The 7 books every entrepreneur MUST read!

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7) Fred Factor –
6) The Go Giver –
5) Trump: The Art of the Deal –
4) Think and Grow Rich –
3) Keep Any Promise –
2) Radicals & Visionaries –
1) The Four-Hour Work Week –
Bonus – Three Kingdoms –

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Priya Vohra says:

This is so inspiring

greenguy4u says:

Stop reading anything from The NY Times….

sivakumar subramaniam says:

I am agree with all his book collections which I alrdy have few of them. But for me the real success starts when u fall in love with yourself. So I highly recommend self love books 1st if u have no idea how to love yrself. It mike sounds trivial but trust me that is the very basic and fundamental thing for yr life.

time pass says:

read the book “secret” by Rhonda Byrne
those are awesome books

Efg Flo says:

Take the “art of the deal” out of the list! You know why! He can not even deal his campaign promises!

Samuel Dolsey says:

Hey if any of you would like to start your own successful
commerce business, I highly recommend checking out
this training before you make any moves. Thank me later.

ria rivera says:

Evan I already have three of them in my bookcase. I would like to add this one for all the women out there to read Think and Grow Rich for Women by Sharon Lechter and the Art of War, The Secret. Thank you for the wonderful advice.

Ngo Micheal says:

Just 2 of 7 books but feel more rich. Lol

Tuvshinbat Sundui says:


Musa Jallow says:

i love enterpreneurship and i will be one soon!! thanks for the videos

Aren Besim says:

Someone’s a Dynasty Warriors fan

Blacjack S. says:

I love recommended books from great sources. BTA 03!

Lava Boiz Wavy says:

The power of the subconscious mind was my life changer book. Excited to check these out, thanks for list.

palkelbajo says:

thumbs up for TRUMP

nabila khondaker says:

Quran is best.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko says:

Awesome book list Evan! I’m going to check out most of them I have several of them already and would have loved to have that one that you threw away buy Kawasaki Rich Dad Poor Dad! The only one I don’t know that I’ll get it the one by Trump because I don’t like him as a person he’s a racist abrasive jack***as far as I’m concerned and doesn’t know the meaning of communication so I don’t know how in the world since he’s president now, and he’s doing some really horrible things, that he could possibly give a person advice in business without telling you to walk all over everybody. Just my personal opinion.

Jahim Uddin says:

I got into nonfiction books just last year when I was at school and we needed a book to read for SSR (Selective Silent Reading) and I picked up a random book named “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom and it was the best book I’ve read and it honesty changed how I look at the world

Paulette Le Pore Motzko says:

I bought the audio version of The Go Giver expanded edition read by the authors via Librivox. I am on Chapter 5 and it’s awesome! !!! That’s a lot of the philosophy I learned at Chapman University in 1997 in The Voluntary Leadership program.

Zachariah Mena says:

You guys complaining about Trump are ridiculous. The guy is recommending books for financial success written by highly successful businessmen. WHO CARES IF YOU LOATH THE AUTHOR. I absolutely HATE Trump as a person, but to decline reading his book – which has helped MANY people I might add – is nothing but childish and irrational.

GENZ says:

True story, I read The Art Of The Deal in jail. To the left of me was 2 inmates cutting a Snickers with a knife! A real damn knife! In jail! Anyways, it was a decent book. I’m off to eat a Snickers.

Alanoud alsubae says:

Thx !!!

Mikkel Lorenzen says:

What the… Did you get stress from not reading your books? Please donate your books to me if its to stressfull for you to look at books

Tsar Gopnik says:

This is a very good list. I could not agree with it more. These books are not just for entrepreneurs, they are for everyone. They all teach you how to be a better person. And that is the base of success.

Perizat Bekboeva says:

“Shantaram” is one of the best books i have ever read. When I read this book and it is so interesting.In this book he describe about his life, not only about his life and India too, about their life, tradition and etc. Read and enjoy! ( I don’t remember author).

Brian Oluchiri says:

This is one of my best collection;
Rich dad poor
Cash flow quadrant
Thing and grow rich
Secrets of a millionaire mind
Stunning success
Art of war
Awaken the giant within you

eduardo rodriguez says:

Hl información Evan , área those Brooks in ispanish?

Paulette Le Pore Motzko says:

I absolutely am going to get on Google Play Books Keep any Promise and “The Go Giver” and “Radicals and Visionaries”

Yashraj Basan says:

Where is zero to one and $100 startup?

Paulette Le Pore Motzko says:

I wanted to also tell you Evan, after I searched the go Giver on first Google Play books, and secondly on LibriVox, where the Expanded Edition Is Awesome read by the two authors. Animates the text and really makes the story come to life common is only $4 more than the Google Play Books. I also have a lot of books and so I choose which ones are in book form and which ones are in the e-book.

Jed Southcombe says:

Every time i watch your videos i’m so inspired

Starcraftian says:

My List atm is as follows: (In no order)
Think and Grow Rich – Napolean Hill
4 hour work week – Tim Ferris
How to win friends and Influence people – Dale Carnegie
Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
The Richest Man in Babylon – George S Clason
Influence! The Psychology of persuasion – Robert Ciaodini
7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R Covey
The Greatest Salesman in the world – Og Mandino
Keys to Success – Napolean Hill

These are all available in Audiobook form on youtube and I highly, highly recommend them to all. A Great start to anyone’s library

Mastermind Training & Consultancy Services Official says:


Mohd. Imran says:

Thanks a lot

DaxLogan1 says:

Can you do a new updated video on books we should read?

Ghasem Jafari says:

Thank you so much for all things

PolaBoy says:

Max Draft says:

I am only an apprentice entrepreneur…on a good day. But I would like to offer Mark McCormack’s “What They Don’t Teach you At Harvard Business School”.  Mr. McCormack is credited with starting the sports management and sports marketing industry, all with a less than $500 investment.  This book lays out in bite sized chunks his advice and experiences  from reading people, selling, negotiating, building a business, to running a meeting. First published in 1984 it can still be found on Amazon.  Younger readers may be mystified by references to typewriters and paper files…but still good stuff.

psykomystro says:

Very encouraging to see how your set evolved over the years. Pretty cool. I have at least one of this books “Think and Grow RICH”! (Lol). I’m thinking I also have the Art of a deal” at least it was in my radar in some form or another in the not so distant pass of my life. I’d put “How to win friends and influence people” on that list as well.

Chris Tian says:

WOW what a amazing Video. Don´t stop doing this. Bye Chris

Nishad Joshi says:

The best book to success in your life is ” the art of war” by sun tzu it’ll teach you how to train your mind for the future

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