kids top picks : Books you should be reading!

Sorry it has been so long since I posted! It has been hard over here for my family. I thought I would make a quick video of me and my cousins sharing our favorite books with you! Let me know if you have read any of them and hopefully you will give a new one a try! xoxo


Celline Ly says:

“Island of the blue Dophin”

charlotte and grace says:

hi brooke  I am your biggest fan ever please reply

Sabreen Raza says:

Brook you should review the book Crenshaw

Studio H says:

I love Dork Diaries so much!

Twizlicorn says:

I am absolutely obsessed with fablehaven!!!!!!!!!! There is a second series called dragon watch, and a movie coming out!!!!!!!!! I am so excited

Aleisha17 Cover's! says:

To be honest you sort’ve spoiled all the books so I’m not getting them anymore

Beautiful People says:

The Secret Blog Of Storm Cunningham Day 1 is a must read guys!!! It’s new and on Amazon/Kindle!!! Awesome book!!!!

Paulina Jaruga says:

Coralline is popular not like she said I Have watched it before it’s great all of it is great but the ending is a bit scary.

Kya Martinez says:

Love coralline I’ve seen the movie

Mario Reality Shows says:

You said your 9? Your not meant to have a channel until your 13 :/

Julian Vlogs says:

do just grace and joody moody

Aleisha17 Cover's! says:

“Without violence I’m dead”

TAN ZE LYN - says:

Are they wearing all the same makeup that’s so cute

charlotte and grace says:

hi my name’s grace and I am 10 years old

Hooria Tanveer says:

Love ❤️ jorden

The Almighty Unitato says:

I LOVE The Phantom Tolbooth and the Secret Garden. My brother also was addicted to the Rangers Apprentice Series.

Kranium's Demeanor says:

it’s so good to see kids reading. I have a 2 y/o who loves her books. ut when she’s older I want her to read these books too

Phillip Ekuwem says:

I love magnus chaase

zoe deleu says:

I have a goddess girl book
And I watched Coraline

Eventide says:

My favorite book series is Warriors. It is well known but not as popular as Dork Diaries, Harry Potter and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

diy projects says:

You may read the book – wisha was a writer!!!!

hey hey you no who it is says:

Hey kids

Sofia Petro says:

I love the Box car children

Sabreen Raza says:

Studio B if you don’t like Crenshaw you would probably like the Dragonbreath series

suzy3 says:

scary book : someones watching someones waiting

Chris Yun2 says:


Vincentia Ratnawati says:

your so awesome I love you

Amy Cole says:


Nyla Kilby says:

I read the boxcar children,it is so awesome!

Mahnoor Osman says:

Grace u r really confident☺☺☺

Peggy Sullivan says:

I think a good book could be….Scarlet and Ivy: the lost twin, Anne of green gables, The babysitters club, or the school for good and evil (though it does include some bad words and it is a little dark) They are really good books and i own them all!

Chris Yun2 says:

they all talk really girly lol so annoying

LPSlillypad says:

I knowNancy Drew
And boxcar children

Princess Minecraft says:

Best books

the kid carter says:

Ha I think the guy with them feels awkward while they do these weird actions

Carlos Campos says:

The land of stories is a series

gwen tite says:

ive watched coraline and i loved it

Chris Yun2 says:

how is island of the blue dolphins not popular, it is a frekin gold medal

Demimi The nerd says:

i watched coraline and i read island of the blue dolphins twice in the fourth grade and then in the fifith grade. i cryed both times

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