Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James In-Depth Book Review (non-spoiler)

One of the most buzzed about books of 2019, I read an early copy of Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James and I have a lot to say about it! This is a very dark, gritty literary fantasy novel that has been billed as an African Game of Thrones. It is also an own voices fantasy novel with a gay main character.

Should you read Black Leopard Red Wolf? Find out in my in-depth non-spoiler review of the book.

Thanks to Riverhead Books for sending me an advance copy for review. No money was exchanged and all opinions are my own.

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naya Fitzgerald says:

I’m so excited for this book still

Lori Ann White says:

Wonderful review. Amazon is sending me my copy by Friday February 8th. Thanks.

Laurie Esquivel says:

Thank you for your review. I haven’t heard anyone talk about the gay representation. So i will pass.

Matt D says:

I read today that the sequels are not going to continue the story, but will instead tell the events of this book from other perspectives, which sounds very intriguing. Can’t wait to start in on this one.

JloveLamar says:

I bought the book a few days ago. I plan to start it right after my book club pick. Tomorrow, we have our meeting and this is one of the books being presented. I really hope we pick this one.

P.S, it looks like the other two books in the trilogy will be from two other character’s perspective

Joni Heisenberg says:

Thank you so much for your extremely articulate review !

Novel Ink says:

I’m planning to read this later this month, and I’m so so glad you posted this review! I’ve heard tons of general buzz for this one, but not a ton of concrete things, so this was exactly what I needed. This was so thorough and informative. And now I know to allot myself more time to get through this! We will have to discuss in more detail once I finish it!

Vamps Rock says:

Hey Bethany. Thanks for this great in-depth review of the book. It hasn’t put me off reading it, but I’m glad that you are making us aware beforehand what we are getting. I will ask however, how does it compare to grimdark fantasy in general or have you not read much/any? I haven’t read much adult high fantasy at all so I can’t compare myself, but I do think that knowing how dark Seven Killings was, in a way it was to be expected with this book. Anyway, I look forward to getting to it, but I’m in no rush as I rarely am with new releases, and especially the first in series’. TTFN 🙂

hedgiecc says:

Great in-depth review, thanks! So excited about this book, dying to read it!

BookBabe88 says:

Is there alot of characters to keep track of

TheShadesofOrange Booktube Channel says:

I really appreciate your in depth review. This book was on everyone’s anticipated release list, but I’ve been anxiously waiting for actual reviews. Given all that triggering subject matter, it certainly sounds like a tough read. It’s probably not the kind of fantasy I usually pick up, but I do want to read it for myself.

Lisbeth says:

I think I will have to try and get this through my library. I haven’t read adult fantasy so I am not sure if this will be the book for me but I am willing to give it a shot.

Bedtime Bookworm says:

Ooh this book sounds way darker than I was anticipating, so I’m grateful for your review! I’m still interested in it but definitely not as high on my list now that I know how hard it will be to read.

Bookie Charm says:

Very impressed with this non-spoiler review! I hadn’t seen any discussion of the queer framework or power/graphic complexities. I am glad because that framework is important with this book being anticipated by so many readers! I’m going to the book signing this weekend and I am so curious how the talk will go considering how dense and dark the content is.

Wendy Fitzpatrick says:

Great review. Now I am even more intrigued to pick up this book.

Renée Timmermans says:

Thank you so much for your review! I haven’t seen anyone talk so in-depth about this novel as you just did and I’m really happy to know this information before I go in, especially as I really wasn’t expecting it to be this brutal and dark, honestly. I was planning on picking it up soon, but after hearing you talk about it I think I’ll wait for a bit. It still sounds like a very interesting and good book, but one that you really need to be in the right frame of mind for to enjoy. I think you just saved me a bad experience from picking it up at the wrong time!

S LEW says:

Awesome review, Bethany. I know some of the topics you mentioned would usually cause me to lose interest in reading, but for some reason I’m curious to read it. There’s seems to be some controversy about it being billed as an African GoT.

Annette Scholten says:

I’m getting my copy tomorrow, I think your review has made me want to read it even more, great review!

Eric Karl Anderson says:

What a fantastic thorough review and response! I enjoyed so much how you discussed its themes and how readers might respond to it. When I finished the novel I found it challenging to summarise the story because, like you say, there’s SO much in it.

chaniqua smith says:

A gay African game of thrones. Sounds different. I will try it out.

Lori's Book Trials says:

I think it’s a book I normally wouldn’t read, but I am still willing to give it a shot. I will be getting the audible tomorrow for it. I might wait to read it for when I can buy the physical copy as well. Just because I would love to Annotate the book as I am reading it.
Love your deep insight book reviews, they always might me think, on things I normally wouldn’t think about.

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