No Greater Joy… Than Hitting Your Kids (Michael & Debi Pearl Book Review)

Once again, we’re looking at an awful book by Michael and Debi Pearl – the couple who promote child abuse, unhealthy relationships and some other pretty horrific stuff.

If you’re worried about yourself of anyone you know, please don’t be afraid to ask for help and check out these links:

NSPCC Helpline: 0808 800 5000 (24 hours, every day)
Childline Helpline: 0800 1111 (24 hours)

ChildHelp Helpline: 1-800-422-4453

Child Wise Helpline: 1800 99 10 99

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Angel Ufo says:

Rachel, I just want you to know that I love when you upload. You are such an intelligent woman.

Reagan 1234 says:

It’s peoples right to choose weather they have kids or not I personally think it’s good that we have people who don’t want kids cause we’re coming at overpopulation guns blazing but if you don’t want kids good for you if you do want kids good for you I personally don’t want biological kids I want to adopt and more specifically I want to adopt an older kid cause I really don’t want to deal with a baby I like sleep and stuff

Kirsty Peacock says:

See, I have a kid and I love him to bits. I’d not change my decision to have him. Buuuuuut… I never wanted kids. I’m not maternal, I’ve never felt the “urge” to reproduce. I was told in my mid teens that I’d have trouble conceiving a child and – as any naïve idiot teenager would do – I was not safe. I had my son at 21 and his father split when my son was 3 weeks old. We haven’t had contact since. Last year I made the decision to be sterilised and constantly get told that I don’t know what I’m doing, I’ll change my mind, I’ll want another one. Not a chance. I’m now 26 and have zero intention of going through any of that again.

More power to people who choose not to have kids because it’s the right decision for them. It doesn’t matter what society says you should want or do. You do you.

CButtonshaw says:

why do I keep clicking on videos like this?

Suzen Art says:

My mom was beating me as a child, when i asked why she said because she did not want my father to do it
I asked it now she said because i was misbehaving
I cant remember a day i wasn’t crying, as I remember I was 3-9 when beaten

Angel Ufo says:

My parents always asked me to do things (even if they meant “do this” they’d say “can you do this”) and I grew up actually being able to make decisions and think for myself. I could ask questions and question different things. I grew up independent and I have an amazing relationship with my parents

Strange Kat says:

If people don’t want kids, I don’t have a problem with it. However some childfree people act like being a young mother is the worst thing in the world and I should have gone out and found myself before I had a child. I never felt that need. From a fairly young age, I was certain that I wanted to be a mum. I just love kids. I love nurturing and caring for my child. There isn’t anything I really want to do more than that.

Grace Doctorwhomanic says:

My dad was hit in the head as a child by his teacher and it really damaged his language skills, this is just dreadful.

Captain Picard says:

i think he grows that beard to hide how he smiles.

Liz Maureen says:

People have the right not to have children. Financial situation, location, and even emotional feelings can implament into not having children. If you don’t think you can emotionally or you can’t due to circumstances then why force a child into a life of discofort and unstability. A child should be raised in a stable condition or as stable as you can get it. If you are not up for it emotionaly then why should the child go trew being neglected or avoided by parents. The world is over populated so although I don’t believe we shouldn’t have kids fewer kids will help the environment by reducing the need to destroy land for housing. So overall it helping improve life’s of animals and preventing an unhappy child.

CrookiNari says:

It just occurred to me…children don’t have children…is that why the Pearls hate them so much???

Molly Moran says:

I know this is completely unrelated to the actual content of the video, but your shirt is super adorable! I was wondering where you got it, lol. I’m such a sucker for off the shoulder clothing.

SorasShadow1 says:

What especially gets me about them using “God is angry with you” as they do is little kids take shit literally. They don’t have the same cognitive disconnect for fiction and reality, that’s why kids believe there’s monsters under their bed and stuff like that, and hearing “the creator of the universe is specifically angry with you” is fucking terrifying in ways that we can’t really grasp anymore. Even if we’re religious cause even those with religion know that God ain’t gonna literally come down and smite your ass with lightning or whatever for forgetting to shut the back door or whatever else stupid shit the Pearls encourage beating kids for.

