Sooo, they may not be ENTIRELY Christmas themed, but I’m still very excited about them all! Please leave some Christmas-y story suggestions down below!

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minalovesbooks says:

I don’t think I have a single actual Christmas-related book on my TBR for final exam season (sobbing) or my TBR for winter break. Your cats crack me up!

Avid Reader Diary says:


Lauren Lupien says:

The last namsara is sooo good! It was my favorite fantasy book i read this year and the sequel is even better!

kaitlyn hantz says:

When my I click on your videos and you say your opening line my cat comes running! It’s so funny! She won’t leave until it’s over either.

ines carrera says:

There’s a book called merry inkmas by talla hibbert which is perfect for the smutathon and i think is free on kindle amazon so if you’re interesting go and check it out!

cococostorm says:

I love to watch your videos, they are just so…cheery and happy.♥ Also your make-up and that shirt…love it! Have a lovely day.♥

CourtVaderBooks says:

I just finished Shadow of the Fox. I also want to read Two Dark Reigns. Try reading The Afterlife of Holly Chase, such a wonderful retelling of the classic Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

nikki says:

I LOVE the last namsara and not nearly enough people have read it. I hope you enjoy it!

Moonstone-Dreamer says:

and aww you have a black kitty cat! I used to have one called Midnight she was my baby. Loved her so much i miss her all the time

Princess of Paperback says:

I do the exact same thing when filming with my cat!! I’m also taking ages with KoA and it’s so strange
I like the comparison of Weep to Atlantis!! I’d never thought of that before. I’m currently reading shadow of the fox

You’ll totally crush this TBR Brit, no worries

A Chapter From Aisha says:

I’ve been Reading Kingdom of Ash for three weeks, have been taking it slow and I don’t mind. I want to savor it.

Lol we have similar reading tastes.,I’ve been putting off two dark reigns too.

PenPen says:

Honesty, Letters to the Lost is not that dark. I wouldn’t really even call it a dark contemporary but it’s still a good book. I enjoyed reading it

Ella Louise says:

where do you get all of your hardcover books from ?! I prefer reading hardcovers but when books have been out for a while the bookshops don’t seem to stock hardbacks anymore !

Jordans Ruff Reads says:

I’m the same way! Christmas just takes a while for me to get excited about and then when I am finally excited it’s basically over! Also I can’t wait to hear what you think of Shadow of the fox! It’s one (of the many) I really need to get to.

em's books says:

“cats what are you doing” omg what a mood

Safina N says:

Wow enjoy ur books!! Happy reading to u ☃️❄️

majslejon79 says:

Love the editing in this one 😀 And you look so pretty!

Becca's Book Club says:

Your hair looks so gorgeous in this video! I’m excited to hear your final thoughts on Kingdom of Ash. I’ve enjoyed your discussion videos on the series!

Pardon My Imagination says:

Still need to pick up strange the dreamer!

Desiree says:

I probably would not go the audio book route with smut….it would be like someone you don’t know telling you their sexy time moments in vivid detail….*cough*

booktalkwithmeag says:

If you are looking for Christmas books I recommend these: Dash and Lily’s book of dares and its companion, What Light, My New Crush Gave to Me (very cheesy), The Chaos of Standing Still (more new years but still has the holiday vibes), Harry Potter, The Afterlife of Holy Chase. Those are the main YA ones, if not, there a bunch of adult books, or classics like skipping Christmas. By the way you looked amazing and so happy in the video! Good luck with the TBR

The Nikki Diaries says:

I love your thumbnails! What program do you use for them??

jlz library says:

I have ‘Shadow of the Fox’ calling to me from my TBR pile too but I’m trying to read books with ‘winter’ or ‘cold’ or even winter themed sorts of covers for December.

The Book Armada says:

New to your channel, I love your bubbly personality! I’m a winter fantasy person too 🙂

readbymarta says:

i love dark contemporary books too! i’m going to read the afterlife of holly chase as a christmas read

Danielle Oliver says:

I won’t reread for a sequel but if I love the series I will for the final book

Moonstone-Dreamer says:

i really have to buy strange the dreamer. its in my amazon basket i’ve heard a lot about it but been put off by the hype. Time to try it and see.I like dark contemporary too

Hayley Marie says:

Hahaha I’m reading Strange the Dreamer for the first time in December! So behind on the times. I’m definitely into darker contemporaries too! Would love if you did a recs video on those 🙂 some great (&THIQQ) books, good luck on your December reads!!

jlw reads says:

Cats are the devil. I love them =) Good luck with reading all those big books! =)

Myonna’s Reads says:

you’ve managed you get me to add 5 books to my cart… >.< also if you get in a jolly mood you should add The After Life of Holly Chase

emmanovella says:

I’m not a huge fantasy lover but Shadow of the Fox is pulling me in but tbh I just adore Foxes so I’m probably just drawn in by anything with Foxes. Also! I have heard that it is based on the Japanese Folklore Kitsune!!

vtanisstoll1321 says:


Anna Portillo says:

Funny enough, my Dec. TBR is mostly comprised of my leftover spooky/witchy Halloween reads.. oops.. 🙂

Books With Alyssa J says:

so many great books! hahaha your editing is great!

Tomer Armarnik says:

Happy holidays and good luck with your tbr.
I loved the bloopers segment, which was quite a whimsical surprise.
Finishing the last book in a series as in the case of KoA, as you mentioned can have the effect of not wanting it to actually be over {still there is always hope for some novellas to follow}.
I am curious to check out those dragons you mentioned, thank you for sharing with us.

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