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Michael P says:

you: corporation
me: cooperation

Cyndi M says:


Smuth Creemnl says:

I read this book as I made my bones in the streets of the ghetto….. It is all true…..

lucky elms says:

What software do you use to create the videos? and how do you create those zoom in, zoom out

Gillian Wong says:

What music is in the background

MusicalMemories says:

Step one don’t work for others

Amazon Bounties For Free says:

Here you can read a lot of books for free 🙂

Hasnain Abbas Dilawar says:

So this is how trump won!

Devil Dante says:

thanks man. great explaination.

SmallS says:

i like the video but i can’t understand it because every time you say the letter “s” i go dead for a few seconds.

ibrsp2 says:

wth? someone wrote a book for this? Even a 10 year old knows these things more or less

Stefan Van Nieuwkerk says:

very wise words! great vid

Nonstop Potatoes says:


Allan Alexander says:

Hey i wrote this short story- do read and leave your reviews. Its a free download and i would love to get your reviews.

Lova aaa says:

You forgot about the third reading: the CLASS WAR ☭☭☭

Marina Brunner says:

Hi, who or where did you ask to make these drawing for you? thanks for a quick answer. cheers

Kebim TheAccess says:

whats the na e of the music played at the end?

cardboard box says:

I’m guessing it might be a tad mean to use the art of war in your life. Though you demonstrated there’s atleast three what a moral person would be willing to use a certain ay.

Bob and Barb Pavlik says:

Excellent. Thanks.

KaizenTube says:

Sicuramente uno di quei libri che non hanno tempo.
Stupendo… Grazie per la raccomandazione.

Stefan Van Nieuwkerk says:

very wise words! great vid

Yagami Light says:

But what happens if, let’s say, two forces meet in battle. They have both read the Art of War, and understand it fully. What happens if they’re both equally as good in applying it? Does it result in a stalemate, or what? It’s like two unstoppable forces meeting, is the end result total destruction, or .. Eh. Random scrambled thought, don’t take it ‘too’ seriously.

Ava Markandu says:

I’ve read ‘The Art of War’ but your ability to summarise a book and help people get the main points and apply is a gift! Thank you for your videos!

Kebim TheAccess says:

whats the name of the song played at the end?

Sander Vercammen says:

I hate it when managers selectively use quotes from the art of war.
If you read the book it’s very clear a real guide to war. It’s not vague at all. It is basically an ancient Chinese “how to be a good general for dummies”.
If it was translated at the time, every general before the first world war would understand wat it actually means, not how people now interpret some selective parts from it. It’s not a hard book, it doesn’t need interpretation.

AlluraStyle says:

BB b b b

fai latief says:

sun tzu wrpte the book of war. and we still read it till this day holy crap

sun tzu says:

Stupid book

korelinlakes says:

Concise and compelling.

peter yuan says:

I am currently in the United States Naval Academy. In my humble opinion, The Art of War is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Not because it only applies to warfare, but also applies to every aspect of life.
My three favorite quotes of all times are:
1. “war is a continuation of politics by other means.” – von Clausewitz
2. “patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.” – Sir Walter Raleigh
3. “The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.” – Sun Tzu

Darshan Rajput says:

which animation too u use bro

Mohammed Qureshi says:

it’s Amazing how there’s all this knowledge out there that will help you achieve greatness. in fact I would almost argue the keys of success are right in front of us almost given to us on a silver platter, yet how many of us actually do achieve greatness or success (both relative terms but nonetheless), 1 out of a million. and sadly I Wish I knew why that was, the reason I Know for myself is godforsaken laziness and temptation is what has and perhaps always will cause my failure, obviously if I let it.

Bobby Tomas says:


Noneofyour Business says:

Where are you???? Miss your videos ❤

Em Tims says:

I’ve been using these strategies when it comes to employment. I tailored cover letters, interview questions, resumes, etc. to fit each company I have applied to. I can tell you, this works. I’ve been called for more interviews and I have had more offers. I got the job I wanted with the salary I wanted. I totally recommend doing this for those of you who are unemployed.

Abhishek Kumar says:

Could you please make a video on tao te ching

AeneasGemini says:

I love how people here are saying “buh buh buh this can’t be applied to life it’s about war right?” Most of the principals behind Sun Tzu’s tactics can easily be applied to life and they should. They essentially encourage you to approach your actions intelligently and examine the situation from all angles before acting. Unlike The Prince it’s not telling you to be a sociopath, the basic message of the text is “don’t be a fucking idiot and you’ll do well”

Maulidan Nm says:

how to make a animation like that, i interested to make a review book like this!!!

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