How To Write A Book Review

Here are my tips and tricks, things to look for in a book, and how to critique and review books!

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Ric’s Book Reviews says:

Great video!! I love your videos and thanks for being kind to all book authors and reviewers!!

Pilar Guerrero says:

what I look for in a book is the quality of storytelling, even if I don’t like the action or the descriptions, when a story is well told I stick around. For me, it has to do with the fluidity of the narration and also with a balance between action and psychological descriptions. Thank you very much for your video. Very clear and concise in your explanations and very honest about what you know about the topic.

Johnnie Harris says:

OMG!!! This woman is so incredibly beautiful!

TheGeeksAttic says:

Great advice, I review books on my channel and rewatched them recently. Glad to see the evolution of my reviews and style. This video may help!

kittyreadsandquotes _ says:

I am taking notes of the points you mentioned right now. Haha.

siddhi palande says:

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jessica casangcapan says:

how do you identify the author’s thesis? need this for my book review tysm 🙂

Silvana Di-finizio says:

i can’t see your twitter account ?

Maly Kopernik Lublin says:

Thank you for the effort; it was really helpful! I’m a Ph.D student and writing some review now,. Can I get your email address so I can get some feedback on my review? If needed, mine is Best 🙂

Sajida Bagdadi says:

OmG i love this sireously its goooooood sireously read it is nice i undersatand all things very clearly

Bloom Looms says:

I am starting a BookTube channel and I am horrible at writing notes, thank you so much for the tips I will be sure to shout you out when I start filming and posting 😀

Kachina Conway says:

I started to write book reviews recently and really enjoy it. Thanks for your tips!

Book nerd in love says:

the author background is so true

Book nerd in love says:

I feel like the wildwood trilogy should be more hyped around booktube, it’s so amazing, it actually changed my life and made me always want to have a book in my hand, I just hope the author of wildwood writes more books, he is such a talented authors that should be more well loved by the world, when I finished wildwood I was suprised it wasnt a classic, and that not many others had read it, I guess the size is intimidateing, but big books are always amazing, but they have so much to tell, and I usually fly through big books faster than little books.

Lil Pony says:

This is veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyyy helpful thank you now I know how to write a book report

AmbivalentActuality says:

you’re both informative and cute thanks. writing a critique and this gives me some clues as to what I should do having thrown writing at the wayside throughout my education until now lol

Fury C says:

How to write a amazing children book

James says:

I’ve just finished a new book and I’m looking for someone to honestly review it.If you are interested please let me know and I’ll send you a free copy. Here’s the book link if you want to check it out on Amazon, Many thanks

Book nerd in love says:

yeah, thanks for replying, you are my favorite booktuber, and I love to, watch your videos.

Boss Amari says:

Thanks for the video this helped me write my first book review.

Tania Alemide says:

Nice video

Sama Ali says:

this is my sister channel and i love ur channel when i be big i will be a writer

BOSS BOY says:

Thank it aS so helpful

Jean and Ruby says:

This was very helpful. Thanks. Jean and ruby will appreciate if you could review their book on Amazon called ” MR CUDDLES ViSITS MY HOME. THANK YOU.

Murali Baskaran says:

you are too cute while you explore about books

Nicole Normand says:

My pet peeve is the editing so I make sure I write about it, good or bad.
“bravo to the editor”
“the editing is distracting and could have used more time”
“the editing could use a last pass, but nothing to keep you from the flow of the story”
Sometimes I’m really specific because it happened several times during the story such as “the 2nd author had problems making the difference between an adjective and an adverb (blatant/blatantly) and it was diverting the attention from the story”.
I love to review: POV, setting, pacing, character development, writing quality – where editing is also present here – development of ideas, fluidity, and personal effect.
I tend not to write about the plot, the theme, and the setting because I don’t want to give any spoilers. I hate when someone just rewrites whatever was at the back of the book – I see this as an infringement of copyrights – and/or gives spoilers “en masse”!

Felicia Sonya says:

thanks! really helpful 🙂

Miss Marple says:

WAW.. very useful tips thank you very much.

Rajya Lalitha says:

thanks for the video …helped me a lot by the way you’ve got a nice collection of books

javaughn Dawson says:

love this video

Jbb YT says:

Great stuff!!!

Elizabeth Photog says:

I agree about knowing things about the author like Andy Weir turns out “The Martian” was his first book so to me it was just that more amazing.

Book nerd in love says:


SydneyMom08 says:

Amazing @theonertc

imad Lebiar says:

i want to be a critic , ” not officially ” just to help other people to understand or to find what they are looking for … this is helpful , thank you

Książki lubię! says:

Thank you. This film is very useful.

Sarita Lavertue says:

*Where can I find paper writing company?*

Ed Montalvo says:

I enjoy Fantasy novels…, As you mentioned, character growth is a biggie for me as well. If the protagonist is a barnie bad butt and all goes according to plan; the story loses it flavor for me.

TehZomb says:

I found this video super helpful! I’d love to see if your methods have changed in the past 3 years.

Samantha Tauro says:

loved it thnk you

Tripti Purohit says:

Nice one kept it up

Nick van Egeraat says:

Isn’t it funny that the most important channels (like this one which teaches you about things you might need in school or in life) are the ones with less subscribers

kittyreadsandquotes _ says:

I loved your tips and there were some that I never really talked about in my reviews. Now, it would be really helpful to me to improve my reviews. You are goals. I love your channel.

Waddles_4 says:

Thanks for the help

SweetStar1908 says:

I was blocked by am author for being honest….I’ll try out your tips thanks for the video!

RadeyahTV says:

I absolutely love this video! It’s the first video of yours that I came across and by your second tip for book reviewing, I was sold on your channel and I subscribed! Really helpful points. Thanks for this video! 🙂

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