MY TOP BUSINESS ADVICE & Tao of Charlie Munger Book Review

Tao of Charlie Munger:

In today’s video I wanted to give you some of my biggest pieces of advice from running multiple businesses over the years. These are some of the things I wish I had known early on so I could make much better choices both with time management and financially. Stick around for the 2nd book review I’ve done here on the channel, the book I review is a REALLY good resource of business advice. If you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up, leave a comment below and subscribe if you haven’t!

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A Zeros Journey says:

thank you for the continual motivation my friend. it would be cool if you did a vid about starting a t shirt business and just some pointers aimed around that

NoName says:

Thanks bro!

yazctr says:

awesome content bro! Keep it up!! More business vids would be appreciated! 🙂

ErikTheElectric says:

“envy drives the world”

SO f*cking true! I    gotta snag that book!

Roland Dawson says:

I’m gonna flip some schmit if you don’t respond to me on Snapchat.

I’m joking. XD focus on making cool stuff like this. 🙂

Kellan P. says:

Love it! More videos like this would be awesome, mad respect for you Brian!

Pony Chaser says:

0:05 Nope I clicked on it because I watch all your videos dummy.

Joanna Xavier Φασούλη Τσελίκη says:

Very useful advice btw I saved this video on my playlist. Thanks a lot! You are such a kind and sweet person!

VeganDom says:

Steemit squad

Amanda Beebe says:

just wanted to say your skin is looking amazing, and that your channel is comforting. keep it up dude!

Christopher Dolan says:

Brian do you do personal online training bro I’d actually pay you if you made one for a vegan diet?

Ecto Missy says:

A good thing for business also is good customer service. A customer that constantly comes back to buy is going to provide you more money than a new one who buys once and never returns. Customers love good service that makes them feel valued

Rodrigo Leonhard says:

The video that i needed!!, Thank you Brian!!

Anabelle Supreme says:

Those are amazing tips Brian. I love your work and your content.

mr burg says:

you wearing contacts bro?

Emil Br says:

1. Chose your prjects wisely based on time requriments and practical potential.
2. Pay someone to designe te website for you.
3. Dont base the start of youre business on low price
Patience is key
Do the opposite of other people if they panic that the market os crashing just stay calm down
Dont work woth things you dont enyoj
Dont sell things you wouldnt buy
Dont work for anyone you dont resoect

Lexes O'Hara says:

I’ll definitely check out that book!

Adam Waddington says:

Birkshire Williams? Isn’t it Berkshire Hathaway?

Aidan Rector says:

Good stuff brother!

Albert Aldridge Fitness says:

Really enjoy hearing business advice from fitness YouTubers as I’d eventually like to be in a kind of position you’re in Brian, thank you 🙂 in regards to potential topics for future video/podcast episodes –> Mattdoesfitness did a video recently giving us a rough idea how he earns his money online, would you mind doing a video like this, no worries if not as this info is very personal 🙂 much love man

Personal Space Invader says:

Such a busy business man always busy with business but not too busy to give out business advice.

RAGEfit says:

You are a very well spoken human

Andrew Buller says:

Anybody else feel all giddy when they get that comment back and heart from Brian?! Hahahaa. One love my brotha!

Andrew Buller says:


Marya Stark says:

Brian, you are still very young. However you are never too young to learn about relatively safe investments and government insured investments. No matter what type of business you enter always keep retirement in mind. Definitely become educated about Municipal Bonds. The tax free interest will amaze you. Also learn about stocks even if you begin with sure things until you can afford the fluctuations. Depending on where you live it is always wise to combine a private business with the safety and the benefits of holding down a civil service job and also becoming a member of a union. The same holds true with beginning with term life and converting to whole life with deferred interest. The word deferred is key and you can put off withdrawing the interest until you are of retirement age and or a time when you plan to purchase a house. Also it can be a time when your income has become decreased. It may be worth taking some classes about this. I have my own law practice, but always kept a government connection. It has worked out well. Best of luck and no doubt that you will be amazingly successful. Huge HUGS !!!!!!!

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