Smile Book Review

Do you love comic books? Then You will LOVE ‘Smile’! This books is so fun and fast paced I read it in one sitting. Then I went back and read it again 🙂 If you are a fan of ‘Diary of A Wimpy Kid’ or ‘Dork Diaries’ then this book needs to be on your book shelf. It is full of Dental drama, Friends, family and boys. Let me know what you think of “Smile”.


Tima KKayama says:

Please can you give me the smile book please I live in 705 Middleton place can you give me tomorrow please please please please I love the smile book

Brittiny Campbell says:


Deepika Prasad says:

can you shut up you are dum

Daniel Galbraith says:

I’m so happy Brooke responded I can barely breath!

Tuan Nguyen says:

I can tell that is ketchpu.

david schwehm says:

I read smile and drama

Ramon Flores Aguilar says:

You are a really nice girl.

Madison LovesRoblox says:

I love how you review books

eva mutavchieva says:

The same thing happened to me when I was 2years old

Jessica Seri says:

How old she is?!

Sandra E says:

I love Taylor swift and by the way this comment was soposed to be for the dork dairies Tayler swift video sorry I don’t know how to spell soposed

Clara Hollenbeck says:


Fawn5024 AJ says:

how many chapters r in this book?

Hannah's World says:

way to ruin it

Mrs Spongey says:

Hi I’m new to this channel and I love books

Daniel Galbraith says:

omg u answered me thank you! sorry I’m fanngirlling lol

Kid cute channel says:

i don

Daniel Galbraith says:

lol I got scared at the beginning of the video
(Brooke I subscribed)

Drawer2433 says:

When she “Fell” u could tell that the “blood” was ketchup!!!

Josh BEYLAARD says:

Yes three really good and bad times

crybaby troye sivan says:


Cappy and the odyssey 2017 says:

That book was great

girly girl belle says:

sorry of ur teeth

Diamond Shimmers says:

Hi can you sub to my channel plz!!!i don’t really have subscribers

Kazim Rizvi says:

i love your vids and book reveiws brooke make more please

Parker Gaming says:

I read sisters in 3 hours

Jodi Santamaria says:

The girl from the smile book went to my school!! Go aptos tigers!

Frisk Anime says:

I have that book

Mary S says:

I want that book!!!

3RandomKids says:

omg when she fell! 😉

ALANA BORRIS12333 says:

OK??? RAINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA you said it wrong

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