The 5 parts to every business: THE PERSONAL MBA by Josh Kaufman

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Animated core message from Josh Kaufman’s book ‘The Personal MBA.’

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izuru suwito says:

I just purchased the ebook. Thank you for the summary, it really help me choosing the book that I need. Two thumbs up!!!

Altaf Sheikh says:

Sir please give me this mba book sample

Joshua Ngulube says:

I bought this book after watching this video. Thank you for the recommendation!

Reuben Moeahu says:


Gordon Lewis says:

Wheather is not a word check your typos as you lost my trust… ehhh!

Dr Tushar Agrawal Orthopaedic Surgeon says:

How you do this it’s amazing

Project Better Self says:

+Productivity Game Great video as always. However, one thing most people forget when they are trying to build a business is that they care too much what they want instead of what the customer want. I think the most important question to ask is: “How can I give as much value as possible to the customer?” I think this question will help anyone trying to start a business or create a product!

Ashit Vora says:

Dang! 10 downvotes for such an awesome video?

Kroit lel says:

Amazing video, thank you

Shashank G says:

Question which software you use to animate ?

Syed Mazhar says:

LOVE ur work

SkipMBA says:

Brilliant! Kaufman is frigging awesome. Love the guy. SkipMBA (our channel and blog) are pretty much approaching Self-Education much like Kaufman 🙂 But we use Mooc courses as well instead of only a manifesto!

Ahmed Ahmed says:

I agree with everything except the for the idea that you need marketing to have a business. Tesla has a $0 marketing budget and they are doing well.

Quoc Pham says:

great channel! i enjoy this channel

Luciano Elias says:

Tried downloading the PDF and couldn’t. Keeps sending me back to the subscribe page.

Muhammadali M S says:

why is the background colour of your animations so dark.. a pure white one would have been exciting

Jay Bee says:

To the person behind Productivity Game: I absolutely love your channel. It offers the best content of its kind, by far. Please, please, please continue!

RealizeTheImpossible says:

Currently reading this book and I love it good to know what to expect for the rest! Great summary!

Ishvak Mubarak says:

Good work .Appreciated

Shashank G says:


Alexander Nilsson says:

Man you are really kickn it ! Thanks for another great one. Would you say this book changed your approach to business now when one year has gone by since you read it?

Nabila a says:

I love your videos. keep up the good work!

Anonymous Singh says:

what does this line means good decision died on the vine

Thambir Islam says:

Thank you

mubasheera mg says:

Josh says that “without any one of this part you don’t have business”.
Thank you for your effort and valuable time.

Growth Strategies says:

Well done!

Daren Waugh says:

Would love a video on “The Slight Edge” by Olson and
“Relentless” by Tim Grover.

ReadingBug says:

Favourited! Love this to-the-point video, thank you!!! Keep up the great work!

Akash Shrestha says:



came here from @onepercentbetter . You both doing amazing work. Keep it up. Intelligent things always take time to be understood and only select few get it. Your channel may not be very much watched now, but it will be soon.

Dark Guardian says:

The Segway really failed because of government regulation. Going by the project name It or Ginger, the unit was banned from street use until it was too late. The price take was high too but would have come down over time.

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