The Best Leadership Book I’ve EVER read: Extreme Ownership – Book Review | Real Chris Baca

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If you only read one business and leadership book – make it this one. – Real Chris Baca

This Week: The Best Leadership Book I’ve EVER read: Extreme Ownership book review and recommendation | Real Chris Baca


Rodrigo Senna says:

one minute manager is really nice too

Ralotta Handgemaachtes a Kaffi says:

Thanks Chris I downloaded the audio book the day you posted the video and started listening at work. It is definitely a really good book and I can back you up!

Matthew Clark says:

Have you ever posted a recommended reading list? I’d love to know what you read to stay inspired.

Storied Coffee says:

Hey Chris, I think this is super helpful and compelling. The more I’ve listened to you and Jared via your channel and the podcast, the more I’ve realized that the reason so many people including myself follow you is not simply because you’re rad dudes who have a ton of coffee knowledge, but because you are leaders whose approach is refreshing and effective. I think more and more, people who look to your content are going to be leaders or people who are looking for leadership skills. So my vote is that it is the place for stuff like this along with the usual vlogs and product reviews and general insights. We’re here to learn from a recognized leader, and knowing what has influenced our leaders is valuable. Hope that helps. Thanks dude! -Rich

Mitchell Gibson says:

Also hit up the Jocko podcast for some intensity and extreme ownership.

John Doe says:

If you get a chance, take a look at Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull. He’s one of the founders of Pixar and the book is also formatted kinda similarly to the one you talked about. It provides a lot of insight in how to create a creative, open, team where anyone can share ideas. It’s a pretty short book, but I love it.

Love the videos, and the different topic; like you’ve said before working in coffee doesn’t only have to do with coffee 😛

Jason Guan says:

bought it

turfster26 says:

Great vid and appreciate book reviews. Keep up the great work. Peace

Jared Ward says:

Check out the Jocko Podcast as well. He is quite inspirational.

Guy Numbers says:


Louis-Étienne Vallée says:

Have you read “Let my people go surfing” by Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia)? I am currently reading it, very intense.

Mitchell Gibson says:

Yes!!!!!!!!!! One of my all time favorite books.

crazybiscut says:


hugO Chavez says:

… a more epic life? All in! I’ll definitely check this book out. Thanks Mr. Baca!

Nick McPherson says:

Just ordered that book! BI just had a great interview with him

chocogelato says:

Love it !!

malletguy says:

Love the diversity of your videos man, especialy the motivational ones. Keep up the awesome work and brew on!

Amir Hassan says:

Love this! More book recommendations!

Layman Rob says:

What do you recommend to do in Santa Cruz, besides visit your shop? Thanks — Rob

Julius Hudec says:

Hey Chris. I love your content and inspirations. Could you please dial the volume of music a bit down to be a bit less distracting in favour of hearing your speech better. Kudos from Czech. 😉

Benjamin Arbez says:

Love book recomendation, thanks!

Sion Jeon says:

Hey Chris~ random request but it would be awesome if you could post what your work routine would be especially as a manager. I personally wonder how you deal with the “extra work” into your daily work setting. Such as taking pictures for instagram and even the vlogs you take. Thanks!

Gene Flynn says:

Great idea Chris- do it. I have read Discipline Equals Freedom and have put this book in my cart. Anything related to self help and neuropsychology. These subjects can help tremendously in any business/life. Check this book out… “The Influential Mind” by Tali Sharot. Lot’s of gems… Thanks again Chris for all you do…

Junior says:

It can be really difficult to know where to look for great information, so book reviews like this are great. I’d love to see more of these kind of book reviews.

Damian Giles says:

I definitely dig the book reviews! Love to see the resources you find valuable as a small business owner.

Joshua Lindstrom says:

Be great to have a follow up in a while from you about how you applied something from the book directly to Cat & Cloud.

Ryen Cosgro says:

I really appreciate the reccomendation, I agree with Mathew on a recommended reading list that be epic!

Tom Reiner says:

Bought it right away. Now, I hope it delivers, bro… 🙂

y2keable says:

Downloading it now =)

mohammed hs says:

Hey man thank you for this vid. I just want to say that I appreciate and follow your coffee videos; I’m not a coffee expert. I own a coffee shop with my brother and he’s the head barista, his coffee expertise far outweighs mine. So sometimes I have a challenge trying to work out where I fit in. Since you’ve had a focus on leadership in the coffee industry, it’s helped me to see where I can bring value to my business and what I can focus on. Thanks man I appreciate it.

Mervine Gowry says:

Chris, I’ve been binge watching your videos ! This a great review, I love it, keep up the great work ! I’m sorry in advance if this looks spammy, but I’m starting my channel this week about book reviews, check it out and let me know what you think, when you have some free times, I’d appreciate it so much 😉 Keep reading, it’s not ILLEGAL yet !

Lawrence Yeh says:

Completely agree with this book choice.

Stephen Zinnerman says:

Send me that book!! I’d love to hear more about the other books you’ve read. Our company TCE(The Coffee Enthusiast) just turned a year old, and we’re looking to grow in more way than just picking up more business. We really want to learn more about leading with humility. Anyhow, great share as always, thanks Baca!

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