Book Review PET PEEVES

Here’s a list of some of my book review pet peeves.

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April W says:

yes to everything you said. partial points annoy me. is it a 3 star book? or a 4 star book? wtf is a 3.25 book? PICK A SIDE!

Matthew Bryan says:

I’m so confused. I swear to god this vid absolutely flew by. When you said goodbye I thought maybe 2 min AT MOST had passed but apparently not. Great points though. Can I ask you something a bit random but it’s a piece of advice that I’d like from a booktuber specifically. What’s the number one kind of detailed piece of editing advice you could give for someone starting a booktube channel? You, Daniel, Kitty G, Thoughts on Tomes’ Sam, Piera Forde (personality-wise I cannot recommend her enough) and Jay have inspired me so so much to start a channel and so I have a bunch of stuff recorded and on my computer but good god, editing is hard at first and so if you have anything you think is absolutely crucial, I’d love to know.

Also this is unrelated but thanks so much for introducing me to Jay via your book cover. He is truly the most adorably wholesome and exuberant booktuber I know and I have a mini crush on him because of that lol. I would honestly probably date him if I wasn’t repulsed by the idea of dating someone

Jashana C says:

HaHa! I never leave a star rating if I dnf, but if I read like 50% or more I’ll leave a written review of my thoughts, sometimes. 😛

I saw one the other day that was all, “OMG I was so disappointed in this… really not great at all… 4 stars.” …. wut?! Lol. Like you just rate ALL your books 5 stars so anything less is “bad”…?! Haha — to each their own!

Jayce JvR says:

“It arrived damaged,” XD. I love these videos.

TimeAndChance says:

Pet peeves
1. Book? I liked it. 5 stars.
2.Reads synopsis from back of book
3.Plays loud music so I can’t hear review.
4.Excessive use of cute but distracting pets.
5.Use of distasteful props in the bkgd.
6.Adds to the glut of reviews of an over-hyped book.
7.Review in lock-step with an ideological theory.

Hana Banana says:

i hate it when, this seems to happen the most in gr reviews by booktubers, when most of the written review is a detailed synopsis. and a couple throwaway comments are added at the end. like i came here to read your opinion on the text not an indepth reitteration of the blurb…

zachary romeo says:

I definitely give this video 5 stars !!

Once Upon A Tome says:

I totally meet people and immediately decide i dont like them within a minute. . . .i give books waaaay more of a chance. Lol. Wow ive got some screwed up priorities.

Rashad Ali says:

I really wish Amazon used a better multi rating system. One rating/review of the product, and another for the service itself. Right now companies selling on Amazon email you after purchase, and you can “review” the service there…

Dwight Cornell says:

Elle, your one star reviews and pet peeve reviews are so fun to listen to. those who try to give their reviews after reading two or three pages or just by judging the cover need to get a better hobby.

Leah K says:

I have noticed people giving low ratings for books when they are tired of a certain trope or they are just tired of the genre. “The book was good but it was too similar to the other 500 fantasy books I read this month 🙁 2*”

Breaking Books says:

Agree! Nice video! Awesome to see you reside in Chandler,AZ! I was born and raised in Chandler(1973)! Go Wolves!!! Now reside in Gilbert. Take Care and Keep Reading! 🙂

denaiir says:

Hahaha I love your high-pitched voice it makes the comments really funny
The “I just met you and you’re an idiot” part was hilarious

manatees and books says:

I hate seeing low star rating on goodreads when the book isn’t even published yet! lol

Jack Literary Corner says:

I love when you do that voice that makes fun of people. My only pet peeve is when people don’t review and say “you just have to read it”. I at least want to know what it’s about! We all have different opinions, so we’re not all going to love the same books, so how will know if you don’t explain the premise and why you have the feelings you do? Of course, you can buy a book cheap or borrow it from the library, but still.

luffy d sid says:

hie any chance u woulld be reading eragon from the inheritence cycle?

yapdog says:

:^D So entertaining, Elle :^)

Randy Murphy says:

Well at least I’m third so I’m okay with it and I also agree with all of her problems she made some awesome ones not to mention our videos are always good I really love her opinions and I’m still waiting for her to read 11 22 63 or a bookshelf to her video but you are doing great love your videos keep them coming and lot of love

Jessica Mitchell says:

I. Love. These. Videos! Couldn’t agree more!

A World of Words says:

These are very true. One person’s 3 star rating varies so much from the next that it can get so confusing!
If you can believe it, that whole “This plot point doesn’t make sense, it’s never resolved” has happened to me multiple times in writing workshops where I’ve turned it the first chapter(s) of a novel. I clearly say that at the top of the first page, and yet…
Boy, is that irritating XD.

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