Book Review: NOS4A2 or NOS4R2, by Joe Hill

Today we talk about Joe Hill’s third novel, NOS4A2, or if you live in the UK or Australia, NOS4R2.


charlotte mcfall says:

I’ve not read any Joe Hill but i have been wondering if they are really S.K writing under his kids names as he was outed as Bachman?

staffski says:

I do like this book, and I had such high hopes for Joe Hill after Horns and NOS4A2.
But it gives me a strange feeling at the same time. I don’t know why, it’s wierd. Maybe a languague barrier thing.

John Logan III says:

I really enjoyed your enthusiasm for the material…subscribed.

Casey Wayne says:

I hated it. Just playing i loved it. Its also my favorite joe hill novel. So much detail in this one and a bizarre plot. Just wanted to disagree with ya cause u said u like it when ppl disagree with u. Anywho, keep up the great work.

ZeNex74 says:

hoping i get it for xmas. maybe start horns today

Angie Brooks says:

I have not read this one yet. I have read heart shaped box. It was great. I hope I can get to it soon. I usually get most of my books from my library.

Jeremy Lamano says:

Love your channel man keep up the good work

laertesdd says:

“NOS4A2 is one of my favourite books…” (by Joe Hill?) “…of ALL TIME.”

i didn’t see that one coming. liked ‘heart-shaped box’, enjoyed ‘horns’, loved ’20th century ghosts’, but couldn’t really get into ‘NOS4A2’.

i think it’s about time to give it a second try!

ZeNex74 says:

nos4r2 makes more sense but again we get the shitty cover. its how your supposed to pronounce nosferatu

kookoobananas159 says:

When are you planning to do a review of the fireman

WanderleiSilva29 says:

Question…. i ordered this as a hardcover on amazon. It says first edition on the publishers page, but the pages are that cheap kind with frayed edges that you see on book club editions…. im wondering if thats the way it was supposed to be or not…..

J.B. Taylor says:

I didn’t catch the heavy handedness, granted the women did have it rough. But I don’t think they had it any worse than other characters male or female have had it in past books. I loved this book, easily one of my favorites of all time. It was thrilling.

Jen Bernardini says:

I loved that book. What were the issues people had?

kookoobananas159 says:

Are you als going to review wraith or Locke and key

Zak_ Salter says:

A girl at work gave this to me for Christmas and it was awesome, it was the first book to give me the creeps since Dean Koontz Intensity..

Cody Williams says:

Charlie Manx is mentioned at the beginning of DOCTOR SLEEP (Dick Halloran is the one who mentions him directly). Also, the True Knot from DOCTOR SLEEP is mentioned by Charlie Manx in NOS4A2. I believe he compares himself to them and tells Vic’s son that he is a similar creature, meaning there are “others” like him.

Zak_ Salter says:

A girl at work gave this to me for Christmas and it was awesome, it was the first book to give me the creeps since Dean Koontz Intensity..

Rose Mcateer says:

I loved Victoria. She may have gone through hell, but she fought the whole way through it. She felt like a real person, and her sort of insanity just made her more interesting to me. I also really liked her relationship with lou and their son. That felt real too. I was really sad about her sacrifice for them, but that bittersweet ending just made the whole rest of the book all the more meaningful.

Andrew Day says:

The only Joe Hill book I’ve read and I absolutely loved it!!

Cody Williams says:

This is my favorite book by Hill! The name changed because of pronunciation (the way the English and Australians pronounce Nosferatu is different than here in the US) and it was his UK publisher’s idea, if I recall correctly.

Taylor Woods says:

NOS4A2 was the bomb! Maggie the librarian is one of my faves- being a librarian myself I was happy to see a badass one!

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