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CraftingTwins says:


Brenna2468 says:


Lightninstar says:


Senior Vas says:


em blondy says:

i like books about youtube…
no! just kidding! i like youtube about books 🙂 …NOT

Rxms says:

I bet he doesnt even like reading. All books that teacher’s force you to read lol

Corphest says:

You can have a career on youtube too…

Patrick Bateman says:

The hobbit is awesome

quinn fireside says:

i think that youtube is as entertaining as books but i agree with anybody who says that books are better

Aventias says:

I love YouTube and books…cause I’m a nerd like that….

Owen Walker says:

you can have a career making youtube videos too… you’ll probably make more money too
author’s don’t make all that much money… i think…
i duno… don’t take my word on that

megakittens1234 says:


Amber Howell says:

i love to kill a moking bird its awesome its not that racist where im from

aksel3007 says:


Fat Jesus says:

@shagps and you can have a career by youtube multiple people get paid for making videos this one person basically got a free flight from america to switzerland just for making videos

Anna Lawrence says:

I miss this,,,

Meghan s says:

Uh. Youtube. Duh. 😀

Brandon F says:

i like books…and lying that i like books…..

Theawesomerabit says:

my class in high school showed me this video on what not to do when you grow up XD

Seantrell says:

@shagps a lot of people’s careers are on youtube

thethingabouthappiness says:

@zXAnimeKingXz Hahaha… EXACTLY. Same here. XD

Unicorn Bunnie says:

What a loser, hopefully you are successful with your videos because you probably won’t be able to finish college if you don’t read.

Heather Riesenberg says:

You’re cute.

Nidhi Saakshi says:

Reading is fun… he says that in his most bored voice!

krakatoa47 says:

nailed it

Katlyn says:

EVERYBODY he probably fished those books out of the garbage after filiming

Cartoonyworld109 says:

Books are awesome and so is YouTube.

Max Kolo says:

What’s a book?

Mrs B Marshall says:

I like Youtube more because you get to watch the action. 

However, books allow you to imagine the action and can be educational. 

There are advantages to both of them!

Mrs. Marshall’s English Class

Rebecca Benedict says:

Youtube, because im on it daily

Jadecool312 says:

lol idk i like manga, and anime and stuff, but I think that takes a backseat to youtube :3

Poncho Pon says:

@shagps zack is making a career and money from youtube tho

hiihiihii says:


thsach says:


disneyDANCE4eva says:

I don’t know, it depends on the book, if it’s say the Hunger Games or Cherub maybe it would be better, but on you tube they have so much amazing stuff XD so it’s both lol

Brenna Pearlstein says:

youtube by far!!!!!

beatlesrule97 says:

YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!

Athena Theodore says:

Books are boring and youtube rocks.

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