April Wrap Up!!

All the exciting books I read this past April!

Books mentioned:
Wild Magic: https://bit.ly/2jdKcKa
Wolf Speaker: https://bit.ly/2JCX7AB
Emergency Contact: https://bit.ly/2HZQ5IF
Storm Caster: https://bit.ly/2HBxCPk
Obsidio: https://bit.ly/2jeJYlT

That I am wearing:
Top: https://bit.ly/2r7RylX
Jeans: https://bit.ly/2rez5oP
Sneakers: https://bit.ly/2r9XHxS

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Andrina patricia says:

I usually only read one book a month but surprisingly I read cruel prince, Amy & Rogers epic detour, and to kill a kingdom. I haven’t read that much in one month since like 2016 lol talk about longest book slump ever

walawey sidney says:

i love your videos but why are you yelling??!

Samantha Grenier says:

Space Opera—Catherynne Valente! Sci-awesome!

Jake's Story says:

What’s the book your in the middle of currently?

Gustavo Rodrigues says:

U should make a video talking about the seven realm series for people who haven’t read it yet

Eliza Luckey says:

Omg I just got illuminae, so excited to read the series!

Heather White says:

Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff are working on another book together! It’s another sci-fi set at a space academy and I believe it’s set to come out next year

Mari Rowlands says:

If you’re interested in scifi I highly recommend The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers! It’s one of my favourite books of all time and I think you’d love it

KNews andBooks says:

I love your shirt so much!!!!

charity yoder says:

OBSIDIO!!! Seriously intense. Great ending. Surprisingly loved it, whereas I barely tolerated Illuminae and… Enjoyed gemina.

Hannah O says:

If you want more scifi I recommend Amie Kaufman’s other series that she wrote with Meagan Spooner, the first one is called These Broken Stars! It was pitched as Titanic in space and I can kind of see why but I feel like a lot of people wrote it off as not good scifi because of that, and there is a lot of romance in the first one, but it also sets up such a rich scifi world that is fully fleshed out in the other two books!

Andrea Ortiz says:

Read people like usss please i wanta review of that book

Blonde and Bookish says:

I need to jump on the seven realms series bandwagon ASAP because the other series sounds amazing!

Abel Montero says:


Kat Hunt says:

This month I completely disregarded my TBR- I originally aimed to finish a bunch of series but instead I marathoned through all of the Discworld Witches books except Carpe Jugulum, New Pompeii, Sarah Millican’s How to be Champion, and Women and Power: a Manifesto by Mary Beard 🙂

Lauren Maillet says:

Ooo if you’re looking to read more sci fi I definitely recommend Defy the Stars!

BookRealKatie says:

Every time I watch one of your videos I come away wanting to get into another book series 😀 Love and hate that a lot of fantasy series are 5 books minimum.

brooklynnnnereads says:

Great video and book picks!

randomreader says:

I really need to read the 7 Realms series, because those sound fantastic

Erica Hickson says:

You have to read Red Rising!! It’s Sci-Fi, but with a lot of fantasy elements. And a lot of your favorite tropes. I want to say which ones but the beginning of the book has some big moves I don’t want to spoil.

Aaron Velázquez says:

am i the only one is OVER the whole YA Fantasy thing?

Belle the booknerd says:

I’m really happy with the amount of books i read this month! Since its summer for us, i’ve had more time!

I’m really interested in Tamora pierce’s books^^

JennR Fenn says:


Mackenzie Lane says:

I finished Obsidio this month, too! I thought it was a fantastic conclusion, and I’m with you, I will read anything Kaufman & Kristoff pen together. I mean, the detail in that series! I always paid attention to the time stamps at the beginning of every text exchange/IM chat & I loved that we learned who was narrating the video surveillance footage throughout all 3 books. Also, I have to say, your love for Cinda Williams Chima is making me want to abandon my TBR and start her Seven Realms series immediately 😛

Emily Horan says:

Regan you absolutlely need to read the Edge Chronicles – they are amazing middle grade fantasy books that really grow up and mature as the series continue (mature with the reader). They are my all time favorites. Started reading the series at 11 years old and now at 24 the final book in the series is set to be released in 2019.

Anmol Kaur says:

Are you okay Regan? You don’t seem fine to me.

Nina Testa says:

Ugh I wish my library had some of these titles

wordsonwings says:

That top looks so pretty on you! It really compliments your skin tone and hair 🙂 It’s also sold out so now I can’t get it haha darn-it!!

TeaLeavesAndBookBindings says:

I really good YA sci-fi is Shadow Run by Adrianne Strickland and Michael Miller! It’s really awesome because it’s be two Alaskan authors who made a planet based off of Alaska (although the story takes place mostly off that particular planet).

Xiao-Luna says:

Im currently reading Nevernight by Jay Kristoff and im picking up Gemina and Obsidio next week! April has been an ok reading month for me , ive read 4 books.
Also your hair looks extra lovely in this 🙂

Yesica1993 says:

I didn’t realize the Illuminae book would be a series. I’ve been wanting to read that thing since it first came out. Never got around to it for various reasons. One time, I tried to find it at the library and apparently everyone in Chicago had the same idea because it was nowhere to be had. Now that it’s complete and has gotten good reviews, I will definitely be checking it out. (Once I finish the 9347934729374 other books I’m currently reading. Sheesh.)

Nessville says:

Recently I read a single for Ella Grey by David Almond, and I really enjoyed the writing style, it made me feel stuff too.

Jaedyn says:

its like everyone has a copy of emergency contact except for me

Cozy Reader Kelly says:

Just finished Obsidio yesterday and I agree that it’s a satisfying conclusion. I’m not much of a sci-fi reader, but it has inspired me to pick up some others. Going old school and starting The War of the Worlds next.

Michelle Hashberger says:

I’ve been having problems getting into new stories lately, but I just borrowed the audiobook of George R. R. Martin’s “A Knight Of the Seven Kingdoms,” and I’m loving it!

sakurahan91 says:

I’m currently reading ACOWAR and OMG, it’s AMAZING!!!!!!! Can’t wait to receive ACOFAS in the mail soon!!!!!!

Lucinda Jennings says:

Please stop calling her Diane, I had to skip that part it got so annoying. It’s Daine like Plain

Kristy8026 says:

so I notice that you didn’t read Aru Shah and the end of time, which was from your TBR video and was a paid promotion for that video………did you just put it on your TBR so you would get paid for that video? or did you not like it?

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