall never be talked about again xD

Jess E says:

I bought the shadow hunter series because of your love for them and your rave reviews. I only took the first 2 on holiday and felt so lost when I couldn’t carry on reading the series!!

Alexandra's Books says:


Σοφία Μαρκαντώνη says:

I haven’t read a single page in a week,school is killing me +I’m in a book slump AND a book hangover from The Fates Divide

Nelli says:

I’m almost half way through The Night circus and I’m thinking about DNFining it. It just doesn’t fully peek my interest

Morgan Anderson says:

“Cause there was no Jace Wayland whatever” Oh my god Emma you made my day.

Books With Alyssa J says:

nevermoor sounds so interesting! i don’t usually read MG but i feel like i’ll enjoy it

Jo Carter says:

I love that about other people’s reviews. Even if I love a book I read negative reviews and can still appreciate them and take a step back from the book whilst still really loving it.

Suspiros da Bea says:

The Night Circus is amazing

Julianna says:

Fave book I read in August was probably either a list of cages or Eliza and her monsters

Deneo Edinburgher says:

I had the exact same frustrations with the Night Circus. I was expecting some Dumbledore vs. Voldemort-level battle, but it was very underwhelming. A bit too much style and not enough substance for me.

A Chapter From Aisha says:

Post reading high, I like that term

Noorpio says:

please update your favorite series /stand alones

ambrotvd says:

I really don’t understand why so many people like The Nights Circus, it has no point at all. I’m not even kidding. There are 40 useless different points of views, i don’t think it has any kind of sense. It makes me cringe. It’s like a bunch of different but connected stories with a stupid and predictable romance

Bee K says:

I still really like the Night Circus (I find the writing *so* beautiful), but I could have absolutely adored it if the romance hadn’t been the way it was (and if there had been more consequences for some of the characters that I hated :D)

teabooksmagic says:

Definitely planning to read Nevermoor now after hearing how much you loved it!The Night Circus is my absolute favorite book but I completely understand the criticisms that you talked about. Personally, I liked the slow pace/lack of drive of the competition because it felt like the true challenge of the competition was figuring out the rules and how to win. That added to the mystery and boundless magic atmosphere for me, but it’s definitely not the type of competition plot I’m used to seeing in other books. And I agree on the romance, it felt so undeveloped. I was far more interested in Bailey, Poppet, and Widget’s story. I’m glad your reading experience was mostly positive though. 🙂

Christine B says:

OMG Emma, Dana Heller Levitt was my advisor during my counseling program (I went to Montclair State University in New Jersey)!! I’m currently a school counselor in NJ. So happy you enjoyed the book. Dr. Levitt was a fantastic advisor. Good luck in graduate school! Can’t wait to follow your journey.

A Chapter From Aisha says:

My favorite book that I read in August was Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

trinhsformerz says:

i reread the infernal devices this year thanks to the readathon and i love the trilogy so much! definitely my favorite trilogy of all time 🙂

Shut Up & Read says:

Need to pick up the night circus!! I have a copy that’s been sitting on my shelf forever lol so glad that you loved it!

Michelle Lianne says:

If Anna Lightwood is genderqueer, why do you refer to them as a she? Or is that explained in the novella?

BlackCatKai says:

I absolutely adored the Night Circus audiobook! I am super biased tho cuz Jim Dale narrated and his voice makes me so happy. such a gorgeous slow burn, I adored it. I’m so glad you gave it another shot!!! yay!!!

SavannahtheBookWyrm says:

Hi, Emma! I don’t know if you’re interested or not, but I did make a video where I kind of write a letter to you. It’s up to you if you want to watch it or not but I’ll leave the link just in case. It’s basically me trying to put into words how much you mean to me. I love your channel sooo much!

account says:

You should definitely talk about the books you read for school!

BIGSIMMER777 says:

I read several books on wattpad if that counts. I am currently reading Kidnapped by the agent

Isabelle Stephens says:

Will the Shadow Market novellas become a full book? And is there an audiobook for it?!

Jaedyn says:

late wrap-up and tbrs are the story of my life honestly

Basically Britt says:

YASSSSS so happy you loved The Night Circus! <3 It's one of my favourite books ever and ahhh I loved reading and rereading it so much. I really want to reread it again now!

Hardback Adventures says:

Nevermoor was everything! I started listening in August when you mentioned it, and I completely agree about the Harry Potter feels. The magic, friendship, mentorship, destructive family, etc. gave me the same feel while also being a stand alone & completely different story. I think I gushed about it way more than you did in my wrap up. Haha. I NEED TO PICK UP THR HARDBACK COPY!!! Thanks for the amazing recommendation!

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