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Rayna Perry says:

Yessss, I also listen to the lofi playlists here, too, when I write. They really help as white noise, but to also get into the mood of the story.

Angie: The E-Book Reader says:

Writing is my biggest passion. I’m hoping to finish my next book soon. <3

Haely Flores says:

How to become friends with me real QUICK

Me: So do you like to read?

Ray Red says:

I didn’t grow up with a reader family either, actually I’m the only one that reads in my home. But I have a few friends that are big readers like me and we tend to talk about them!
And to answer your question: I’m passionate about everything related to art, that being music, paintings or movies.

christina says:

I AM SO HAPPY that SHINee was included in your top 5!!!! also i never see people appreciate the goodness that is you better know so THANK YOU!


Sumaiya Azim says:

Love you babe

readbymarta says:

i love how you’re always so positive!

thisisjules says:

I’m super passionate about animal welfare and animal rights, like wolves in Norway. Most of the population wants to exterminate them but I am trying to hard to fight against it because they have just as much of a right to be here as we do. They’re not hurting anyone so they shouldn’t suffer just because of our egoism

BlekBoi says:

“…and you guys really deliver some great question. I’m really excited to get into that. So, let do ‘Jesse’ that!”

Nicole Abbott says:

Jesse what is your favorite twisted AU book? Mine is The Splintered series by A.G. Howard.

Katariina Blom says:

Even my top 50 k-pop songs would be 99% BTS

Camilla Ciresa says:

Fun fact, before your video started I watched an ad about a bookstore and there were readers sharing their favourite books and I just loved it

Jermaine Gaba says:

I wonder if jesse lost no nut November

Jane Night says:

I am super passionate about teaching.

khonza hanny says:

Agree with the pace on reading books! If it’s a thriller or detective story-thing I would stayed up until late at night to finish it cause I want to know who the killer was

Ranya Phookan says:

Ur videos are always so good!

MeiMei says:

writing has been something i’ve been passionate about for years now (almost seven, to be exact). i know it sounds way too long considering i’m only sixteen now but i’ve always been very dedicated to it. when we started writing poetry in fifth grade, i would always take my corrections on assignments outside to one of the picnic tables and rewrite them, not even for a new grade but just because i wanted them to actually be what they were supposed to be at the end of the day. now, i recently entered a script writing contest with adults and managed to get third place, and i feel like that’s a bit too much of a compliment considering it didn’t take much time for me to write it but hey, that just means if i’d spent more time on it, i bet it would’ve been better! anyways, your videos really inspire me to keep going. at the moment, i don’t write many original works. i have ideas for novels but i haven’t gotten around to starting them because i want to when i have enough time in my life and school isn’t bogging me down. i’ve been writing fanfiction in the meantime and that’s always so much fun, because it’s been a lifesaver in teaching me things i would’ve never found out about my own writing without it (like how third person suits my style far better than first). i hope someday i’ll make it somewhere with writing though. i’d really like to!

The Chronicles of a Book Lover says:

I definitely always feel like my creativity flows better at night too and I’m more inspired to write then… Except when I have to get up at 5:30 am for work. Lol

Aislyn Woodcock says:

Any advice for my friend and I on writing a book?

Phil ThePain says:

Read the blood of olympus!!!

Rizanne Fernandez says:

Oh My God!! Are you a shawol too?! 6v6

Nina says:

I spilled drinks on my 5-year-old laptop like 4 times and it still runs lol. The first thing I do is shut it off completely (like a hard shut down. I just press the power button until the light doesn’t show up) and then dry the areas that got wet, turn it upside down so the water seeps out instead of inside, then I put those silicon gel bags that prevent moisture/mold under it (or do that rice hack lmao). I usually leave it for a few days to make sure it’s completely dry before turning it on again.

Random_ Fangirl says:

I love this side of YouTube where everyone can just talk and discuss books❤❤

Im from Neverland says:

I sleep with my socks on and I felt so heart-warmed when you said I was a magical being bc that’s the cutest compliment you can say even if it’s because of something as ridiculous as that. Gosh I love fantasy way too much HAHA

ProudBooklion says:

Loved this, I’m passionate about pole, BookTube and my education’s “zeroing” haha <3

Olivia Volquartsen says:

You should do a video about how you organize your bookshelves. They’re so perfect and even! Like how?!

Avery Sistare says:

I am a magical being!!!!!!
Ps: Jesse you helped me break my reading slump so thank you thank you thank you!

The guardian of all says:


Taylor Robinson says:

I (of course) am passionate about reading, but I also love stories in general, whether they be from books, movies, or tv shows. I’m also really passionate about alternative energy and my research in university centers around that. Also, thanks for answering my question about your creative writing process! I’d like to write my own book some day:)

Slađana Veličković says:

Have you read “The Hitchicker’s guide to the galaxy” books? I mean the first and fourth are worth a read, the third one is meh and the second and fifth ones are absolutely shit. What are your thoughts on ’em?

Derin A. says:

you like SHINee?!?!?!?! intellectual booktuber KING

Hilâl Şarkışla says:

What are you from?

Alison R says:

When I was younger, I called the bow tie pasta “frog feet” because I guess that’s what I thought they looked like.

Also, the thing with the socks is SO TRUE.

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