7 Books You NEED To Read!

Yay for book recs!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I uploaded! Life’s been really hectic lately and I’ve been super distracted so I haven’t been focusing much on YouTube. But I’m finally finding my motivation again so look forward to more frequent uploads! Love you all ❤

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winter forest says:

love your videos! Now I have ideas what to read. Thanks 😀


School for students who are brilliant at a certain something? Danganronpa haha

ferial says:

Rebecca is actually a retelling of Jane Eyre so you’re absolutely right when you talk of it as a “gothic romance” even though it’s not JUST that 🙂

Insta Live says:

did you increased the speed of the video? please dont do that. love u

Lala Blala says:

I’ve Read Wintergirls when i was 16 and it was the first book that made me want to write stories myself. The poetic and unique style it is written in is so beautiful and inspiring! I’ve Read it many times since then and it will always have a special place in my heart 🙂

Stella Wenny says:

I like Truly Devious but it annoyed me that there are still so many questions at the end of the book, I was hoping at least one solved case at the end of the book, and there will be another case at the second book. But because everything is still a mystery, when the second book comes out I would have forgotten every important clues in this book and that will take away the fun in reading the second book.

Emily Haggard says:

Oddly addicted to how motivated book recommendation vids makes me feel

Steph Jean says:

You should start talking about more adult books! I would love to hear your recommendations!

JHinata UzumakiV says:

Can u make a childhood favourites video

S says:

I love your channel so much. Your voice is so calming and I really like listening to you talk about books. You actually got me to start reading again. I stopped simply because I didn’t enjoy it as much anymore because I started studying history in uni and it was just so much to read that I didn’t want to read in my free time as well. So yeah.. Thanks for motivating me ^^

Lily Rabbitt says:

Wait a second- isn’t The Night Circus an adult book? But you love that book!! Wow, Evelyn Hugo is that good?!

Mell says:

Speaking of books about mental illness. I would love to watch a video of you talking about your favorite books that deal with mental illness.

Emma Bostian says:

Didn’t you spoil Evelyn by saying she’s bisexual?

Kelly Martinez says:

This video was amazing!
I’ve had Rebecca and Wintergirls on my to read list for forever and I now need to move them to the top!

lilyfreedom says:

I’m sure your reading list is huge…however I recently started watching your videos and wanted to suggest a few that I haven’t noticed you mention on your channel.

A probable future By Alice Hoffman
Practical Magic By Alice Hoffman
Magyc By Angie Sage (Book 1 of 7 in series)
Mairelon the Magician By Patricia c Wrede
The princess and the hound By Mette ivie Herrison

Thank you for posting videos. ~Nichelle

Carrie Brackett says:

I love Rebecca! I read it in high school and it’s always stuck with me.

kmcoolady says:

GREAT video! I’m always looking for ways to expand my scope of reading and get out of my comfort zone. I definitely want to read some of the books you recommended. And I’m glad you loved Rebecca, a personal fave. I also love the Hitchcock film version with Laurence Olivier, even though it skims over a lot.

dani says:

I love your channel. Your personality is so calm and real. When I click on some YouTuber’s videos, some are so hyper and artificial that I have to exit out. So sorry if any read this. I just prefer your style.

David Mcqueen says:

Seven of the best, most thought provoking book recommendations I’ve seen on book tube for a long while, thank you. My tbr shelf just got longer.

Mallika Ramachandran says:

Such a lovely cover- I love Rebecca too. Do try My Cousin Rachel-another great one from Du Maurier

Armanroxx says:

Hey, I’ve been going through your channel and watching older videos (loving the content) and I found your tackling tropes video. You never did an episode 2 and I think it’d be a great video series to bring back because it seems you enjoyed discussing the tropes and I loved watching it. 🙂

Brenda Wash says:

It would be helpful if you could list the titles and authors in the description box.

Karen Naikar says:

you undoubtedly are my favorite booktuber 🙂

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