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The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way you Make a Living, Do what you Love, and Create a New Future, written by Chris Guillebeau is an amazing book that specialized in case studies of entrepreneurs who started small and made it big. Learn how to start a small business quick with little to no capital. Just remember to always follow your passion and stay persistent. You can also test your audience by creating a fake page and sending traffic to it to measure the click-through ratio of a customer. In The $100 Startup, you will learn all about startups that involved a person following their passion in non conventional ways.

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The Journey says:

I liked it. Keep it up.

Surge Wisdom says:

Passion is huge. Great stuff.. Book suggest – Tools of Titans

LonelyBookaneer says:

I really like the way you introduce the book and put people into context, maybe it’s something that I should have done in my video as well. Anyways, I like how your video is quick and straight to the point while being really easy to understand. Amazing job on that!

Hana says:

Great video! I would like to recommend Grow a Pair by Larry Winget.

Prince A Team says:

Thank you. you are awesome!

Moritz Groß says:

When I´m scrolling through youre videos, a part of the headline is cut off. For this reason I could only read Animated Book, which is kind of confusing for a person who doesn`t know what this video is going to be.
In my opinion you can solve this by putting some book symbol in your thumbnail and just write “Animated review”

Nazmin Sattar says:

very good. i have this book

Trond Tetland says:

8 months have gone by and there is only 1 dislike! great for a channel With 600k+ subs

Thomas Gauvin says:

loving it, i think ill have to read this one

ryan forte says:

book below!

Carlos Rodríguez García says:

“Focus” written by Goleman , ” “Emotional inteligence” and Social science

Juni John says:

I like the way you transform the book into a very attractive Visual Video, a very smart way to share the contents and easy understanding.

Cesar Cardona says:

So do you read this books one after another?

FuFill Your ViBes says:

I want to buy a liquor license and open a sports bar. would this book help me ?

saravana kumar.m. Kumar says:

yeah , good summary for the book . Can i get the book?

FunnyVids101 says:

Hey, just thought I’d say that I appreciate your content and you should keep it up.

Alex Gutierrez says:

Hi. I don’t get pas the 20 second mark in your video; even after multiple re-starts. Any problems of note?

Carlos Rodríguez García says:

i am stoned, dude… i meant inteligence, not science

FlawboyGaming says:

– keep it up, love from norway

ngayonnaba says:

We need to make a way to make you famous. You deserve it!

BookstoAction says:

Nice videos! My book suggestion is Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg. It’s a new release, and I love the author’s style and I think you will like it! I am making a video on it on my channel next week and I’d enjoy to watch your summary of the book too!

Ivan Heil says:

*****************************39 (40) TIPS************************

1. Ensure that your product or service has a clear value proposition.
* What do customers receive
when exchanging money for your offer?
2. Decide on bonuses, incentives, or rewards for early buyers. How will they be rewarded for taking
3. Have you made the launch fun somehow? (Remember to think about non-buyers as well as buyers.
If people don’t want to buy, will they still enjoy hearing or reading about the launch?)
4. If your launch is online, have you recorded a video or audio message to complement the written
5. Have you built anticipation into the launch? Are prospects excited?
6. Have you built urgency—not the false kind but a real reason for timeliness—into the launch?
7. Publish the time and date of the launch in advance (if it’s online, some people will be camped out
on the site an hour before, hitting the refresh button every few minutes).
8. Proofread all sales materials multiple times … and get someone else to review them as well.
9. Check all Web links in your shopping cart or payment processor, and then double-check them from
a different computer with a different browser.
*This is superimportant! USP means “unique selling proposition” and refers to the one thing that
distinguishes your offering from all others. Why should people pay attention to what you are selling? You
must answer this question well.
10. If this is an online product, is it properly set up in your shopping cart or with PayPal?
11. Test every step of the order process repeatedly. Whenever you change any variable (price, order
components, text, etc.), test it again.
12. Have you registered all the domains associated with your product? (Domains are cheap; you
might as well get the .com, .net, .org, and any very similar name if available.)
13. Are all files uploaded and in the right place?
14. Review the order page carefully for errors or easy-to-make improvements. Print it out and share
it with several friends for review, including a couple of people who don’t know anything about
your business.
15. Read important communications (launch message, order page, sales page) out loud. You’ll
probably notice a mistake or a poorly phrased sentence you missed while reading it in your
16. Have you or your designer created any custom graphics for the offer, including any needed ads
for affiliates or partners?
17. Set a clear monetary goal for the launch. How many sales do you want to see, and how much net
income? (In other words, what will success look like?)
18. Advise the merchant account or bank of incoming funds.
19. Create a backup plan for incoming funds if necessary (get an additional merchant account, plan to
switch all payments to PayPal, etc.).
20. Can you add another payment option for anyone who has trouble placing an order?
21. For a high-priced product, can you offer a payment plan? (Note: It’s common to offer a slight
discount for customers paying in full. This serves as an incentive for customers who prefer to
pay all at once while providing an alternative for those who need to pay over time.)
*Merchant accounts are paranoid about large sums of money arriving in a short period of time. If you
don’t give them a heads-up, you might run into problems.
22. Clear as much email as possible in addition to any other online tasks so you can focus on the big
day tomorrow.
23. Write a strong launch message to your lists of readers, customers, and/or affiliates.
24. Prepare a blog post and any needed social media posts (if applicable).
25. Set two alarm clocks to ensure that you’re wide awake and available at least one hour before the
scheduled launch.
26. Schedule your launch time to suit your audience, not you. All things being equal, it’s usually best
to launch early in the morning, East Coast time.
27. Soft launch at least ten minutes early to make sure everything is working. It’s better for you to
find the problems than to have your customers find them!
28. Write the first three to five buyers to say thanks and ask, “Did everything go OK in the order
process?” (Side benefit: These buyers are probably your biggest fans anyway, so they’ll
appreciate the personal check-in.)
29. As long as it’s possible, send a quick personal note to every buyer in addition to the automated
thank-you that goes out. (If it’s not possible every time, do it as often as you can.)
30. Most important: Ask for help spreading the word. Many readers, prospects, and acquaintances
will help by telling their friends and followers, but you have to ask them.
31. Write to affiliates with a reminder about the new offering.
32. Write to journalists or media contacts, if appropriate.
33. Post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social networks you already participate in.
(It’s not usually a good idea to join a new network just to promote something.)
34. Write the general thank-you message that all buyers will receive when purchasing.
35. If applicable, write the first message for your email follow-up series that buyers will receive.
36. Outline additional content for future communication and plan to schedule it after you recover
from the launch.
37. How can you overdeliver and surprise your customers with this product? Can you include
additional deliverables or some kind of unadvertised benefit?
38. Is there anything special you can do to thank your customers? (For a high-price launch, send
postcards to each buyer; for something extra, call a few of your customers on the phone.)
39. Don’t forget to celebrate. It’s a big day that you’ve worked up to for a long time. Go out to your
favorite restaurant, have a glass of wine, buy something you’ve had your eye on for a while, or
otherwise do something as a personal reward. You’ve earned it.
40. Start thinking about the next launch. What can you build on from this one? What did you learn that
can help you create something even better next time?

Jacob Haddad says:

nice hook with the 39 tips on how to launch a product 🙂
keep it up

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