SAM WALTON: Made In America — Animated Book Review

A Book Review of Made In America: Sam Walton by Sam Walton.

Made in America is a biography written by Sam Walton himself. The reason why I don’t call it an “autobiography” is because a large portion of the book is written by the people in his life, making this one of the BEST biographies I have ever read. It has the realism and personal thoughts of Sam, as well as the thoughts of others as well.

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Sunny Kumar says: more about sam

Imran Chauhan says:

nice video man..
good summarized and to the point..
may Allah bless you more
keep up doing great job.

Dsgf Dfdcsd says:

so beautiful

Dsgf Dfdcsd says:

awesome video

Kid Stagram says:

You should make more videos .
Nice summary

Fail Funny Fart says:

Lopez is a scamer watch out

Kid Stagram says:

Post more … Nice video !!

Sarah Christine says:

great video, thanks 🙂

Eddie Knox says:

at the time sam was living he believed in American made,NOW its all china



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