Wonder Book Review and Trailer

Wow! Wonder is a masterpiece! I was so excited to read this book because lots of my Studio B friends recommended it saying it was one of their favorite books. They were right, this book is awesome! If I could describe this book in one word it would be “Powerful!” This is on my list of Must Read books.


Gabrielle Delacour says:

I read this book..like Twice

Nichole Fish says:

I’ll share this with the book club I am leading today! Thank you!

Urwa Tanveer says:

I read this and I loved it

sugamytaewith akookieforadip says:

books are a whole different world!people who says,”books are boring” they don’t understand what is world!and books

Gabi Says says:

I just did a review on Wonder just like you, It is hands done one of my favorite books – come check it out.
Like you said it is a very POWERFUL story, I have read it so so so so many times, and each time I learn something new.

Daron Lewis says:

your hote

Kristie Cross says:

I am so exited for the movie.

Payton McDonnell says:

Stay a book channel

Harsan Harrak says:

Nerd means smart lol that means your smart

beauty life says:

Hey, I have this book and I am enjoying it are you?

Woofmau :P says:

Plz don’t say the word deformed because it’s mean… u could say he different but not deform or say he’s horrible

life as cousins says:

I just finished this book the day be for the movie comes out

Fu Yu says:

I totally agree with you when you said you should do what you like not what other people like. If you do something they like than you basically just doing somebody else’s videos or things.

Dima K says:

And I’m going to read Wonder soon!

Olivia Petrowski says:


Armita Ghasemi says:

I read the book it was so good and so sad at the same time

Dima K says:

Those people who told you that..they’re just jealous of you and You Tube is we’re some people can do what they like!

Gabrielle Delacour says:

I am going to order this right now!!!!

Zai Waetford says:

Bish your mean to him!

Fashion Star says:

can I please get 15 likes

Sydney Moss says:

I just got this book today! It’s great so far!

Blue Rush32 says:

I read this book in class and its just sad and Aggie is just a cute big boy and we r in Via part 2………….I love Aggie so much hes cute,nice,helpful,and nervous but it dosn’t matter…….i love u Aggie.

Olivia Petrowski says:

1:18 That is not Auggie’s voice.

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