A Book Review of “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries — Summarizing Main Points in Relation to Personal Experiences.

I give successful business tips based off the build, measure, learn principle from the Lean Startup. It teaches us how to create a successful business! Enjoy!

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Karuna Karan says:

Thanks man you just refreshed my mind from this book I was studied before…

TheAccessoryGirl says:

Excellent review, thank you! New subscriber after watching a couple of your videos. Looking forward to watching more. 🙂

Fiveminded says:

A good summary, some great tips here.

Archie Montoyo says:

great video and truly inspiring

Jeff Zheng says:

Ur videos r amazing both by the contents and the way to present!!! super love it!!!!!!!!!

Cosimo Marraffa says:

you rock!!!

Ricky Shrestha says:

great story! Thank you for sharing. Just a random question in mind.. When do you think a start up company is not called a start up anymore? Is it when the company is well established in some years and in its maturity stage? Or is it if a company has a fixed product line and process of running business? Or is it something else?

Dsgf Dfdcsd says:

awesome video

Clayton Frazier says:

Build, measure, learn–I noticed this idea from past experiences, but didn’t have this clear of a way to explain it to others.

luis manriquez says:


Bimal Das says:

I have learned a lot from you.. Thank you sir 🙂

Eugene Byers says:

Thank you! Please watch my videos!

alex barylski says:

great video man 🙂 loved the story…I need all the inspiration I can get. thanks!

Matthew Schutze says:

nice story of how you started your business. very interesting 🙂

Dsgf Dfdcsd says:

so beautiful

Daniel Jimenez says:

Very didactic, thank you very much!

hatem abid says:

hey sir, i want to say first at all that ur staff are amazing and teach us incroyable things. keep get better you are the best with fight mediocrity too. i watch all videos and learn many things from it. but i have question i would like to answer it for me ,that how i can keep all that informations from books without forget it. and what is the best way to make it stuck in my head ? and again u r the best )

Noelle Candice says:

Just been binchwatching your video’s and you have a new subbie

Omar Myth says:

do u have free water? congratz.. water is so expensive that days

Philipp Klinkner says:

Very good review.. Thanks!

Proactive Thinker says:

I read this book like 2 month ago, awesome review.


Thank you I learned a lot for your summary in a short space of time. Continue to WIN

Baskar Madasamy says:

Nice Video Brother

Diedrick Nagle says:

You just gained a new subscriber, thank you so much for sharing the knowledge.

Reymarr Hijara says:

Your video really encouraged me more to go ahead our startup. Thanks much!

swapnil jagtap says:

Thanks … This video have cleared many things conceptually …. very nice and clear …… keep it up ….

Gagandeep Singh Kundi says:

Super useful

Michel Lamber says:

Thank you for the great video, I subscribe. Keep the great work 🙂

Photoshop Retouching says:

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mohamed magawry says:

Thank you so much & keep going this awesome time saving videos

LunarX says:

Bra, any links to that pimpin house music?

ramandeep ahuja says:

good job dude. looking forward to more readefining

Andrea S says:

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