Anna Metreveli says:

Have you seen the Rodrigues family? The one with malnourished looking children and mom selling Plexus and breastfeeding while drinking that shit. They sent the older girls to the Pearls, and they actually looked healthier and happier with the Pearls, imagine that..


The Pearls advocate Child Abuse! They should be arrested and locked up.

Kirsten Marie says:

My step mom used “discipline” like this and my dad just went a long with it. I was already 13 by the time they got married so I was never subjected to this treatment. But I remember my stepsisters screaming bloody murder and how dejected they were as children. Then it turned into oppositional defiant disorder and substance abuse in both of them. I wouldn’t wish this treatment on my worst enemy.

Simchi says:

I could just cry at the thought of parents discouraging their children from coming to them when something is wrong. What if he’s being bullied at school, molested by someone, depressed and experiencing suicidal thoughts?? He’s not going to go to parents because they conditioned him to distrust them! It’s heartbreaking.

sidous471 says:

You: Don’t hit your child that’s wrong .-.
Michael Pearl, an intellectual: As long as you don’t tell them why they’re being hit that’s okay

I’m totally kidding he’s gross ._.

pupperdoggo faggotboi says:

I got a religious add before this video, weird considering I don’t watch religion-themed videos on this account and this is the second video of yours I ever watched

ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ says:

How the fuck aren’t these two in prison for life yet?
Why are their books being published anyway? What company would approve of this cancer? Fucking hell, this is fucked!!

CButtonshaw says:

The Pearls don’t want children they want unquestioning obedient robots

Alexa Carmack says:

The Pearls are disgusting. Thank you for these videos. I appreciate your comments about the ridiculousness of thinking a woman’s worth is her children. Many people love dedicating their lives to their children and that’s fine. But no one should be held to that standard by others.

Kadesher says:

Wow they’re actually psychotic. This is terrifying and they should be no where near children

Namoth says:

this…reasoning…from those people its so….deranged..sociopatich I just..holyshit poor children thats being tormented by that sort of ‘upbrining’

superultrafriendly skeptic says:

When my psychology teacher taught us about corporal punishment (physical punishment), he gave an anecdote that when he had his first child, he and his wife made the mutual decision not to spank and to find other ways to punish their child (time-out, no dessert, etc). But they had the problem that they couldn’t find a punishment for when their little child got out of bed in the middle of the night, because for the child anything, including staring at the wall in silence in time-out, was preferable to being in bed. But then the child saw an advertisement for some animal pillow that had lights that would project on the ceiling in fun colors and animations, and the parents bought it for the child and told them that if they got out of bed in the middle of the night they would take their special pillow away. That away the child had something to comfort them and lull them to sleep that they liked enough that they didn’t want to get out of bed to risk losing it.

The difference between my teacher’s problem-solving with a child out of bed and the Pearl’s of hitting their child the moment they leave bed (as the book tells of at ~ 21:20) just really puts into perspective the difference between a loving parent and a parent that seems to enjoy hitting their child, to the point they will listen outside their sleeping child’s door for an opportunity.

Jonathan Stern says:

You’re a doctor? What kind?

Virtual Stoa says:

So — the Pearles say >>> the child who is compliant in spirit doesn’t need explanations. <<< So --- you raise children to not question but just obey their parents in submission? And what happens when those children grow up and become adults and no longer _have_ their parents around _to_ blindly submit to? Well ---- that's when they substitute their _parents_ with a _Fuhrer._

Virgil Blue says:

Wow. At least I needed external bullies at school get myself messed up mentally.
This is just evil.

These people are the worst kind of sociopaths.

Their next book: How to waterboard your child with love and joy!
Or: How to burn your child with a red hot poker were it doesn’t show so much!

Unholy Atheist says:

“No Greater Joy… Than Hitting Your Kids”, I guess you haven’t got any children yet, otherwise you would understand…

Me bad, that was an awful joke… it’s sick, and these people should probably be locked up.

Alec Weber says:

I can’t help but to imagine “hey! I’ve jut find a way to cure all world’s disease, AND how to and world’s hunger!” “Yeah but… Do you have kids” “Eerrr… I don’t really want kids, plus I’ve spend a lot of time working in my…” “So you’re worthless”

Namoth says:

and yes…how many families is far more healthy becouse a few persons that knows then not be great 24/7 parents instead focused on being great doctors…psycharists..engineers..firemen ,policemen ”aka men as in hu-men ^^” making a great society to bring kids up in.

