Financial Choices | Cashflow Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki | Book Review

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Cashflow quadrant explains the real meaning of passive income.
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Why do some investors make money with little risk while most other investors just break even? Why do most employees go from job to job while others quit their jobs and go on to build business empires? What does the shift from the Industrial Age to the Information Age mean to me and my family? How can I use this change to my best advantage and chart my path to financial freedom?
THE CASHFLOW QUADRANT will reveal why some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes, and feel more financially secure than others.

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claha (



“business” not “buisness”

downbntout says:

Hawaii, not ‘hawaai’.

Harvey Lu says:

If you want to be part in the business quadrant, join Alliance In Motion Global, #1 networking in the Philippines. PM me at or Viber @ +639331913529

lovergirl8739 says:

Great video! Short, sweet and straight to the point. I love the illustration as well, thank you!

Nick says:

you’re a little Kiyosaki xD

gerlielu says:

Thank you so much for this informative video! Make some more!

Motiwor Rahman says:

But the only way to be an investor is to be rich in the first place…

Milton says:

I was wondering why Robert Kiyosoki sounded Indian all of a sudden lol

ibrahimKhalil C Ciyi says:

great and well defined! thank you!

Sylwester Więzowski says:

Why work 😀 ? Invest for 6 weeks and earn 4.5% A DAY! + you get 10% of all deposites from yours referers so you can start making $$ with 0 capital

Juman Das says:

video was good but background music sucks and does not match with the topic

Batuhan Işık says:

it s not something you choose to be. if you have reasonable amount of money and some business intellegence, you automatically start your own business or investing.

Ges Torredes says:

Check out this amazing STEP by STEP GUIDE on how to make profits for a NEWBIE like YOU.

subrata sen says:

very good video keep it up

Katie Pecotich says:

oh yes, your video is brief and to the point, thank you, am sharing this around xo

Ajeet kumar says:

Which software you use to make vedio??

LM says:

First Statement about being choosing to be poor is inaccurate. Otherwise nice visuals.

Millennial Investor says:

great video!
question: what do you invest in? you didn’t say…

Bud Ayers says:

You need to correct your spelling. Business not Buisness. Hawaii not Hawaai. Agree wholeheartedly on subject matter but you lose credibility for misspelling.

Tajdar Mehdi says:

why it doesn’t make sense to be in one quadrant at one time. A business man will own and run his business instead of putting his leg in every quadrant.

francis ganapin says:

nice video 🙂

RL II says:

Good video. I see some Kiyosaki influence tho lol

Nworld Company by Ronnie S. Javien Jr. says:

I appreciate the fact that you provided detailed info about the diff sections. Just be careful about the spelling 🙂

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