Managing Oneself – Peter F. Drucker – ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW

In this article from a Harvard Business Review print, “Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker, you will learn all kinds of common sense information that can be applied daily. I really enjoyed the concept of only improving your strengths. Also, the idea of feedback analysis is very important if used in a practical manner. Learn how to judge yourself and become more insightful from it. I hope you enjoyed this animated book review of the summary of Managing Oneself.

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King Me Now says:

The improvement is drastic. Before, you studdered a lot, had a worse mic, were less confident, and the video was pretty slow.

Now, you have a better mic, more confidence, are more “to the point”, and the video as a whole is less dry. You went from a dry and generic book summary channel to one of the best channels for book summaries!

Practical Psychology says:

This book is a classic in the Harvard Business Review print and is a classic for a reason. It has all kinds of great advice on managing your life and can be used at nearly any time in one’s life. Would you guys prefer a shadow or blur around the edges, or some entertaining background music? Just a thought, Thanks for watching! 🙂

xUeKDoPe says:

Hey you should go check a guy named tai Lopez!! I’m not sure if you have seen him or not but he recommends great books! And I would love to see more great book review on this channel

Alphfirm says:

You sure have improved, but one thing I like better about this video is the tempo.
In my opinion, you burn trough good advice waaay to quickly in your newer videos. I’d like for you to speak a little bit slower, but even more to have you take breaks in-between the points/ideas. This gives the viewer time to think about what you just said.
Remember that much of what you are explaining, is advice someone has spend their entire life learning. It is very hard to take in, in such a short amount of time.

You may want to take a look at some of Elliot Hulse’s videos (especially those from around two years ago), he uses pauses very well.

Martin Lichtblau says:

…Doesn’t sound convincing. Rather naive compared to other great thinkers.

shubhrant k says:

I really liked both of your video’s it’s great to see growth and progress of practical psychology.

benito franco says:

Wow, you’ve come a long way. I Love your channel, keep up the good work!

Boomer Ann says:

I rather liked this vid, as it discussed a few more good details than your newer version. Well done on both.

Will Shakespeer says:

excellent review!

articledon says:

when they ask you how do you learn, reading or writing. shouldnt it be reading or listening?

sudiq lawal-owonifari says:


KhubaibElite says:

The greatest social contribution I want to do is to end the debt problem and end interest. That is most likely impossible so the second one is to create a profitable business that offers value to people.

conman paul says:

Awesome vid! Thx!

Wim Van Asch says:

I’m a bit confused now. Should you ignore or improve your weaknesses now?

PesterWeaver says:

I plan to inspire and entertain an entire generation!

Stephen Hilliard says:

I am currently in my twenties. I want to become an engineer and work in business. I want to became a CEO. If I achieve that when I am in my 50s I hope to run for governor of a US state. If I win I will run for a second term. If I become a two term governor I will run for President Of The United States when I am in my sixties.

Pranav Kamthe says:

wow you have really done excellent progress in your speaking style

Vic Be says:

Wow such a big improvement. Especially in your voice. You sound so much more confident and to the point now. Growth is such an amazing thing to witness. Keep up the amazing work 🙂

Avadhut Talbar says:

Amazing improvement in just a year. I am surprised as well as inspiring

Александр Шаров says:

I like how this video not have such destracting music in the background.

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