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Erika's Epilogues says:

I love the Fairyland series! I’ve read all of the books that have been published to date and they are all amazing, though I have to say that the first one has a special place in my heart.

iAmber Renee says:

Of course not! I LIVE for your reviews! && I OBSESS that u talk too much! LOL

read susie read says:

Goodness I love the Fairyland series so far! Easily favorites of mine as well <3 

BOOKSandBabble says:

I am glad you liked the Incorrigible children series and the first in the fairyland series. I also adored both,and coincidentally I have just borrowed the third book in the fairyland series today from my library, which I am looking forward to reading. I read ‘A wrinkle in time’ by Madeline L’engle, which is a children’s book about time travel which I really liked,it is also the first in a series. Happy reading this November 😀

dorkabrain says:

I always love watching your videos about children’s books : )
The Thickety sounds amazing! Definitely up my alley with the fantasy and witchcraft.
I’ve had The Girl Who… on my to-buy list for a long time now. I really need to get on with that, maybe as part of that fairy tale reading month next year.

MyReadingGlasses says:

I am just now reading The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making and it’s quite wonderful! I’m really enjoying it!
I’m very intrigued by The Thickety, I didn’t know abou it but I think I might have to give it a go at some point.

Kathy Meza says:

Richard Meza– My wife, Kathy, has written a children’s book. Do you do book reviews for books sent to you?

Sammy Kay says:

Added two of these to my wish list 🙂

Michelle Caron says:

Yay – the Fairyland series is wonderful! I want everyone to read them. 😀 I just found out there is another one coming out in March called The Boy Who Lost Fairyland and I’m super excited. Great review!

I also wanted to say that I read both the Margi Preus books you featured a while ago, West of the Moon and Heart of a Samurai and they were both wonderful.  I was sucked in by the pretty covers and ended up really enjoying both of them. West of the Moon was a bit darker than I expected and read like a longer version of a Grimm’s fairy tale. Heart of a Samurai I liked a bit better – I think it was loosely based on a true story and the illustrations were a nice addition.  Anyway, if you end up reading them soon I would love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

Hannah Tay says:

I hav’nt actually heard of any of these books so it was cool to see them.

WordsofaReader says:

I must get my hands on The Thickety. I keep forgetting about it for some reason. :/ loved this video btw. X

Lila Wood says:

Last time I went to the library, I got the whole Ottoline series, but next to it was lying a Spanish edition of The Girl Who Circumnavigated… and that is the book that I am going to get when I go back to the library to return the Ottoline books. I also bought The Incorregible Children of Ashton Place some months ago at an English bookshop here in Barcelona and I’m reading it this month for the #ReadKidsLit   I’m excited now!

Sophie The Uneducated Reader says:

Woop woop! My library just go The Graveyard Book for me. #readkidslit is go!

Jenny King says:

I’ve been meaning to read the Fairyland ones for a long time!! Must put them on my Christmas list too!! x

katrina Thomas says:

I love your jumper. I’m going to try and retry The Girl who Curcumnavigated… this weeked for the #24in48  readathon, I’ve read the first 30 pages before but didn’t get into it and really want to try again as it seems like everything I’d want from a kids book.
Not buying books is very difficult! I just can’t stop, but really do need to try. 

Hannah Tay says:

I’ve just brought the thickety now.

The Pelican Family Series Children's Books says:

Hi everyone, I’m an American self-published children’s book author and I’m interested in getting some reviews for my children’s picture books. I’m wondering if anyone knows of any good ways to go about getting some? I have hardcopies as well as eBook versions and I’d be happy to send the eBook file to anyone interested in reviewing the book either for Amazon or on my website.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated, thank you!

ofbooksandtrees says:

the thickety sounds like something i would love! (love witches and darker middlegrade books)

RamblingsOfAnElfpire says:

These all sound amazing! I tried reading The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland once from the library and couldn’t get into it but I think it’s because the writing style is a lot more mature than I was expecting or was in the mood for so I’ll definitely try it again at some point =)

lilypad says:

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland yesssssss. Loved it so much. Absolutely amazing. 

Books for MKs says:

I adore the Fairyland series! I did a review on the first three books awhile ago. The Girl in Fairyland Series Review

Christine Jackson says:

Do you get paid to review these books? If so, how did you get started?

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