2018 | A Reading Year in Review

The Best! The Prettiest! My Favourite Author! Let’s look at one of the only good parts of 2018: books.

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Fatima Mahmoud says:

Your videos have changed my life! They have made me a better reader and a better thinker. I really hope u are doing well, and i am soooo excited for the plans u have on ur channel for 2019.

Emma Jeanette says:

yaaaas academia queen!! hope your 2019 is filled with reading for fun!

Mahi Senthilkumar says:

Been loving the energy in your videos lately! You seem more relaxed and positive and it makes my heart warm (and also inspires me to get through grad school). Congrats on surviving your Masters and 2018!!!

Calliope Bookish says:

Is there anywhere where we can see your talk at Wired? it sounds really interesting!

Cathryn Petryk says:

Don’t know how much this will help others (*shrugs*) but I know that what helps me with sitting down to read is thinking “I am a reader”. The timing is pretty arbitrary (I sometimes don’t think it for a week or so); sometimes I think it right after the “I’m bored, what can I do?” thoughts, sometimes I just see books and think it. This helps because it makes reading part of my identity. In a battle royal of self talk against myself, when I use”I am a ___” versus “I should ___” my experience is that “I am a ___” gives me a strong chance of winning, while “I should ___” convinces me to throw the match with the argument “you’re not perfect so you may as well not”

leaf'd book blog says:

I’ve also seen a lot of poetry lately on Pinterest. It’s been recommended to me because of my interest in writing pins I think. I’ve started pinning it as inspiration for my own writing (not like content or even the words they use but I take inspiration from the way the poetry turns and goes in ways I didn’t expect in so few words. It’s still surprising.) Just thought that seemed relevant. I don’t know if the poetry started on Instagram but it’s possible

TimeAndChance says:

Tomorrow nite Ariel has a nightmare where she’s in a PhD program at the Ivy League UPenn. The course: computer-literature-fusion holosuite design, very hi-tech. The course is highly challenging, cutting edge stuff. But the Department is riddled with feuds on feuds, worse than GOP vs Dems. She is signed up for 4 yrs, complete with a lot of running labs for the Prof who is overseeing her course. If she drops out she must pay massive penalties in addition to some other academically detrimental things. As the program trucks into its 3rd year it is obviously taking its toll on Ariel’s sanity. She loves the course but it’s the other stuff that is the problem. Ariel feels trapped. Cuckoo cuckoo, I d’wanna go cuckoo. No, no, no PhD, it’s not for me, or is it, or, do I want it, or…overanalysis city. Ariel wakes up, shivering in a cold sweat. Holy real you say. PhD may be frought with pain & risk but it’s still there. The double edged sword. Dr Ariel does have a nice ring to it. What price that ring?

Emy G says:

AART was one of my favourites of the year too, I also loved Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. I keep meaning to pick up Motherhood, definitely want to in 2019!

Super Pao says:

Here’s hoping 2019 will be worlds better than 2018! 2018 was poop. Good riddance.

Hayley Marie says:


Disgraced Ape says:

I feel you girl. 2017 was like that for me. And I just realized that I basically didn’t even leave my city during 2018, let alone do anything remotely interesting or ambitious. So props to you for getting through a shitty year and still having a lot to show for it.

Cristina5753 says:

I’ve been wanting to read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court because I love Arthurian lore, my favorite so far is The Once & Future King by TH White, which I’d highly recommend (also a fan of the audiobook). I wanted to ask what your essay inspired by Connecticut Yankee was about exactly?
Also, recent-ish subscriber, but I adore you & this channel, very glad I decided to check out your channel!! Also, I did a presentation on Frida Kahlo earlier this year & also love her a lot❤️

Polly Ellman says:

Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2019!!!

karsynlemley0303 says:

watching this right after I decided that an absolutely remarkable thing was going to be my first read of 2019! this just made me so excited!!

Jazmin Jimenez says:

Between the Frida Kahlo graphic novel you showed and the one by Maria Hesse which would you recommend?

Julia Campos says:

happy new year, ariel! I hope 2019 treats you better than 2018.
can’t wait to see more from you next year.

Harriet Lucy Black says:

I’ve watched this entire video like seven (7) times already

Paola Mancera says:

“The only option is to make 2019 effin’ insane” YEEEEESSSS LETS DO THIS

Maria Achladianakis says:

haha I just love you and your videos! happy 2019!!

kittyyourock says:

can you do a video on why you hated your masters degree?

Andrea Robyn says:

I sincerely hope 2019 is a better year for you, in both reading and general life. I empathize with the year you’ve had (albeit I have not gone through the same things), 2014 was extremely difficult with my mental health and 2016 was horrific with school in a major I despised. But I am so happy for you that you had phenomenal book related experiences in the latter half of the year that made you so elated. I also read some incredible books this year; Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, A Mother’s Reckoning by Sue Klebold, and Hunger by Roxane Gay. Much love and I hope you have an incredible 2019 xx

Dani Lounsbury says:

I feel you, I miss reading too. Before I started college I read all the time. Then once I started college I stopped due to busyness and I ended up starting some books that I didn’t like, so now I’m going to make time and read books I truly enjoy.

Uptown Oracle says:

Good luck to reading more in the new year! Excited to continue watching your content!

Jay G says:

Congrats on your masters!!

Christy Lou says:

Congrats on getting through the year! You are amazing! Looking forward to everything you have planned in the next year~

sofiainez says:

happy new year Ariel! I love your videos and can’t wait to see your new creative endeavours in 2019. Thank you for inspiring me!

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