Diary of a Wimpy kid 12 “The Getaway’ Official Review

Diary of a Wimpy Kid just released ‘The Getaway’ and I LOVE it! This book is so funny and I am so excited to share it with you. Watch me read. Show pictures and share some of the best parts! You will LOL while reading this!
Happy Reading,


Max Million says:

I got one but the pages are all upside down but the cover is normal is this normal or did I get a rare misprint

Fortnite - Zodix says:

I like you but your crazy

SophiaTube says:

I got that book for Christmas (and also my bday cause my bday is at Dec 24) and i freaked out!! Its such a great book. Btw, the “director of fun” is so annoying

Dont Mind Me Im Just Here To Meow Away says:

does she have a mute button

Ryder and Gunner Show says:

I have a question can you tell me your favorite top ten fav diary of a wimpy kid books. Please respond

KnapfordFan23 says:

Hello! This is my first video of yours I’ve seen. I hope you reply! I look forward to getting to know you as a YouTuber and getting to know your channel.

nashgrams says:

I GOT THIS BOOK FOR CHRISTMAS! It’s the funniest and best Wimpy Kid book ever written because they break so many rules (Eg. wearing lost clothes or sneaking into the resort)
I also got the movie diary which was really interesting.

You should get the Wimpy Kid Cheesiest Edition. I got that too and it’s like the first book but better paper and the end pages look like cheese, and Jeff Kinney wrote a thing at the start.

grismenia calderon says:

I love the long haul

Stylo says:

I read this book and I must say that it was by far the worst out of all the Wimpy Kid books.

Pooly Master says:

Yes Yes! I Have This Book! I Can’t Belivie Trip To The Beach! You’re Best YouTuber!

Beevi Kadir says:

I have that book too.

Hayley’s Slime club says:

I have that book, I’m still reading it, my Goal is to finish it at the end of September 2018.❤️ love ❤️ you✌️

Micah Gaming Productions says:

I got the book

Super Cat says:

Thanks I love your videos

apple go says:

Have you read dear dumb diary yet? And who do you prefer? Greg Heffley or Nikki Maxwell well I prefer Greg because Nikki is dumb,ungrateful,disrespectful,she makes assumptions but I still like dork diaries

Mr. Pancake says:

Just got The Getaway for Christmas 2017 #loveit What’s you’re opinion #youreopinionxD

Kouch T3NG says:

Who else has this book !!!!! well I have this book

카리나 야 Its Carina says:

I have book and your my favourite youtuber❤❤

Like My drawing? says:

You are my FAVE YouTuber!!!! I’m gonna get the book today! Thanks for the suggestion

ahmed mostafa says:

You don’t now how to read the s is silent in Isla

Madelin Mattis says:

I want the Book please can l get it

Sonal Rajurkar says:

I have it from soooooooooooooooooo long

Daniya Zara says:

Hi I actually wrote a comment long time a go I wrote lovely you

jucelia rodriques says:

Love Diary of a Wimpy Kid!!!

Noor Nejad says:

I have read that book and it is soo good plus anyone 2018


she’s going crazy

Madelin Mattis says:

I was thinking about the Book

CharlieGamimg - Fortnite says:

I’ve read the book already! Actually, I read it in only 2 DAYS!!

officel coolgroub says:

The colour word in the text the getaway is in mexico or jamaica

iCommandYew says:

I read it!!!!Believe her its good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sebastian gamer says:

I have it right now there was a book fair in my school so good

Brandon Sk says:

Do you guys know how to cut the plane at the back of diary of a wimpy kid the getaway

lisa duggan says:

I have that book i am on page 60

Natalia Jewasinska says:

I got mine from Tesco

THE LEGEND 27 says:

I like vanilla with Karma

ElleC TV says:

Dork Diaries or Diary of a Wimpy Kid ?

hardcore Sam & Dan Pazmino says:


J_Bliss_ A says:

I miss your vids! Are we gonna see more soon?

Boi_itz_ SANS says:

Page 211 is dirty

Cesar Quintero says:

I’m a big fan of a wimpy kid books

selena gomez says:

you look pretty

Elizabeth Pacheco says:

Y read it

krish patel says:

I got it

SophiaTube says:

U were right about the *colors!*
I have the _doawk do it yourself book_ and there were comics with *colors in them!* jeff kinney is also the author of that book

Natalia Jewasinska says:

I got mine today

Kpop stars says:

I have the book

coolman48493 bto says:

I got diary of a wimpy kid collection

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