Star Butterfly says:

This absolute horseshit excuse for a book is just adding to my list of reasons that I believe minors and children are prejudiced against. A child can be treated like shit, but as long as the parents aren’t *physically* abusive, it’s not treated as a fucking problem. I personally believe it’s all the baby boomer “respect your elders” bullshit philosophy causing it. People are treated like objects until the age of 18 (sometimes even after that) and it’s honestly time for a goddamn change.

P.S. sorry for the language if it offends you or anything.

Sandra Snow-Balvert says:

what’s worked for me is to hammer in the golden rule. If she pushes a boy down on the playground I ask her how she would feel if I did that to her. ( I actually did push her down once to prove my point) and then say well if you don’t like that happening to you then why is it ok to do it to that boy. Another thing I do is never give in to their crying. If I tell her that she’s in time out for 5 minutes it’s 5 minutes and no amount of crying will change that. You love your children you play with them you grow with them you enjoy every moment of them but you have to teach them as well. And the biggest lesson my mother ever taught me is that I’m never above the rules I’m just like all the children in my school so I shouldn’t get special treatment when it comes to dealing with others. And that’s something I try to pass on to my daughter.

Liz says:

Rachel I’m not sure if you want to have kids, but if you did, your commentary in these videos has convinced me you’d be a great mum

Blane Woldamanuel says:

I never heard of these people until these videos. But I didn’t actually think people like this really exist.

insign tron says:

Sigh! After reading some comments, it just feels that some people hate their parents because there parents didn’t give them enough privacy or freedom when they were young. Surely I know some parents are too much and want you to follow their rules in the house but still, they have been raising you atleast for whole Fu..ING 16 years, and some of them had to had been suffering too while doing that. And here some people are, who are behaving like spoiler brats and directly saying things like I don’t care about my parents anymore, do you know what gratefulness even means? It’s okay if you don’t like them, it’s okay if they are very bad in parenting, afterall everyone is different and have their own ideals and beliefs, it’s okay if you hate them, but still don’t forget that they have raised you since you were a kid and you wouldn’t even be alive and be here spouting about the bad things they have done to you forgetting about the good ones, it’s truly disappointing. I am not saying that they should be your first priority or you should devote your life for your parents, but atleast have some basic morals and don’t forget about them in their old age and atleast care about them in those few years like they’ve cared about you when you were a child.

Thomas Kolter says:

There is nothing wrong with a paddling, spare the rod then spoil the child. Now it shouldn’t be done first however needs to be on the table if a child doesn’t follow the supervision and training of the parents. The paddling needs to be given in love that means if a child steals you take them to return the item, talk to them and then give other discipline and if they repeat it then do this again and bring out the paddling. I was paddled up through my teen years when I deserved it and well I am a law abiding and god fearing man now, it worked. And a child should fear the parent when they do something wrong.

Explaining Anime says:

I actually have a catapult that i like to put my kids in when they are bad… they fly really far.

AliceFour46 says:

I hate it when people say to me “but don’t you want to continue your heritage and further your genes by having children” like… mate, if that’s the reason you’re having children maybe you should think twice. Having children is something that you have to really want to do because you love children so you can raise them properly with all the love and care. If you have children just cause you think you have to you’re not going to be a very good parent are you, plus you won’t be as happy. I know I won’t make a very good parent and I can’t say that I’m definitely not going to have kids but if I do it won’t be because “I have to continue my genes” or “so I won’t die alone” which are both extremely selfish reasons. If you have children out of selfishness it’s not very fair on the child now is it.

ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ says:

My dick &/or vagina is not any ratfuck’s business.
My genitals. My choice.

Van Santos says:

Rachel Oates – Hey Rachel. Since you enjoy reading… may I suggest a great book about what it means to be a true Christian? They are small and you can probably read them in one or two days. “A Confession” and “What I Believe” from Russian author Leo Tolstoy. He wrote amazing books such as “War and Peace” and became a wealthy man before these books were written. I’d love to see a review on something more inspiring like this. Think about it please.

Captain_Crash_DK says:

I sort of knew people can be very stupid, but Michael & Debi Pearl really surprises me… If anyone needs to use violence of any kind, are in my mind, very stupid…

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