My Book Collection ‘Book Tour!’

I have had lots of requests for a book tour. I have lots of books to share so I hope you get some ideas of some great books to read and new books to look for. Thank you so much for watching and make sure to share any books you think I need 🙂 xoxo


gemma triasmartin says:

Percy Jackson is amazing,I love it so do much,it’s like Harry Potter,but a Litt le bit more violent

DeJah Fisher says:

hi brooak i love your books and i hooop you have a wise a day i love and we aer hoop be fiasnds

Abby Cooper Author says:

You have an awesome collection! I have a lot of these same books. (As an author of books like this, that’s mostly what I read! I like them better than grown-up books.) Great video!

riverway 123 says:

You should read a book called A Handful Of Stars

Maryam Navas says:

Hi I am MARYAM. I live in Dubai. My school is the kinder garden staretes. I am in 4th grade . I found that you do have lots of book. Can you give me few.Actully do not think I am 5 years old. I am 9 years old.I like wimpy kids and sisters,smile those
Books are actually the best.i only seen a sneak peek of the sisters and smile in Google Can you give those book. If you feel sad about what I said then sorry. Did you know I have my own YouTube channel?

Satja Lucev says:

Did you already read Percy Jackson?
Well if you did you should also read: Herous of Olympus… its a personal favorite of mine….

Emily Cooke says:

I love Dork Diaries they are my favourite! Do you have the new book Birthday Drama?


I love the land of stories

Rena Nabizada says:

I love resart

Rena Nabizada says:

Don’t judge a book by the cover

Puppy sisters says:

sisters,ghost,drama,and smile

eddie's World says:

Im reading Holes next week in my english class

Thefluffyuincorngirl Cute says:

For another point of witches books is macbeth

Anghela's Videos says:

and i hope to have that class dismissed book

Mister Carlos And Miss Kaitlyn Play says:

You actually have a lot more diary of a wimpy kid than. Me

Zara Ahmed Zara says:

Very nice

DeJah Fisher says:

hi bookr i love your voides i love your books and i hoop we are fisad and ps froom dejah

Davina Tewes says:

Wow girl in not trying to hate but don’t judge a book by its cover

Ed Ogle says:

Does the b stand for brooke or books

Rena Nabizada says:

I LOVE dork diaries

Train Spotter says:

Is the Max Crumbley books for boys as well as girls

adam gonzalez says:

Studio B your the only diary of a wimpy kid girl lover

Kayla Ferrence says:

It’s 2018 but……. you should read the book series the familiars!!! It’s about a cat who lives on the street and get chased around and ends up in a pet store for wizards!! He gets picked as a familiar to his owner called a loyal! Then he meets another familiars!! Ex…… please try it out!

hoor vlogs says:

Read geronimo or the stilton it’s about mice but it’s really intresting

Athea Reign Pesa says:

Wow i Love nerds like you..

Nenita Gumiran says:

I really suggest to you dogman books its super funny please give it a try

Alyssa Salas says:

I would LOVE to read these books!!!

Sarah s World says:

I love bugs and you super nice I watch this video about 20 times

Brooke Nicodemus says:

The Book at 16:45 is so helpful for Math Class . And I would recommend the Math, English , American History, World History , and the Science on for school in order to have good grades

Android gaming channel says:

You have a great collection of books and I like Your call books I m your biggest fan where do u live I wanna meet u

Renan._.chu says:

U have all thr books but do u have a bible?

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