A Reasonably Sized Book Haul?

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bookellenic says:

I preordered On the Come Up, and I almost never preorder books, so excited!

whiterabbitmix says:

The two Barnes and Nobles closest to me didn’t even order or stock In An Absent Dream. I would have had to drive about an hour out to the next one to pick it up in store. I didn’t have any problems ordering it from Amazon though.

Cami Castle says:

Please read Angie Thomas! I loved The Hate U Give! I keep trying to zoom in and see all your books. Lol!

Stagey Bookish says:

I picked up Love and Lies of RA as it really intrigues me!!

Sylwia Skolarczyk says:

Love in the time of cholera is definitely not a magical realism

Abby Wonder says:

I only get rid of books if I don’t have any intention of reading again. I’m trying hard to clear out my TBR list this year.

Jay G says:


Sierra Humiston says:

Your hair always looks cute but it looks especially cute in this vid!

Nicole Overmoyer says:

The Dreamers was amazing! Not what I usually like, but I couldn’t put it down and finished in two days! You might want to keep it for a readathon – fast and good!

Cinderroob says:

Lala, how long did it take before publishers started sending you books via e-book or hard copy?

Maria Castillo says:

Yes you have to read the whole searies in an absent dream

LittleT Me says:

That’s reasonable my reasonable haul is 2-3 books

islabookfreak says:

i wonder if one day lala is gonna get rid of some books just cause she feels like it

Krissy N. says:

Great haul! My local Barnes and Noble didn’t have In an Absent Dream, but Amazon did. Strange release, not sure what happened with it.

Nikkia Bell says:

“Short things inside of a longer thing.”(That’s what she said)–I’m sorry.

elitothenth says:

I so dislike the covers they released for The Diviners series for Bk2/Bk3 and the paperback Bk1. The original hardcover is just so beautiful, especially the physical cover underneath the dust jacket. Ugh, my biggest pet peeve is the changing of covers for the hardcovers…either they’re ugly and then i don’t have a matched set, or they’re better AND I STILL DON’T HAVE A MATCHED SET! #bookcollectorproblems #irealizeihavetheprivilegeforthistoevenbeaproblem

Filipe Heath says:

I had no idea Rukhsana was gay! *adds to TBR*

Erica's Bookish World says:

That is a very gorgeous copy of The Diviners

Jasmin Johansen says:

I love your videos so much. You are one of the few i watch every video of! <3

Bianca Dolcee says:


Beyond Book'd says:

Nice haul

Maria C says:

I read Love in the time of cholera earlier this month and I think it doesn’t have many or any magical realism elements. I’m happy that you’re reading some South American classics. Enjoy!

Ashley Eustice says:

On the come up!!!! I CANNOT WAIT EITHER

gabbyreads says:

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on The Dreamers! I thought it was interesting but also irritating but the writing is beautiful so I’m pretty torn over how I feel about it.

Thirze Wiegers says:

Hahaha while apperantly a lot of people are planning to buy less books in 2019, I was actually planning to buy a lot more

Carah Amelie says:

“Bye! Love you, as a friend….” LOL. Also, I want to read The Diviners strictly for the cover alone…. as in, I wouldn’t read a different edition. I’m not sorry about it either.

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