👏BOOK REVIEW👏 2018 | Here are the best books I read in 2018 | Best books of 2018

Book review 2018. Here are the best books of 2018.

You asked an I delivered. Here are the best books I read last year. Also, I have some life updates. ALSO, I showed you some of the books I’ll be reading this year. So join me if you like!

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Nath .Villamor says:

Can you make a video listing the books a mechanical engineering (or an engineering) student should have. Not the references books tho. thank you!

Mallory Bartow says:

Hello, fellow MechE gal here! Your channel is amazing. I found it while trying to see what channels were out there made by women in engineering when starting mine! As someone who is just starting out, you’re definitely an inspiration!

Jake Daniel says:

Super jealous of your time off haha. But you totally deserve it, enjoy!

Sleeping Ugly says:

PhD grants? Sounds like you’re a welfare queen. Get off the government dole.

Yash Karan Sodhi says:

Hello ma’am I am from India. Right now I am pursuing degree in Mechanical Engineering. I had done 3 years diploma in Mechanical Engineering. I want to complete my masters in Germany in robotics or mechatronics. Please you can guide me how I can take admission in Germany engineering colleges.

AbdulRaouf Algehany says:

Hi Jess!
First, I really hope that you get the funding cuz you deserve it!
for reading, the only books I have read/am reading are self-help oriented books…
the book I am currently reading is “A Mind For Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (even if you flunked Algebra)” by Barbara Oakley and I like it so far…
would like to give the books you have mentioned a shot! they all seem interesting!
Again, I pray you get the funding! 🙂

TheStillWalkin says:

Hello Youtuber! *grins provocingly*

Megha Bhardwaj says:

Hello. Love your videos! I have a question to ask. How do you apply for these internships?

val eft says:

do you think that with a barchelor in electrical engineering , i can turn to mechanical?
p.s “Surely , you’re joking mr Feynman, is a great ,funny book to jump into the world and the mind of a genius !
(the only think , i did not like was his attitude towards women)

PBR Streetgang says:

“Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury is a good one

ArmouredSpacePony says:

Excellent choices! Would love to see similar videos, you have a very good taste in books 🙂

MeisterdesEntweichens says:

I am currently doing my bachelors degree in mech engineering at ETH (4.Semester) and was wondering which masters program you did and how your experience was.

Sebastian Gratz says:

skrattar du förlorar du!

Armida says:

Good luck getting the funding!:)

Nadia Terezon says:

I suggest you read “Thank you for arguing” by Jay Heinrichs. It’s a very good book for English composition which includes wit.

Alex V says:

You are and will be a great engineer Jess. Beautiful, smart, hard working, which ever guy ending up with you should realize how fortunate he is. On the topics note, thinking fast and slow is a great book. Also another book i started to read is the structure of scientific revolutions. I have a feeling that read is going to be special and I am already hooked.

John Landon Miller says:

Have you read making friends and influencing people? It’s actually pretty good book.

Ed Rodriguez says:

Confessions of a romantic reductionist by christof koch

Mohamed Abd El-Hafeez says:

Iam from egypt. I watched all your videos and still watching .. you are beautiful and have a good-heart. Keep reading and learning Jess. Hope you a good life and more achievements in your bright future.

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