Book Review: Vickers Guide, Kalashnikov Volume 1

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I am proud to announce the newest book in the Vickers Guide series: Kalashnikov (Volume 1)! Cowritten by Larry Vickers, Rob Stott, and myself, this is a beautiful exhibition of 7.62x39mm AK rifles (smallbore AKs and other types will be covered by future volumes). If you have seen any of the previous Vickers Guide books, you know what you have to look forward to in this one – if not, prepare for the most gorgeous firearms photography you’ll see in any print book.

This is intended as a coffee table display type book, but also includes a remarkable amount of relevant information about AK development and production. The first chapter on Russian guns starts with the prototype actual “AK47”, goes through the patterns of milled AKs to the stamped AKM, and on to the modern AK203 and AK15. The book then progresses to 7.62x39mm variants made by Albania, Bulgaria, China, East Germany, Egypt, Hungary, Iraq, North Korea, the Khyber Pass, Poland, Romania, Vietnam, and Yugoslavia. These include not just standard rifles, but also short barreled and LMG variations, plus grenade launchers and more. I am quite proud to have been a part of the team that created this volume!

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cannon fam says:

im ians robe, im forest green and magneticly charming to the vast population

Крис says:

It’s very good, but 95 bucks for one book?

Braeden Griffiths says:

Sold for me!

fongule100 says:

Looks great!

Rabbit Babbit says:

And east Germany ones or Romanian ?
And btw could you guys write a full info book on the ak family?????

Martin Juul Andersen says:

Its the Gun Dude!


Will you have a book with all the weird and oddball variation of the AK like the groza, the vss or the pp bizon?

Geronimo553 says:

Vickers Guide, Kalashnikov Volume 1 “POCKET EDITION” lol

Jerry Johnson II says:

Very Cool book !!!! Also Congratulations on getting your name in it too.

Shinobi HOG says:

So, real question. If you’re “tactical Jesus” and you wrote this book, does that make this book the….. “tactical bible”? Inquiring minds gots to know…..

Nicolai By says:

God damn Gun Jesus, that’s one sexy AK Bible! I book like that is one I’d keep on the toilet and read it every single day. It may sound like an insult but its the farthest thing from that.

Rocky Harmony says:

Haha just out of silly curiosity, but is your copy Ian a signed version of the book ? 😛

ushook says:

Congratulations Ian. Very Professional thanks for sharing your knowledge in the form of a great book.

swampk9 says:

26 people are apparently illiterate

1364a says:

very nice.

wild bill says:

This would be a cool book to have. Damn you unemployment.

Krispy B says:

Question is how many of these books does it take to stop an ak round?

Jacob Gentile says:


Антон Козырев says:

Фотографии шикарны. Похоже, они и составляют главную ценность книги(?). Да, классно, что все типы из всех стран собраны в одном альбоме. Но что нового можно рассказать про АК? Хотя я бы все равно хотел такую книгу!

Cameron Tudhope says:

Do homework, watch forgotten weapons, such a easy choice…

J A says:

This is a noob question but here goes:
What defines a Kalashnikov-type weapon? There are so many very different looking weapons in that book, what brings them all under the umbrella term?

Brand Malone says:

Good on you Ian, thanks for your contribution in compiling an awesome volume.

Tim Black says:

I don’t even like the AK and I want this book

matthew paine says:

He has better Hair than most Women.

Valra Bellkeys says:

So close to 1 million subs! Congratulations, Ian!

spades95 says:

That hair shining like it’s straight out of a shampoo commercial

Tulip1811 says:

Ian do you really use boxes of ammo for book ends or is that just for show?

Jarrod Pasicznyk says:

This was my first Vickers Guide books I ordered one right after I saw the video with Larry Vickers and it’s elegant book. I look forward to getting the next volumes when they become available and other Vickers Guide books.

Maarten De R. says:

If available in the EU, I’m getting one! Shipping is a b*tch for good books on firearms. US$70 is killing the deal for me, and thats without import taxes.

SuperAWaC says:

outstanding pictures

crazyfvck says:

The only images missing from that book are still-shots from the InRange AK mud tests 😉 Also, does this book have that awesome “glossy page catalog” smell? 😉

deadpan237 says:

sweet looking book! was a bit disappointed i can’t order off amazon like everything else but def will have to grab one, i might spring for a signature one too

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