Profit First (Book Review)

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What is the most important thing for a company? Some would say values, making the world a better place, etc. However, for this book, profit comes first.

Here is the book description extracted from Amazon:
“Conventional accounting uses the logical (albeit, flawed) formula: Sales – Expenses = Profit. The problem is, businesses are run by humans, and humans aren’t always logical. Serial entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz has developed a behavioral approach to accounting to flip the formula: Sales – Profit = Expenses. Just as the most effective weight loss strategy is to limit portions by using smaller plates, Michalowicz shows that by taking profit first and apportioning only what remains for expenses, entrepreneurs will transform their businesses from cash-eating monsters to profitable cash cows. Using Michalowicz’s Profit First system, readers will learn that:

· Following 4 simple principles can simplify accounting and make it easier to manage a profitable business by looking at bank account balances.
· A small, profitable business can be worth much more than a large business surviving on its top line.
· Businesses that attain early and sustained profitability have a better shot at achieving long-term growth.

With dozens of case studies, practical, step-by-step advice, and his signature sense of humor, Michalowicz has the game-changing roadmap for any entrepreneur to make money they always dreamed of.”

Profit First Book:

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Maple Flavor says:

yes business

Kyle Gordon says:

hey John, have you read “the Creature from Jekyll Island”? Non-fiction or not its an interesting read, i think you would enjoy it and would love to see a review on it from you

chakala2149 says:

Yes, John please tell us what are your top 10/20 books for starting a business

Gregory Parker says:

Yes to the business book list

Tim Boland says:

Yes to list of business books 🙂

AJ J says:

dropping us with another gem(im on ruby rn), SP! thanks to you, I’ve increased the number of books per year.

MoE09100 says:

Another great video. After the watching the self destruct video it’s awesome to see you keep going literally at full speed. And now I don’t wanna sound like a fanboy or anything but seeing that authenticity of practicing what you preach even when you’re down in the dumps is something I just can’t put a price on. Real life example of the bulldog in action. Epic man, epic.

Nikolai Iakimov says:

As for the older books, how about some Nietzsche? His “Beyond Good and Evil” would definitely strike a chord with you.

Rini Mitra says:

Hi John! You are so EPIC!

Paul Garcia says:

You should do some separate book summaries. Talk about the major points of the book, what you would add, the things you agree with or don’t and why you agree/don’t.

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