book review

i’m back


Palleto says:

Why did you delete all the other old videos

DumbStuffWith AC says:

Nice videos!

Random Buttons says:

that is one beautiful throw. death to bad literature.

Fernando Garibo says:

Bruh you gone start dressing like a straight up poser I already seen it coming you can’t even Ollie and you have a pan b hoodie

SlimeyMage YT says:


Fuego Araneae says:

*You had one job…*

Cookie24388 says:

People like this is the reason I watch YouTube

Callum Jones says:

I agree..


Lets talk about that

Ashton Campbell boi says:

I laughed my butt

Kayway says:

Ok I’ll subscribe for daily videwos

Josho Rules says:


Plasticine Formaldehyde says:

Vonnegut really is one of those timeless authors, and I’m glad to see you agree with me.

AlmightyKid says:

this isn’t minecraft

Emerald3r says:


Mr.Supreme says:

I’m loving it

REC Gaming says:

Like my comment and I will buy the book

Lewis Gray says:

What?! Is this

Tyler A says:

#bring back old zexyzektv

pconn says:

this is what the world needs more of

Gyser Bomb says:


Elliott Jones says:


JoePCool14 says:

I thought this account would never return

Top 10s says:

Best video I’ve ever seen, 10/10 gg

Prodigy says:

This content is high qual

Ivo Knorr says:

I had to read that for school…

ZexyZekTV says:

subscribe for daily videwos

Pepe la Pepe says:


sushi punk says:

where’s cooking with zek?? :((

Slik_ Gaming says:

Huh!?!?!?!?! So many questions yet no answers

Logan Easley says:

Now that’s what I call quality content 483738

CrazyPanda 1 says:

99 throw power easily Tom Brady’s successor

Rizeツ says:

My daily dose of MeMeS

Miller Harding says:

I’m not even kidding, this is my favorite video

0 Refund says:

Why tho do u not like the book because I would have probably done the same thing

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