Diary of a Wimpy Kid –The Long Haul

Hi Guys!

This is my first book review of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. These are some of my FAVORITE books and I am sure you will enjoy them too. All of the Diary of A Wimpy Kid books have amazing illustrations that I am sure you will love. If you like Diary of A Wimpy Kid and you experienced the pains of a family road trip this book is for you. Comment below and tell me about your road trip nightmares and if you liked this book too.

Happy Heading!

Brooke 🙂


dogg y says:

omy jeff

Adham Mohamed says:

Hey jeff Kinney can you make a sneak peek of your new book the getaway

Heather says:

Which was your earlier review,by the way?

Mathew Mathen says:

Jeff Kinney you books are awesome I just Haven’t got Last Straw


it is

Michelle Prefontaine says:

I have all the books Jeff kiney rocks

Zenaida B says:

I have read the long hl

AquaDronix says:

Little did she know that the movie would come out as complete garbage in 2 years, Destroy her life ;_;

Plush Star says:

Hey booke do you like captain underpants

EvansLG says:

Hey Brooke have u heard that there is going to be a new film called diary of a wimpy kid the long haul

German Sosa says:

Hi I am Jeef Kinney

Gabrielle Delacour says:

how old are you Brooke

Plush Star says:


Shifat Ara says:

Jeff Kinney is my favourite author .

Michelle Prefontaine says:

Thanks b

Rita Lopez says:

hi Brooke can u do a review on diary of a wimpy kid dog days

Heather says:

Which is your first video in this channel?

Mahmoud Abukaff says:

I dont like this book, i just dont

Big Smoke says:

Where is studio A’C’D’E’F’G’H’I’J’K’L’M’N’O’P’Q’R’S’T’U’V’W’X’Y’ and Z

Plush Star says:

Jeff kinney just commeted


i like you



Jacqueline Luttrell says:

What’s more important than sleep………NOTHINGGGG AT ALLLL

Ewan Hoyle NZ says:

my fave book is diary of a wimpy kid the long haul. I can not wait for the movie to come out

Mathew Mathen says:

and dog days

Heather says:

In the movie diary it is the‛ behind the scenes thing’ right?

Rob Edgerton says:

I love diary of a wimpy kid and don’t you have a Tv. Long haul is good isn’t it

minerdimond says:

just asking

irmantas klasius says:

My favourite wimpy kid books are the long houl and cabin fever,the third wheel and dog days

irmantas klasius says:

Your not greg

Heather says:

In this vid your 8 right
If yes,then we’re at the same age


where did you get movie diary cause I’ve read all but the movie diary

Franco Ramos says:

I already read the book member the heflys whent to soak central and Greg got the wrong locker with the stuff like money and phones.

irmantas klasius says:

And jeff k is useing a comp to do books

Roma Hsu says:

Thanks stdiob I’m Jeff Kinney I made a new book it’s diary of the wimpy kid the old man

Delia Loiza says:

I’m jiff kinny

Yupin Crawford says:


Saanvi Gupta says:

Hey brooke in the description you have written ”happy heading” Instead of ”Happy reading”

Jameson is a pro says:

I read the long haul

Delia Loiza says:

I’m Jeff kenny

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