“Zero To One” by Peter Thiel – VIDEO BOOK SUMMARY

Zero to One, by PayPal co-founder, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist Peter Thiel. — For more free video book summaries, visit Book Video Club (http://bookvideoclub.com). —

The main idea behind Zero to One is that it’s imperative to focus on businesses that create something new –going from zero to one– as opposed to copying things that already work –going from one to ‘n’.

The author prescribes how to build a company that generates profits well into the future. To succeed, you need to build and maintain a monopoly.

We’ll start with the concept: why are monopolies critical.

Then, we’ll look at ourselves: how to position ourselves to start a zero-to-one type of company.And then, we’ll shift to the company: how can we actually build a monopoly.

Finally, how do we protect such a monopoly…


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It’s too bad that Thiel is an asshole

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Initially having read “Management and Machiavelli” came to mind with creating and copying something, “Imitative” and “Creative” in MaM, but that was the only MINOR similarity. “Zero to One” goes beyond that thinking.

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Hey, I loved this video! I just read this book and LOVED it! Your illustrations are amazing and really helped visually represent Thiel’s ideas! Thanks for making this video!

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Monopoly is a political term which means you use the government to bar competition using physical force/violence. All anti-capitalist systems allow this in one form or another. Capitalism is the only system which does not due to total separation of economics and state. One really shouldn’t use this term for other things like specialization or market dominance through excellence. This is actually the anti-thesis of the monopoly approach which seeks market dominance through force/violence instead.

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Skylar Ritwo says:

I just finished this book and this is actually a good overview of the main concepts.

One concept that was excluded from this summary – which I found very important – is the importance of establishing monopoly/dominant market share in a single, niche market before scaling 10x. That is how brand recognition and user loyalty are established, which are two essential keys to growing and establishing the wider monopoly that is mentioned in this overview.

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