Best Graphic Novels – You need to read these!

Looking for the best books out there? I have a great list of the Best Graphic Novels. I love reading and each of these books have made me happy. Whether they are funny, or thought provoking, Each Novel has a place on my book shelf! Please Share with me any books you think should be on my list.
Happy Reading!


Jessica Omonua says:

I read almost all of those already

MelissaPlayz :3 says:

Do you have El Deafo?

Hulda Tusumba élève says:

i have the 6 one

iiToxic_ says:


Kevin & Ahlan Channel says:

Do crush book

Taylers Life says:

theres only two resons I watched this video 1. I loooove reading and need sugetsions on what books to check out at my school 2. I loooooooooooooooove your channel duuuh

RamenSenpai says:

Hey! The boardwalk picture you put is in New Jersey! I know because i use to live there!:D

WinterWild Wolves says:

I have sunny side up buy it’s green not blue!?

Arianna Juarez says:

The first part of real friends is just like me I started off with one best friend and the a hole bunch of friends

g o says:

I hate Big Nate btw sry for ppl who love or like it

Jimmy Joe says:

I love diary of a wimpy kid

fun channel says:

Diary of a Winpy kid is no a grafic novles

Puppy sisters says:

I like Marry anna saves the day to but i dont have it. when i go to Barns And Nobles i am going to get it.Also its the grphic novel one.

Cupcakes And Sprinkles says:

I read all of those books.

Jessica Omonua says:

All of them I read

Puppy sisters says:

I saw Swing it sunny in barns and noble. Acalley i saw all thos graphic novels


Graphic novel recomondationts! First sheets. Sheets is a story about a girl that works at a laundry mat but she meets a ghost that really looks like sheets. Another one is illegal its when African americans work together to go to Europe to find sissy (aka there sis) And last but not least Anne of green gables she has red hair shes a orphan that’s really nerdy (but awesome.) that’s all im gonna say.

Jessica Medina says:

PLEASE buy the book drama is about a girl that is
Confused she have 3 boyfriends

Sad & Broken says:

Im taking notes what books she reccomended

Savannah Gaming! Gaming & More says:

I read Awkward it is amazing.

Corteslove says:

i love your chanel

Ronan Culhane says:

I just finished reading sisters like three hours ago and I got it today

Imani Cutee says:

Thank u soooo much! I defintely am going to try and read most of these books 🙂 I LOVE TO READ!!!

Analiese Schuyler says:

If you can read superstar that would be amazing

TSK Pix says:

You should read baby sitter club Krissy’s big day

Liviana 123 says:

Favourite YouTube channel ever love books and reading too

Baby Lovers says:

You need to read Drama it is a graphic novel from Raina Telgemeier.

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