Bailey Reviews Harry Potter – Bailey’s Bookshelf

Bailey reviews Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. (Also known as the Philosopher’s Stone.)

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sweet star stables says:

i like the fact how she reads more than me 🙂

Sarah L says:

I was about Bailey’s age when I started these books too, it’s fantastic she liked it!

Lillian Knotts says:

she is so sweet

Rycat Meow says:

Bailey you need to read the Percy Jackson series!

AdamDiddy says:

Thank you for the great review! Very well done!

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

shrekkkkkkk says:

<----------- I love the whole Harry Potter series you can probably tell by my username


Bailey is such a cute nice girl and I LOVE her!!!

Jordan Lin says:

I live in Canada

Emma Stacey says:


Majd Melhem says:

she’s so cutteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i luv her

Manu says:

When she said Hermione that was so so so cute!

Bethany Mcteare says:

I love your leggings Bailey they are so cute

Random complicated girl says:

HER-MY-NY Hermione

ryu ray says:

Adorable, wonder if she has her hands on the illustrated versions. I wish I had read Harry Potter at her age, as the series fits this age gap perfectly!

Robyn Emmett says:

I love Harry Potter way too much and I’m a proud Slytherin!! You did a great job Bailey!!

Maria Shelton says:

I’m a potterheadd

Zozenbean Fangirl says:

I love Harry Potter. Im a total Harry Potter geek. I’ve read all of them like 20 times.

Girls Pink Planet says:

Your sooo cute

FartingacrobatVlogz Z says:

Isn’t it called harry potter and the sorcerers stone

Melissa Principe says:

I went to harry potter world in orlando

Jordan Lin says:

How old is Bailey?

The ghost Rider says:

Dame I have the book but yours looks bigger

Chloe Olsen says:

I can’t wait until you’re older and you look back on this vid to cringe

huffleypuffley says:

Hey-grid and hermeeonee 🙂 so stinking cute. Love the video, Bailey!

Jasmine bacon109gaming says:

who is your favorite in your family

Minnie Mouse #16 says:

Does bailey even understand what happened in the book? No offense it’s just cause she’s pretty young. But props to her for trying!!! 😉

Ahmad Ali Farooqi says:

When she’s done reading the Harry Potter books, have her read Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

stephanie lau says:

OMG!! She’s so young and read Harry Potter already?!?!

Simply Brittnie says:

haygrid and hairy potter wair im from its called hairy potter and the sorcerores stone

Alexis Patrick says:

She said that Harry potter survived from a house blowing up but it was voldemort

Brink! Family Vlogs says:

I love this!

Ann Tran says:

This is the first time I’ve ever heard ANYONE say that Harry is their favorite character

Home Kesselman says:


LpsGracie Tv says:

Omg she should read the whole series

Tania Alemide says:

Nice review, I love Harry potter

Holly Chalmers says:

I’m reading Harry potter and the goblet of fire at the moment!

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