Animal Farm – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

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From plot debriefs to key motifs, Thug Notes’ Animal Farm Summary & Analysis has you covered with themes, symbols, important quotes, and more. This week’s episode is Animal Farm by George Orwell.

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Markiss Johnson says:

Yooooo that Thug Notes wifebeater is hooooot son!!!

Robert Morgan says:

I laughed from the very first line,
What it do, COMRADES?

Robert Morgan says:

4:17 wow, that’s actually a really deep, relevatory observation.
Revolutions are almost always portrayed as moving from one thing to the next in that context, but every other usage does mean ending up right where you started every time.

Inna Yaneva says:

Please make a review of Milan Kundera’s Unbearable Lightness of Being

Daniel Tuma says:

Napoleon sending the horse to the butcher is one of the saddest scenes in all of literature I have read

Zelentic says:

its very interesting when you watch a russian documentary on stalin and trotsky because then you know what nearly every little detail is referring to.

Kai Umeda says:

I have a few books you should look at JM Barrie’s Peter Pan, Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan, and Moon Over Manifest by Claire Vanderpool. Please

Nathaniel Zavala says:

I am a communist. I am very happy that you did not say “this book shows how communism doesn’t work”, but instead “this book shows the flaws of the USSR”. The Soviet Union was never communist.
I love you Thug Notes! Workers of the world, unite!

CoffeeCupGoodness says:

Quick question: Is this guy a vampire? Every time he shows his teeth I start wishing I had some garlic with me!!

Future Reach says:

Animal Farm is so much more than just a book. The themes, ideas and concepts explored in this novel are why its such an essential read. There’s reading for pleasure and then there’s reading for necessity. Animal Farm needs to be read.

Andrew_O'Mara says:

Most pissed off I’ve ever been about the ending to a book.

Chris Mitchell says:

ur da man

Steve Johnson says:

So sad … your ignorance of Orwell, BUT overwhelmingly proves:
Those who know DO — those who don’t teach LOL!
1984’ Ignorance is Strength” proven by you, his Big Screen of propaganda is FAUX “News” which started at the PROPER TIME!?

Spyder Tyler says:

Make America Great Again 4:05

KS says:

Dude I would love to hear your notes on The Belljar by Sylvia Plath and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Arturas Karbocius says:

Spoonerism Animal Form, Stalin (Russian language mean man of steel) form of raw material of iron smelting called PIG iron communist have slang pinko. And opposite to Dialectic materialism maybe Orwell takes anthropomorphic religion god is every in every form and of course all men are PIGS LoL Or it maybe Alice in wonderland weird geometry baby pig, or movie babe about talking pig. Some kind transformation.

Gardette Jones says:

it’s seems Americans are taking the place of the animals. When you fear the police you are opposed

Taylor Iserman says:

Maybe the best show on YouTube.

Storm Angelus says:

Just to point this out: Marx wasn’t a Communist, he was a sociologist. Check it out.

Junior Eli Zavalhia says:

Man, you make things so simple.
Luv u

A Nobody says:

Communism isn’t bad totalitarianism is

Nancy Vega says:

You crack me up with that raspy voice, you tough thuggie, you!

Sigfried.the.anarchist says:

orwell is my favorite socialist author

Slayerthecrow says:

I saw the movie based on this book when I was a kid, I cried for Boxer

Bijan Rezai says:

orwell was a narc

Freddie Medina says:

Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert a Heinlein please!

Fox Mulder says:

This by far was a good episode,good work.

Dild0OO! RICK! says:

Any white oppressive rich man can fit napoleons part.

Bianca Portillo says:

i wish i saw this shit when i was in high school i would’ve made a better grade in ap english and literature

Sacha Josgray says:

These are amazing. Great work.

MadZuri says:

So… “more equal” is the corrupt form of the law that only borrows the word “equal” but has nothing to do with the concept at all. It is just the excuse one group uses to oppress another group… that sounds really familiar. It’s just itching my brain. Where have I heard of a group saying over and over again that all they want is “more equality for _ “?

Joe Bob says:

Aight i gotchuu comrade


youuuuu …………. can see me?

shadysheep says:

plot twist the pigs are secretly capitalist

Hellbound Iscariot says:

“Tell that to our angry faces! We have had enough of your lies! No more oppression, no more lies! Never trust humans, pigs and dogs!” -Animals towards pigs and humans.

Alex Anastos says:

See your ass next week player

La Verne Courtney says:

Man cannot rule man

Master Shotgun says:

Is it wrong I love this?

Carlos Atempa says:

They should make a video about the novel Silence of the Lambs. It would be interesting to hear how he summarizes the book.

Chyna Fehr says:

Please read and do a video of Carian Cole’s book Torn. It would be epic.

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