Turn A Mess Into A 30-Billion-Dollar Business: The Airbnb Story (2-Min Book Review, With Tai Lopez)

How to turn your mess into your message?

Take the story of the founders of Airbnb, Brian and Joe. Their biggest problem was they weren’t able to pay the rent for their apartment in San Francisco.

So what did they do? They found out a conference was being held not too far from their home and rented out air mattresses for conference-goers to sleep in during their stay. They earned enough for rent and also gained a profit. Then, Airbnb was born.

Bryan and Joe turned their mess into their message.

So, what’s one problem in your life that you could turn into profit?

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DRAWcreate says:

Tai have you read Unshakeable by Tony Robbins? I just finished it today…very happy that I had read Money Master the Game prior! Great recommendation homie, I’ll check this book out!

Kyler Moves says:

How to pay for college

jane nebiletsky says:

Yet how organized is your life? To me it’s still kind of a mess, hanging out with so many girls at once. Maybe you should worry about your own mess first.

DANB says:

Turning self-love into love for God and people (‘other love’).

Harry Gor says:

I want to become a millionaire, but I don’t have a plan.

savory icon says:

Tony Robbins, less brown, the secret story crew, are just to name a few. All these people are into the business of telling others how to be successful, so they basically make money by telling people to apply their principles in their work. Now where did they get this philosophy from? The original authors from the 18th and 19th centuries. Tai is not much different, he’s taking stuff from the books and reading them out and his stuff sounds brilliant because most
Folks (not all) don’t read stuff but social media mess.

US vs HERD says:

Why settle for a million when you can get a billion?

Sultan Mecherfieh says:

how do i solve that my uncles are trying to steel a land from me after my father died and turn that into profit… i guess i have to think hard but i will come with a solution

Archie Broomfield says:

I read the Richard Branson book and Richard Branson actually made his original money from a record label…

Chris Horv says:

missed opportunity obtaining LOVE!

danny boy says:

hey tai, respond to the people.. take a guy like me and let’s make some loot.. see what u got, how bout i make u loot.. god first though brother.. get wealthy to give back..

Crohn's Dad Life says:

my health is the biggest problem in my life and having to live paycheck to paycheck on disability

charlene judd says:

thanks Tai

Blair Franklin says:

Money management and reading.

Heath Stoute says:

I have recommended your course to a few select individuals. Not in my area of course 😉

You are an inspiration as always sir!

A goal of mine is to take you to lunch one day and simply enjoy your presence and your mind.

I see you giving away all this stuff and money; and that’s great, you should give back if God puts it on your heart. I know you say in one of the 67 steps videos you are not a religious person, but I know better 🙂 Your a great individual and He loves you for it.

I don’t actually want any of that stuff, I don’t want a handout. I want to EARN it myself.  I realize you get thousands of messages but if you go back in many of the videos and live feeds, my comments are consistent.  GIVE ME KNOWLEDGE.

That’s all I ask for my family!

Good day to you sir!


Heath Stoute

Crystal Fey says:

May you please help me

Paul Democritou says:

A recent example is me going through cancer and could not work my projects so I wrote a book and started expanding online all while studying and utilizing the time to do what I didnt have time for thus winning time and a foundation I can base on when I got better


Refreshing, love seeing things like this online! x

Steven Selleck says:

Hey Tai, I made billions of dollars yesterday because I watched your video, and am now lying in your comments to make myself sound better. Thanks for the inspiration, you’ve saved my life

MikeVsa says:

Hell Yeah Tai. 16 years old and generating money online. Thanks Tai!

David Nicolas says:

Hey, what jet is that?

Young Ray Prime says:

hello sir I followed ur gide now I am ejucated and I owe over 5.2 million to over 637 loan shark thainks Tai Lopez’s

WaterMelon Head says:

00:32 money lover in the back

Alan says:

Hey guys here’s a great way to make 10 billion dollars a month, it’s simple! Just do it like this!!: Just get 1 person to pay you 10 billion dollars a month or get a thousand people to pay you a 100 million dollars a month!!

Trigger Me Timbers says:

Does he make a video in which he doesn’t look and sound like a massive dick?

Prince Tiger says:

Hey Tai my name is Prince Tiger i just want to introduce myself because you need to watch my moves. I am about to Run the Stock Market World wide and real Estate world wide ! Just watch my moves 😉

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