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5 reasons to read The Stars My Destination by Albert Bester. Featuring Sweeney Gray and Trisha Gomez. Produced and edited by Buddha Haus Studios

for the long time homies: no lamp shades were harmed in the making of this video. ~relevant info~ Books I Mentioned Illuminae: Long Way to a Small Angry Planet: The Diabolic: Saga Volume 1: Descendor Volumer 1: Aliebn: Cinder: Warcross: sarawithoutanh hate comment video: Illuminae Files […]

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The History of Science Fiction! Vote on your favorite book here: Correction: At 1:49, we accidentally said that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was published in 1918, when it was published in 1818. We regret the error — thanks to Stephen Pershing for catching this! It’s Lit! is part of THE GREAT AMERICAN READ, a eight-part […]

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Not sure which FANTASY or SCI-FI is going to fit your mood?! ALREADY FINISHED EVERYTHING FROM The FANTASY Noobs 101 Guide? LET ME TRY AND HELP with the Noob’s Guide to Fantasy reading level 2. Thanks to Random House for sponsoring this video! IF I CAN’T HELP I’M SORRY I’M STILL A NOOB MYSELF. I […]

HELP ME (Patreon) ► TWEET ME ► INSTAGRAM ME ► PODCAST ME ► BUSINESS ME ► Footage: Crukih ( ak444 ( Script Supervision by JESS CAMPBELL: ABOUT THE SHOW: Screen Smart is a show celebrating Ryan’s love for film, games, art and entertainment through personal retrospective analysis that aims […]

The Dom uses his next November Nano to tell everyone about one of his favorite series of science fiction books. Support the show on Patreon: The Dom on Facebook: The Dom’s twitter: Buy Lost in Adaptation Teeshirts: Check me out on Channel Awesome: Contact The Dom: Royalty Free Music: […]

Today I’m recommending seven sci-fi and fantasy novellas that are, in my opinion, amazing(and quick to read) books. ➤Books mentioned: The Emperor’s Soul: Bodies Of Water: All Systems Red: The Slow Regard Of Silent Things: Every Heart A Doorway: Legion: Legion: Skin Deep: Binti: ➤Find me elsewhere: […]

Adult science fiction and fantasy recommendations for beginners. Other videos you might be interested in: Adult SFF recs for beginners: Tips to get into adult SFF: Review Playlist: Sanderson Playlist: My Patreon: Interested in my book? Find out more here: Here’s the link to the charity Save the Children. […]

Is your science fiction a solid, liquid or gas? Exploring the terms hard and soft and what they mean (and what that implies). You can learn more about the history of science fiction including pulp fiction, the golden age, and John W. Campbell’s in my Science Fiction History series – Books mentioned: The Best […]

SFF Books I Read in Recently Science Fiction 0:11 Hullmetal Girls by Emily Skrutskie Fantasy 1:44 Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames The Black Prism (Lightbringer #1) by Brent Weeks Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson Graphic Memoirs 9:14 Open Earth by Sarah Mirk, Eva Cabrera, Claudia Aguirre Descender, Vol. 6: The Machine […]

Good science fiction always makes us think. And great science fiction entertains the hell out of us while doing so. So here are the five best sci-fi books of recent times that I enjoyed. We’ve got a hidden blooper in the video. Can you spot it? Join the global discussion: Sign up: Browse: […]

My top 10 favorite books of 2018! Science Fiction 0:38 Saga Vol 8&9 Descender Vol 5&6 Before Mars by Emma Newman Foe by Iain Red Fantasy 6:13 Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson Horror 7:55 Uzamaki by Junji Ito The Nightmare Room by Chris Sorensen […]

OPEN ME Here are some of my favourite sci-fi books so far! Let me know what’s your and if you agree with me on any of the ones I mention! BOOK IN A JAR (Book Club open for eeeeveryone )Good Reads Group: WANT TO BUY BOOKS WITH FREE WORLDWIDE SHIIPING? Use this link and […]

Let’s take a look at a real classic of the Sci-fi world. Perhaps the most famous science fiction novel ever. But will I like it? Music by Joakim Karud

I think I may have found the one. Last video bleaching my hair:… Last book video: ALSO LISTEN TO MY BROTHER’S HANDMADE MUSIC: Band name ‘Ponderous’ on iTunes Soundcloud: T U M B L R- (for when bored) I N S T A- @catoogatz (for LOTS of pictures of Gatsby) T […]

BOOKS MENTIONED: SKYWARD BY BRANDON SANDERSON THE DIABOLIC BY S.J. KINCAID BRIGHTLY BURNING BY ALEXA DONNE UNEARTHED BY AMIE KAUFMAN & MEAGAN SPOONER WANT BY CINDY PON Book Depository Affiliate: (*I receive a commission if you buy books from the book depository using that link! It all goes back into creating content for you!) […]

Switch to HD! Best of 2018 Video …2018 Best in Books! This is my Top 20 Best Books Written By Black Authors / Top Favorite Books I’ve Read This Year! My Best of Books include Non Fiction, Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry, Memoir, and Short Stories. Very Diverse Top 20 Books featuring Books written by […]

This is my review of the book Cold Fire by Dean Koontz. Publication Date: 1991 Genre: Drama, Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller Plot: The story follows a man named Jim Ironheart, who knows how, when, and where people are going to die and he saves them. But Jim has a dream that there is […]

Hi guys, Here are 5 of my “cornerstone” sci-fi books that I think everyone needs to read, whether you’re already a fan of science fiction, looking to get into it and don’t know where to start, or just want some great sci-fi book recommendations… As always I’m keen to get your thoughts. Cloud Atlas review […]

If you’re new, Subscribe! → 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for sci-fi enthusiasts. From a new entry to the Star Wars franchise to big-budget book-to-screen adaptations to some very novel property ideas, here’s a look at what the next year holds in store for the cinematic genre… The Beyond | […]

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