Fashion Book Review #3 (11 Books!)

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Draping: Art and Craftsmanship in Fashion Design
By Annette Duburg and Rixt van der Tol

Shadowfolds: Surprisingly Easy-to-Make Geometric Designs in Fabric
By Jeffrey Rutzky and Chris K. Palmer

Fashionpedia: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design
By Fashionary

Looking at Textiles: A Guide to Technical Terms
By Elena Phipps

1001 Symmetrical Patterns Book & CD
A Complete Resource of Pattern Designs Created by Evolving Symmetrical Shapes
By Jay Friedenberg and Jacob Roesch

Fashion Design Course
By Steven Faerm

Fashion by Design
By Janice Greenberg Ellinwood

Fashion Portfolio: Design and Presentation
By Anna Kiper

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty
By Andrew Bolton with contributions by Susannah Frankel and Tim Blanks; Photography by Sølve Sundsbø

Punk: Chaos to Couture
By Andrew Bolton, Richard Hell, John Lydon, and Jon Savage

The Worldwide History of Dress
By Patricia Rieff Anawalt


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Daniel Garcia says:


SeekingtheTruthofGod says:

I just love seeing reviews by you on books in general. You have a lot of good information and I respect your knowledge and expertise.

TeeElleElle says:

Hey zoe! Don’t know if you’ve already talked about this but would love to know your thoughts/pros and cons on brands that do production in house vs outsourcing production

BeepBop Boop says:

Very interested in 101 sewing seams and zero waste fashion design.

Arie R. says:

Textiles! Zero Waste fashion! Sourcing and Selecting Textiles for Fashion!

Keilah Washington says:

Can you see if you can review this book Helen Joseph-Armstrong Draping for Apparel Design it’s hard to find real good books on draping.

næntsi says:

Fashion by Design: “This is for the fashion geek who really, truly wants to study design from _nothing_ and really build something.”

Ugh. Time to dish out some money.

Edit: Thanks for the great reviews! That line you said about by Design, though. Spoke to my heart. Looking at the price, though… I’ll take the Used version lol.

LoloDiso says:

Yes yes yes to the painting video!

Hilda De La Torre says:

Thank you for all you do Zoe. I would love to see the drawing of the metal outfit without using metallic paints.

Felicity Fashion Fhilosophy's says:

Please review Kenneth d.king’s Smart fitting solutions:Foolproof Techniques to fit any figure

Heshw Mhamad says:

Thank you for this video ❤️❤️❤️ please talk about those books that you mentioned in the end of the video and can you please mention what are the books that talk about sewing in a professional way
Thank you again and I love your channel so much

Akvile Klimaviciute says:

I would love to hear your review about zero waste fahsion design book :)!!!

Mehak Jain says:

Textiles: A handbook for designers
101 sewing seams

kate ara says:

Thanks for awesome books

Celeste Salazar says:

im so thankful for your videos !!! could you recommend us some youtubers you’re inspired by ???

BeepBop Boop says:

Do you know when your book is due to be released?

Nox Howl says:

I am eager to see the review of “Zero waste fashion design” book! – Great review this time, I enjoeyd very much all the book selection you’ve made.

Sam Frybyte says:

I wish there was a book that was more oriented to the male figure….honestly draping for the male upper body?

Mariana Perdigão says:

Can you review the fashion business manual by fashionary please?

GumChewer Normally says:

Would love to see the painting of that top! Will you be using watercolor? Curious to see how you’d use a rigger (I’m sure) to get so detailed with those fine lines. Please!

Mehakpreet Kaur says:

Hii !! Would like to see the review of the book “sourcing and selecting textiles for fashion”.

Ann Ka says:

Please do a review of the book The fundamentals of fashion design in the next review video. This sounds so interesting!!!! Thank you for sharing all of these books

Applemay Chia says:

Zero Waste Fashion Design Pls !!!!!!

Mariyeen Acheege says:

Zoe, we are really lucky to have you. At what point, at what moment did you, or how did you shift from wanting to be a fashion designer, “a doer,” to love being “a teacher?”

Rumeysa says:

fashion design drawring course

Mariyeen Acheege says:

This was great. Thank you!

meme03beauty says:

I would like for you to review fashion design drawing course. I love to hear you talk lol. you have so much information. Thanks keep it coming.

Isabella Sullivan says:

love to see a review on the last book about sourcing fabrics !

Karen1Nicola says:

Love your book review vids 🙂

Sebastian Booth says:

Fundamentals of Fashion Design! please review it as I’m tempted to get it, but if you say its bollocks I don’t want to have already gotten it.

Rinabear says:

I would love to hear about all of them. Thanks for the informative video.

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