Hillary Clinton Children’s Book

a review~


katrinawolf says:

Please read this for us

Aideenistheflame says:

Where did you get that sign, I NEED ONE

Kire EDC says:

“How to loose an election to a human representation of a meme”

Muzz Sama says:

Look at shoe, perpetuating the patriarchy.

creamcheese65 says:

She could’ve published a book about women who DID do incredible things in the 20th century (Amelia Earhardt, Heddy Lamarr, Grace Hopper, just to mention 3 off the top of my head), but instead she chose to suck her own… well, you know.

Phil Borgen says:

Well that’s a yikes from me

Saucy Boi says:

Camera upgrade amarite? Up top

Jaiya Papaya says:

Where can I get a cease sign?

Angelina Anaconda says:

I only listened to the audio at first and was like “Huh. What was so bad about it? Women did have it worse than men in the fifties.” so I watched it again and S C R E A M E D when I saw you going up close to the black man. Literally white washing history so women look more oppressed hahahahahah

brian key says:

I love you!

Flumanga says:

*C E A S E*

kipamis jihonojuajaugana says:

I thought I wouldn’t like this video but I started laughing so fuckin much lmao humor can be the truth so hard some times

Crosshair TV says:

Did you just uploaded on 720p because the video was too short?

FNV 359 says:

I saved this video all day to watch for it to only be 48 seconds long. am sad now

Shawn Hughes says:

That “Fuck!” at the end of the video really made the whole experience. Just wouldn’t be the same video without it.

Kleptomania GTA5 says:

I loved “Kill all Normies”! You should do a review!

christopher banion says:

Coco Chanel unavailable for comment : (

eat ass skate fast says:

oh my fucking lord

antiklaus says:

Cover looks like CUNT

Raging Bull says:

please do more with that cease sign. and perhaps scream cease and fucking dissist while smashing it into something.

ParanoidPixel says:

When do you get to the part where she turns into a Goldwater Girl?

Benjamín says:

On of your best videos so far

Chillyboi says:

If men could do anything in the 1950’s why didn’t Hillary’s dad wear a condom?

Harold Kline says:

I guess they didn’t have segregation where she grew up, in the fifties! What a self-serving piece of here look at me crap!!

Ethan Parvin says:


sleddingman 14 says:

Yes my father who is no longer with us, must have wanted to go to Korea for the war. Yes loved it so much he could never talk about.

Angie Samantha says:


Chris Newhouse says:

Best Review Ever!

Angie Samantha says:

Hillary is the reason feminism exists.

reaper laviathan says:

yep man had it soooooo easy im so ashamed of my grandfather who worked over 70% of his life to take care of 2 children a WIFE pay a house mortgage and 2 cars so his family could have better life yep MEN HAD IT SO FUCKING EASY

John Carter says:

A husband crawls back home drunk one night. Next day he wakes up with a hangover and sees that the whole house is clean and his shirts are laundered and there is a breakfast already prepared.

So he asks his son,

“Hey Billy, what is up, why is your mother so nice to me considering my condition last night?”

Billy answers, “Well, yesterday when she was pulling your pants off you were yelling, “Get away from me, bitch! I’m married!”

Vancha March says:

“Women couldn’t do anything in. the 1950s!” Except Hilary Clinton, apparently

Aaron Burley says:

in the 1950’s women didn’t have the burden of getting a job or getting taxed and living was easier. the men had gender roles in place because they’re rooted in biology and women were not collectively angry like the modern left has them. also dudes got to die on the titanic and storm the beaches of Normandy and never get thanked so you know. we totally oppressed women back in the day and even now.

Jeremy Walker says:

this is perfect for EpicDonutDude’s “instant regret” playlist!

joel solorza says:

Thank you for wasting 48 seconds of my life. Now back to my sad depressing music!

Ba says:

Hillary Clinton is a lesbian. Michelle Obama is a trap. Melania Trump is Stormy Madiels. All three are facts.

RDeathmark says:

I want the last two seconds or so of this video as a stand-alone video

Dakarn says:

Hillary Rodham Clinton “Some women are born to lead.”

Just not this one!!! LMAO! Never President. That glass ceiling might as well be transparent aluminum. Scotty, don’t beam her up!

Alex Doyle says:

Where did you get that stop sign

Ben Schmitt says:

I think people tend to throw the word ”propaganda” around a little too much… but yeah this is some pretty egregious propaganda

Vivec the Poet says:

Hillary Clinton: “Girls can be Machiavellian Neo-Liberal Psychopaths with colonial ambitions too!”

Scarfire says:

Ah yes, women, the ONLY group to ever be oppressed.

Inkhatesyouall says:

The cover is so ironic that its almost painful

Bread Box says:

i love how she zoomed in on the black guy and said “MEN COULD DO ANYTHING IN THE 1950s!” xD

Spooxxy Pastel says:

And from the great fires of hell, Hillary was born

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