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Razvan Rogoz says:

It is a series of notes. These can be extremely, extremely useful if you’ve studied the fields before and you can understand what they actually refer to or extremely useless if you’ve never had contact with that field in the past. Personally, I find this book to be among my top ten but at the same time, I gain a lot of value and benefit from it because I have a strong foundation in the “health / rich / wise” foundation, by reading an average of 52 books per year, for the last three years.

So yes, buy it but have your expectations in check. It is like getting a college level physics book, if your level is adequate, it helps and makes a lot of sense. If you haven’t studied the prerequisite, it will be confusing as hell.

Anargul Shotanova says:

как вам удалось добиться такое произношения английского без акцента ?

Grecia Muskus says:

Really enjoy your videos, especially when recommending new things / books. Keep up the learning!

Kat Khatibi says:

I just pre-order anything he writes. Love him. I was shocked how huge it is. Cannot wait to dig in!

Mackenzie Fly says:

Can’t wait to read this!! ❤️

Zoey Arielle says:

Alex! Yourself, Mimi & Tim Ferriss have been the greatest influences on me in regards to finally going after my dreams to work remotely and live in Rome. I am so grateful!! And so happy to hear you were recognized by Tim! 🙂

ChinwaggingLid says:

Oh look it’s Alan Partridge!

Davide Patti - E says:

Where is the review?! Cmon

BaHö says:

Hey Alex! We made an interview with your look a like on our channel. Does it get your approval? 🙂 We did our research and I think it shows 😉

Andrey V says:

im sure this video isn’t gonna be biased at all…

Carrie Ann Kouri says:

You and Mimi are truly positive for us all. Thank you guys for all your hard work in putting out such great content and sharing your wisdom. 🙂

Melissa Piontek says:

Just Amazon primed!
Excited to start my 5 minute journal

Carmine Alfano says:

you’ve said nothing tangible or useful. again. thanks.

Pastinakensuppe says:

soo cool, that your five minutes jornal is in the book!!!!!!

Brenda Barrera says:

Alex, I just wanna say is that you and Mimi are a true gift to all of us that follow your vlogs and all other sites…. you two are a big inspiration…. I really appreciate your generosity w your sharing of your life and all the information and tips you guys give to all of us… it is no wonder you both have such an abundant type of life…. I wish you and Mimi even more prosperity in your lives… thank you for being such a contribution to many of us….so glad i stumbled upon you guys through my search for travel…because aside my passion for travel, I am also passionate on living a life that dwells in possibility…and although it’s not always easy… i have you both, to reawaken that inspiration to continue pursuing it…. much love and affection to you both… and hope some day – hopefully sooner than later – i get to meet you guys theu my travels!.. XO

RaRaLa says:

Wow Alex what a special moment for you guys, congratulations! So inspiring to see it come full circle like that in such an amazing way!

Deckadad 1 says:

I’d like to buy it now, but my girlfriend told me to wait after christmas…. i guess i wont have to buy it after all 😛 lol

Dan Dan says:


Pilar Vacas says:

Alex – you mumble a lot and a lot of what you say is incoherent. Slow down bro… and articulate.

Paul Shantz says:

Wow….does the back of your throat hurt from all that cocksucking? What kind of book review is that? It’s blatantly self serving and you have taken no time to use any sort of critical thinking or analysis skills. Terrible

Mary Mack says:

Wow wonderful channel!

Artistry Artistry says:

Uh, this was not really a review of the book at all.

Tstyleby Teresa says:

Thanks for sharing!, can´t wait to read it! :).
Just read this article and watch this video and reminds me of you!:
Hope you like it! ;).
Besos from Madrid

ohworldgirl says:

Yes, Tim Ferriss is just the man, period. Thx for the review!

Wise man says:

get this eBook for $2
contact Kik – arekjohn16

Rym Ben Slimane says:

Have you read it all ? it’s not a book review! it’s just to promote again your product

Keys2 Life says:

I got the 5 min journal amazing !!

Dario Alexander says:

Anything Tim does is fire and if he put your journal in it than its worth it.

sunisteph says:

This book is now on my wish list for 2017, I have so many books waiting to be read already hahaa 🙂 Thank you for this video and for inspiring others!

Daniel Szulc says:

5 min journal app i cannot find on Google Play

Jordanne Anderson says:

Congratulations on getting recognition from Tim Ferris! You and Mimi are Amazing inspirations! Thank you for sharing your life with everyone.

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